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Go Down On Her Like a Pro: Oral Sex Tips From The Bunny Ranch’s Top Bunny

You guys!! Alice is back!!

If you haven’t read her first post on The Skinny Confidential YOU HAVE TO. She shares everything you need to know for giving the best blow job.

Immediately after I read it, I knew she had to keep coming on as our sex expert. Of course, we have her back in action sharing tips for going down on a woman like a pro.

How perfect for quarantine, right?! Oral sex tips for men & women. Like, what’s more fun than watching the craziest show about tigers on Netflix, quarantining, & having lots of sex???

In this post you’ll learn how to listen to what your partner wants, how foreplay is your best friend, & how you’ll know you’re giving her what she likes.

You might remember Alice from the podcast or her post on blow jobs, but let me give you a quick re-introduction.

A while back we sat down with Alice Little, America’s highest earning legal sex worker. We dove deep into the world of legal sex work & the common misconceptions around the profession.

In the episode, Alice goes into a day in the life as a legal sex worker at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Reno, Nevada. She also talks about some of the clientele at the Bunny Ranch & how sex education is behind in many parts of the world. If you haven’t listened yet, be sure to. It’s such a good one.

As a woman who supports women, I think it’s important to support ALL women & their causes, whatever that may be. After talking with Alice on the podcast, I learned so much about her life & what a hustler she is. She’s smart, savvy, well-read, & she’s the perfect person to give us all some sex tips.

Ok, let’s get into it.


Hello again TSC readers. I’m Alice Little, America’s top-earning legal sex worker, here to give you some of my industry-tested tips for oral sex with women. And yes, to answer a frequently asked question, women visit brothels all the time, & we love our lady clients!

The thing about oral sex is that, usually, the more you do it, the better you get at it—& it’s not a skill you can easily learn from porn. Most porn is geared for male viewing, & it often features a lot of aggrandizements that most women won’t get off from.

So, for ladies who are new to the lesbian scene, interested in getting in touch with their bisexual side, or perhaps want to show this article to their male partners, below are my top tips for giving oral sex that will bring your lady to the brink, & well beyond.

First, we’ll start with the pre-game. Including enough time for foreplay is key to climaxing for the vast majority of women. Even more clutch than having a dexterous tongue or lips, is making sure you take your time. Undress her slowly, maybe give her an erotic massage, kiss all the way down her body, & spend time licking or stroking other erogenous zones on her body before you dive into the main event. Once she’s sufficiently turned on, the rest of the task is much less daunting.

Next, let’s talk about structure. Women are all built differently from one another, & the layout of their clitoris, labia, & other features of their vulva will play a part in what feels pleasurable. Clits that are fully hooded might need some extra stimulation to get over the top. Clits without hoods will require you to tread a bit lighter.

Putting your foot on the gas & giving too much pressure right off the bat can hurt, so start lightly & increase pace or pressure based on the feedback you’re getting. If you’re not getting clear signals & your partner is stingy with the moans, err on the slow side. No one likes to feel rushed when they’re receiving oral or to feel like their partner is ready to be done. If she needs you to speed up, she’ll speak up.

Mix in some added stimulation, but ask first. Some women will like to have their breasts caressed or nipples touched to help them reach orgasm. Others might prefer an inserted finger or two, vaginally or anally. Multitasking might seem intimidating at first, but when you find your rhythm, you’ll likely be able to tantalize two of her erogenous zones at once. But, you’re definitely going to want to ask first—like, well before you start the oral. If she’s getting close, you only want to use your tongue for one thing, & it’s not to ask if you should add another finger!

Related: if you’re doing something that’s working, don’t try to be extra—especially if this is your first encounter. Stay the course until she comes, give yourself a mental high-five for already being awesome at this, & you can experiment with fancier tricks later on. It can be too much of a shift in a negative way if she’s getting close to climax, & the friction, pace, or pressure is swinging from one extreme to another. As you spend more time between her legs, you’ll learn the other things that drive her wild, like lightly biting her hips or scratching your nails down her thighs. But at first, it’s fine to keep your focus on her clit, especially if she’s saying something along the lines of “don’t stop!”

Ask your partner to use their mouth—to give you feedback. Every woman is different, & no two women climax the exact same way. So, even if you’re a veteran cunnilingus expert, your next experience may relegate you to the role of a newbie all over again.

Moans are great, but words are better!

Making the same noises that slowly build up can be kind of meditative—more reflective of your partner’s focused mindset than her current progress toward orgasm. Make her feel completely comfortable to give you some super-specific pointers because they will pay off for her later.

If your partner is having difficulty reaching orgasm, don’t panic! Take a break, & return to the seduction phase where your focus is turning her on. You can come back to the oral sex part after she’s ready, & it might be even more explosive than it otherwise would have been if you rushed straight toward the climax.

Last tip, & possibly the most important: don’t use teeth. Unless your partner tells you explicitly that biting & teeth feel good to her down there, you’re safe to assume that it will not, in fact, feel great, but will feel like you took the phrase “eating her out” literally. Basically, nobody likes teeth; the clit is too full of nerve endings to be interested in that much stimulation. So, start gently, & no matter how much stimulation you build to, keep your teeth safely tucked behind your lips.

Remember, as long as you’re a good listener, you’re going to be great at cunnilingus, & by using these tips, your tongue will be her clit’s best friend in no time.


Hope you guys loved this post. Be sure to send it to your significant other. What perfect timing for quarantine! & while we’re on the subject, you should definitely pick up some Woo coconut love oil too. Honestly, I haven’t had one single UTI since using it. ( If you wanna know more about Woo, check out this post– we break it down ).

You should also know that we’re going to continue to discuss ‘taboo’ subject like this. Take what you like, leave what you don’t. If you haven’t listened to Alice on TSC HIM & HER podcast yet, listen here:

x, lauryn

+ check out Alice’s blow job tips here.

++ if you’re looking to spice it up in the bedroom, give sexy stranger a try.


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