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the skinny confidential app launch | by the skinny confidentialthe skinny confidential app launch | by the skinny confidential

Not going to lie, pretty excited today is well, TODAY.

Sure it’s 1:24 AM BUT I’ve been working closely with TSC App Team on the relaunch of THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL APP. There’s so much newness & fresh features that I think you guys are going to LOVE. At least I hope.

About a year & half ago I launched the first baby version of TSC App.

As the brand grows, it’s important to keep the app up to date so for the past six months we’ve been brainstorming how to bring you guys the BEST, seamless experience EVER, on an App.

Like I can’t do any of that ugly colored, crashing bullshit. It has to function in the most amazing way possible for you guys or I’ll give up & die.

SO although I may or may not have micro-managed the App Team to death ( but literally to death— hopefully they return my e-mails tomorrow? To be entirely honest after this week I’M SICK OF MY OWN E-MAILS. Is that possible? ), I did it because I just want you guys to LOVE the app.

On that note, every feature on the NEW TSC APP is an experience. How so? Well…


+ FRESH LAYOUT: that’s right: FRESH. Think clean, concise, & simple.

+ EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: for $2.99 a month you will be able to access EXTRA TSC content. These will be posts by me & Michael geared towards the reader’s specific requests. Fresh photos, fresh content. Basically EXCLUSIVE CONTENT that you won’t find on any of my other platforms.

+ PODCAST SECTION: yes please. You can listen to TSC HIM & HER PODCAST right on THE APP. Super easy.

+ DISCUSSION FORUM: guyssssss, I am SOOOOO excited for this because it’s an open discussion forum where we can discuss whatever it is we want to discuss. This is amazing because I kind of feel like I’m already friends with some of you via Snapchat messages so a forum to TALK openly? UGH, I just love this.

+ YOUTUBE: forget logging on to YouTube because UM, you can watch the videos right on the app.

♡ ♡ ♡

the skinny confidential app launch | by the skinny confidential

Wait, but let’s talk about the EXCLUSIVE section.

Here’s the deal— and I’m going to be real honest here: if you haven’t noticed I removed ALL, yes ALL advertisements from The Skinny Confidential.

Now there’s just not a lot of blogs on the web have NO advertisements. It’s rare & that’s entirely ok with me.

You know if everyone is doing something one way, I tend to go the other way. It’s in my nature honestly. Doesn’t always work in my favor— HA!

Ok but the reason I have no ads is very, VERY simple actually: this website is about an experience.

It doesn’t suit the site to have advertisements everywhere. Too many ads are gross.

Basically when you sign on to The Skinny Confidential I want YOU to feel inspired, energized, & really ready to fucking conquer whatever the fuck it is you need to conquer, you know?

Advertisements are just not what it’s about.

It takes away from the whimsical, pretty community.


the skinny confidential app launch | by the skinny confidential

I’m not saying I’ll never advertise. I’m just saying right now I have not found an organic fit ( not even close actually )…& at the end of the day I’m really not willing to compromise…no matter the price.

On that note, in place of advertisements I’ve created a section on TSC App called “EXCLUSIVE.” THAT’S RIGHT, where YOU, the viewer, can CHOOSE what you WANT to do.

For $2.99 a month you will get ‘The Skinny Exclusive.’ This will include specific questions you guys ask me. Think of it as geared posts towards EXACTLY what you want.

Of course, the content on the blog will remain exactly the same.

The app was FREE for the first two years & it still is free. But if you want more than what’s available, Michael & I will be posting in the EXCLUSIVE section. For the first two years, it was important that you guys had an idea of the quality of content I plan on providing. This app is an extension of The Skinny Confidential brand that I’m personally writing for you.

AGAIN, the app along with the site will have NO ads ANYWHERE, AT ALL. BECAUSE EW. I wanted a clean, real experience for you guys.

Keeping up with an app requires time, money, & a lot of work so the option for EXCLUSIVE is just available if you want it. The $2.99 is because it will be run by me & I’ll be writing more posts than normal. The EXCLUSIVE will just be extra TSC written for those who want to connect even deeper & hang out in the discussion community.

Basically the EXCLUSIVE content will just be icing on the cake, k?

the skinny confidential app launch | by the skinny confidential


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…& so much MORE to come!

Again, I’ll be sharing IN DEPTH exclusive content that you won’t find on ANY of my other platforms. From food tips to relationship advice to blogger tips and so much more!


With the recently re-designed site & now the new app launch, I wanted to share a breakdown of everything you guys can expect via video:


If you have any feedback, as always leave it below. Anxious to hear your thoughts/recommendations/etc.

Comment anything you want to specifically see in the EXCLUSIVE section. I willlll call you out ; ) if you want to be?

Ok, I’m so tired I’m legit about to pass out at the computer. Really though, it’s happened before. Going to sleep after a long ( but well worth it! ) day.

Hope you all love The Skinny Confidential App, LOVE YOU GUYS!

love, lauryn xx

+ & we did not forget about all you Android users: exclusive content will be live for you in a week or two!

