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Olé!! Got Ya Covered For Cinco De Drinko: Skinny Micheladas!!

Skinny micheladas by The Skinny Confidential.

Skinny micheladas by The Skinny Confidential.

It’s getting reallllll festive over here.

These skinny micheladas are kind of the perfect, flirty Cinco De Mayo drink, plus they’re so low on carbs/sugar/calories that you won’t even hate me in the morning.

I’m a big Stella fan ( not sponsored, just love an ice cold Stella ).

Stella is just like the ideal beer, in my opinion. It’s not too sweet, refreshing, & I’m pretty sure ( correct me if I’m wrong, guys ) it’s non-GMO.

Anyway. Let’s talk micheladas:

Skinny micheladas by The Skinny Confidential.

Skinny micheladas by The Skinny Confidential.

Any cocktail in my house HAS TO INCLUDE HERBS OR I CAN’T LIVE.

Obviously the fresher the better.

If I could grow my own herbs I’d be Mary Fucking Sunshine everyday, but I can’t. I feel that requires time, patience, & sun ( which our patio is currently lacking ). #dreams

For this little dime, I used fresh rosemary which really pops with the tomatoes & lime.

Here’s a quick little video to get you all excited:

Ok sooooo what’s the recipe??!

It’s so easy it hurts.

Skinny Michelada for Cinco De Drinko:

2 tomatoes
1 lemon
2 limes
Tabasco to taste ( I like it to burn my face off )
A little Worcestershire Sauce
A couple rosemary sticks
Beer— your choice
A little salt for a half rimmed glass

Directions: slice up tomatoes ( cut off stems, obviously ) & add them to a blender. Add the juice of 1 lemon & 1 lime. Add Worcestershire Sauce. Blend ( you can use a food processor too ). Salt the rim of a chilled glass. Add a full beer into the glass. Then pour in tomato concoction. Squeeze the juice of one lime on top. Add a little spicy sauce/Tabasco. Garnish with a rosemary stick. Cheers!

Skinny micheladas by The Skinny Confidential.



I found mine at Whole Foods. If you can’t find them then make your own in 5 seconds. Buy your favorite nuts, add cayenne, a couple squeezes of lemon, & a few drops of olive oil. Mix it up & serve!

I also creeped around Amazon & found these if you’re looking for packaged nuts.

Happy Cinco De Drinko!! ( don’t forget to drink a glass of water for every cocktail you consume ; )!! ).

lauryn, xx

{ dress I’m wearing in video is sold out but this & this look just like it! x }

Skinny micheladas by The Skinny Confidential.

Skinny micheladas by The Skinny Confidential.

  1. These look delicious! And I grow simple basil and other easy herbs right on my kitchen windowsill, just an option!


  2. the spicy pecans from TJs are solo good.. I had to stop buying them because I would eat the whole bag in one sitting 🙂

    also… saw on youtube you were looking for a new non-soy bread because eziekial has soy (I’m allergic and I think soy is the worst thing you can eat regardless!!) – TJs sprouted 7 grain bread is amazing. I freeze it and then just break of a slice and pop in the toaster! There are no preservatives so the loaf goes bad fast!

    also also… what camera do you use? like day to day outfit shot/normal you taking the photos camera?? still working on my blog and know that is one of the most important investments before I launch! (Im an anal perfectionist like you and won’t launch till its perfect and I can 10000% have it my way and good to go)

    xx B

  3. Looks great! No Cinco de Mayo for me (we don’t celebrate it in my home country) but I will try this nonetheless!

    Also, I was wondering – why did Kayla Itsines never return to the blog? I remember you did an interview with her and I loved what she had to say!

  4. Yum yum! You totally need to add “Tajin” chile powder next time and add in some Flamin´ Hot Cheetos to your spicy nut mix (imagine how good that would taste?)!


  5. I think Stella is an amazing beer choice! Lately I have been making a real effort to choose wine and beer from Europe! Especially with the arsenic found in some cheap CA wines. I have no problem with inexpensive products but my understanding is the content rules for wine and beer in France/Germany etc. are much stricter than in the US.

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