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How To Organize The Fuck Out Of Your Random Cabinets During Quarantine

You guys all know Ria by now, & if you don’t… you can check out her first 3 posts: how to get started organizing your home, how to create a smoothie or morning station, & skin care 101: how to organize your bathroom.

Since we’re all in semi-isolation & spending a lot of time in our homes, these posts are super fitting. Ria & I got you covered.

Today she’s sharing tips for organizing those random cupboards all over your house. For me, a big one was my blogger cabinet. All my cute little bowls, cups, straws & things I like to use when shooting content for the blog.

In this post Ria will walk you through how to organize any of your random shit. That could mean a junk drawer, a kid’s cabinet, a playroom, anything really. You’ll pick up tons of tips & tricks along the way.

Alright, I’ll let Ria take it from here.


Describe the goal for organizing my blogger cabinet.

Ria Safford: Right off the bat the challenge was that it is a lower corner cabinet. A corner cabinet in general can be tricky especially when the shelving is deep. Items tend to get lost and forgotten about, so our first goal was to make sure that everything would be clearly accessible and visible for you.

How can this blogger cabinet organization be applied to a kid’s cabinet for the moms out there?

RS: We set up the cabinet with multi-levels. There were really only two shelves to work with, but because we had a lot of height we were able to stack hinge-lid bins. This is a great option for kid stuff, especially if it’s a cabinet or space down low. You could even incorporate cabinet shelves and use deep pantry bins to house sippy cups or bottles. These could go above or below the shelves, which again, will help you fit more items in there.

How can people ensure that a blogger cabinet or kid’s cabinet is aesthetically pleasing?

RS: The first thing is purging the inventory and limiting what you have to what you need. Get creative with the space to set up items in a way that is accessible & easy to see. Our favorite way to add organization while still being aesthetically pleasing is to use cabinet shelves . They come in metal, white, black, clear & there are so many ways to work them in with the vibe of your home. They can really help set you up for organizational success!

Tell us about the boxes & the label maker you used.

RS: As I said in the post about morning station organization, the P-Touch cube is my obsession. The biggest difference is that it allows you to make a 1 inch label instead of the usual half inch width. It also has 200 fonts so it allows us to customize labels for clients. It has a ton of different tape options too.

The boxes we like are the iDesign hinge-lid bins and they’re awesome. They come in so many different sizes, including ones that can fit large plates, bowls & mugs. I love the hinge lids because it’s so easy to open & grab whatever you need. Plus, you can stack on top of it. If there isn’t a shelf riser in the space, then you can easily stack things with these boxes. It’s just a foolproof way of setting up the space to find what you need.

What are some organization hacks that people wouldn’t think of?

RS: I think the biggest hack we use would be the way we approach the space we’re working on. An example I like to give is that a lot of people overthink where things should live. At the end of the day your space has to be customized to you.

We had one client who always did her daughter’s nails in the kitchen. So it made so much sense to have her nail kit stored there & we put it right by the place where she did her daughter’s nails. It was something she would’ve never thought of because who thinks of keeping manicure items in the kitchen? She would go grab the kit from upstairs, leave it in the corner of the kitchen, & trip over it until she finally took it back upstairs, only to bring it down again soon after. You need to put things where they should go FOR YOU! Once that happens, the whole thing becomes less daunting.

What are your tips for getting rid of clutter?

RS: Purge. Purge. Purge. Get rid of what you don’t use. Be ruthless. The most serious part of purging is that you are truly looking at each item. It is so easy to just give a blanket answer for a group of items because it seems overwhelming to go through it. You think ‘everything in this drawer can stay,’ but that’s not true. You really need to take the time to empty an entire space, separate the items from the bunch & look at each thing on its own. When you do this you will be able to evaluate it better.

Do you recommend organizing everything at once, or going slowly?

RS: If you are able to set aside the right amount of time, everything at once within a space is always going to be ideal.

If you don’t have much time, you can start with an easy project like the junk drawer in the kitchen. That’s an easy project to tackle that doesn’t require a ton of time. Otherwise you never want to do one cabinet or one drawer within a space at a time. You want to empty everything to be sure you’ll get the layout & placement of your items right.

When you have the chance to start from a completely empty space with a blank slate, you have different eyes. So many times we completely change a layout to make more sense for the client. You don’t feel married to things when it’s all out there in front of you.

What is your opinion on functionality vs. visual appeal?

RS: I like function over fancy. That’s not to say that we don’t aim to tackle both and really achieve both with every project. But at the end of the day, I will care a million times more that a space is functional before it’s aesthetically pleasing.

I feel like it’s my responsibility to show my clients and followers real spaces that have function that are also aesthetically beautiful. It’s possible and it can be achieved whether you hire us to help you or not.

To get a blogger cabinet or kid’s cabinet organized, what are the steps to get started?

RS: Categorizing is always number one, assuming you’ve already done a purge. Sorting by category doesn’t always mean that every single like item goes together. For instance, all the bowls might not be together if some bowls are Christmas themed. You might want to keep that with all your other Christmas stuff.

And depending on the space, you might want your most used items to be most visible & accessible, while the bowls you don’t use often at the back. So not every single bowl, or plate has to go together, it’s just what works for you.

Where can everyone find you? 

TS: Instagram @riorganize | Our website at


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x, lauryn

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  1. I’m thinking of getting myself some acrylic organizers as well because of this. Acrylics can be quite expensive from where I am but ugh they are just so beautiful.

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