{ photos | video }


the skinny confidential app launch | by the skinny confidential


    1. Hi Lauren, yes please let me know what you think! Also, I die for all of this stationary! I have way too much of it! xx

    1. Hi Alexis! Thank you!! That means a lot. Will you let me know what you think of the new app when you check it out? It’s so different than the last one! I’m excited :))

  1. You are literally so cool. How did you get to be so cool? This app looks amazing. I can’t wait to download it and learn everything I need to know about being a bad ass bitch in this crazy world!

    1. Danielle, you are so sweet! YOU’RE COOL! Your comment made me smile, so thank you for that. I’m sure you’re a total badass bitch yourself! Thanks for reading

  2. I LOVE the new design SO much. I’m always on the go, so I usually check out your blog on there.

    1. So glad you like it, Camille! Let me know what you think since you tend to use the app most of the time. I love feedback! xx

  3. I LOVE the new design SO much. I’m always on the go and usually check out the blog on the app.

    1. Thanks Tamara! I can’t wait to hear your opinion on the new design. Let me know what you think after you download it :)) xx

  4. Ahhh you are just too fabulous! I am so excited about all of this app news! And I really appreciate you working so hard to make it such an enjoyable experience for us app users. 🙂 Thank you for your incredible inspiration! I met you at Create Cultivate in Dallas a few months back and you were so incredibly sweet – thank you for being so real and so genuinely kind. Lots of love to you!

    hugs, Christina

    Christina l Fashion & Frills

    1. Hi Christina, OMG I totally remember you! You are SO sweet. Your comment really means a lot. I’m lucky to have such kind hearted readers. It makes putting myself out there much more enjoyable. I love you guys! xx

  5. Congrats! This is such exciting news and I’m so impressed by your ability to always come up with new content. It’s amazing that you post on the reg, podcast, and will now have extra content for the app. Such an inspiration!

  6. Wow, congrats, Lauryn! I love the minimalistic design of it (def not ugly coloured lol!) & excited for the exclusive section. I just subscribed & the blog post alone was worth every cent – I got so much out of it 🙂 There are so many fun topics but I think editing photos for social media would be a fun one! xx Shannon

    1. Hi Kari! Oh yay! Did you download it?? Would love to know your initial thoughts especially since you didn’t have the last one and you’re a regular reader. xx

  7. Oh I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on how to deal with the feeling that when it comes to blogging, you’re all alone. Sometimes I feel like others don’t think its “cool” or don’t support you unless you are already big. I think its so unfair! I would love to hear your thoughts and what got you through those initial doubts.


    1. Hi Yara, GREAT recommendation. It’s hard when you’re starting out & building up. I find that it’s best to keep the goal in mind. If you can see and imagine the future, it makes it much easier. Thank you! xx

  8. You are just killing it this year! I am so envious, inspired and dreaming to grow my brand as you did yours in my own unique way of course! Sending love and congratulations for slaying it! xo C

    1. Thank you Courtney! It really means a lot to have your support! Thank you for always commenting and staying in touch :)) xx

  9. GO GIRL!

    This app is SO DOPE. It’s clean, easy to use and GORGEOUS. I loved the old one, but this totally makes sense to me.

    Can’t wait to do the extra’s. Expecially the one about blogging tips.

    Love ya!

    1. Thanks Krista, you’re seriously so sweet! Can you let me know if you have any feedback? Or suggestions for exclusive posts? xx

  10. UGH. For like maybe half a split second I was mad but then I realized…wait a minute, I NEED this content in my life. You KILL me. Literally the only app that I’d ever pay for is yours. Just purchased it and have no shame/regrets. Can’t wait to read the content I know you won’t disappoint! xo

  11. Hi Lauryn! Love your blog. I had a question about your geo filter on snap. I saw you posted the site that helped you create that and I cannot find where I saw that. What was the site that helped you create the filters, which by the way were amazing!

  12. I absolutely love the app! It’s so chic and easy to navigate. I had to get the exclusive contact and I was not disappointed. Thank you for the awesome reading material! Love it much!

  13. Wow, such huge, massive respect for you eliminating ads and not allowing them on your app either. I love how you are getting extra creative and completely changing the game. Awesome!! xx

  14. Love love love you and the blog and app re-design! Just one suggestion, is it possible to add a search function to your site? I was trying to search for brow tips and realized there wasn’t a way to easily search through all your past posts. Would love to be able to do it! xo

  15. I had already downloaded the app, and I am so excited for this new update. I also subscribed to the exclusive content right away! I can’t pass up on a “what I ate” post! I’d love to see some “day in the life posts” or more food diaries! So exciting for you and for TSC!

  16. Congratulations on the app revamp, so exciting!. I really appreciate that you don’t do ads. You are kind of like a Kardashian with your subscribe section lol(not a bad thing those ladies know how to do business).

  17. For some reason the app is not working. It will not let me access it and when I try to download the revamp it says it is not available in US stores. Has anyone else had this issue or know how I can download the new app from ITunes.

  18. Does this still exist? Just discovered your blog and I’m in LOVE! The app would make my life

  19. Good ones…They always make me feel better. So, if you have experience in local newspapers maybe you can tell me why on earth would anyone write such things?!:)

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