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One Piece, Three Ways: Leather Jacket

leather jacket fashion styles

My love for leather jackets runs deep.

EVERYONE needs a badass leather jacket.

Honestly it’s hard to go wrong with a good leather jacket. Jackets are an investment piece that you can keep for YEARS, especially a good leather one.

Michael got me hooked on leather jackets. They can easily be dressed up or down and suit all kinds of weather. SO today we’re talking about how to make the most of this closet staple.



Is anyone else currently dreaming about a rosé brunch moment or maybe even a skinny marg ? Well add in a leather jacket, cute shoes and a romper and you’ll be all set. Make sure to bring along your GG crackers and order some eggs to get yourself ready for the day with protein and fiber! OH – and if you’re having a hangover brunch definitely try TSC hangover elixir before you head out.

romper | leather jacket | loafers


This may be my biggest travel tip to date: wear your jacket on the plane. Obviously everyone wants to bring their cutest outfits on vacation but it can be hard to fit everything into an appropriate amount of luggage. That being said I usually layer my heavier things during travel so I can fit more bodysuits and gold dresses that may or not be realistic for my trip in my bag. LOL.  Also I always opt for wearing sweats/joggers on the plane for comfort and style. When traveling with Susan I have to be ready to sprint through the airport so I usually wear shoes I can run in, hence the sneakers.

pants | leather jacket | backpack


When Michael and I go up to LA, I always pack a leather jacket. You can just throw one on over a t-shirt for a casual look or pair it with a blouse for a more professional look. Typically I just put the jacket over my shoulders and use it more as an accessory. Add some pumps and you’ll be ready to take any meeting by storm.

denim| leather jacket |bodysuit

Michael and I are in LA this week cuddling up with the dogs in our favorite blankets. We are looking for a new brunch spot so I’d love to hear some of your recs. Comment on my latest Instagram or message me on Snapchat if you have any ideas! Maybe we’ll see you there ; ).

x, lauryn


  1. Ugh, I want a leather jacket so bad!! They are so cute. and now after reading your post, I definitely need one!!
    Meghan |

  2. The Levi’s leather jacket is adorable but any suggestions for something that is a little more of an investment piece? I’m sure you have plenty of amazing leather jackets so just wondering if there are any other brands you would suggest for someone looking for the classic leather jacket that could go with everything? I’m currently between a Vince and Mackage one but let me know if you have another classic you love 🙂

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