Ok, SO What Really Goes Into A Blog Post?


W15A4940-gt2 what it takes to construct a blog post | by the skinny confidential

You should know, it’s very, VERY difficult for me to share an outfit post just talking about my outfit. I mean, yes, I’ve done it, but it doesn’t tickle my pickle, you know? I just feel like a bunch of photos of me in clothes blabbing about the clothes is YAWN. It’s not enough content or value for you guys. Not saying I’ll NEVER do it again but I prefer to tell a story, share some tips, or talk about something more than just the clothes I’m wearing.

…Not that I don’t love clothes because this top is so vampy Chiquita Banana Girl that I think I’ll rock it 400 more times. Especially with some flirty flares.

Ok two sentences is my max for clothes talk today. Let’s talk about what this post is about, a question that I weirdly get asked on Snapchat a lot: WHAT GOES INTO A BLOG POST?


If you’re not a blogger, you may be thinking what the hell do you mean? You take a picture, add it to a post, & write a couple paragraphs……… get it together, Lauryn — how difficult can it be?

Well, I’m here to share what REALLY goes into one single blog post.

what it takes to construct a blog post | by the skinny confidentialwhat it takes to construct a blog post | by the skinny confidential


Well, a lot.

At least a lot for me because I want to make sure that EVERY.SINGLE.POST. brings YOU content, value, beautiful pictures, & a whimsical experience 5 to 7 days a week. An experience where you leave The Skinny Confidential feeling inspired & motivated.

I’m not here to make it all about me, I’m here to share & swap tips and tricks with a community of badass women. No competition, just collaborating. Overall this blog is meant to inspire.

So with that comes a lot of planning for each post. Think of blogging as baking a 3 layer cake…with that I sure as shit have my recipe for each blog post.

Every blogger has a different recipe, no one is better than the other but I wanted to share my exact recipe & what works well for me. Again, my way isn’t the only way!

SO, let’s break it down.

what it takes to construct a blog post | by the skinny confidential

♡♡♡ How I plan a blog post: from start to finish ♡ ♡ ♡

1.) Figure out what the hell you’re blogging about. We do a sit down once a month with TSC Team where we Google calendar a month to 2 months of content. Each day, it says what’s going live. For instance: Wednesday, 6/22: summer vibes collage + blogging tips post. From there, the back work begins. Basically we have to plan the back work of: a.) when the photos are being shot & with who ( I use three different photographers: video, street style, & lifestyle ); b.) the photo shoot dates which get added to the calendar; c.) do I need: an outfit, food list, or a product? That needs to be addressed & planned too.

2.) After the back work is done, I create a shot list. I make sure I can shoot a couple posts within each shoot. We shoot like 3 to 4 times a month usually.

Also, I take a lot of the photos myself ( like food & product ). For food shoots, I make a list of what I need. Details matter: candles, flowers, place mats, cooking tools. Basically the list is a big ‘planning’ to-do list, you know?

3.) On the day of the shoot, I have a shot list ( the photographer has one too ). Of course, it’s all time-blocked. I usually get a blowout in the morning & my nails done the night before because no one wants crusty nails on camera.

If it’s a food shoot, Mimi – my right-hand woman, has everything prepped & ready. Since Mimi & I are in the kitchen A LOT, we do a lot of random spur-of-the-moment posts as well. So not everything is always planned out ( some posts come to me the day of, this list is more for the pre-planned ones ).

4.) We shoot the post with the videographer or photographer, or like I said – sometimes I shoot it myself.

5.) Once the photos are done, it takes a few days to get them edited. I am VERY specific about my editing. Editing photos is a MUST. I brand my photos through my edit.

I want people to look at a photo & know it’s The Skinny Confidential’s photo. My edit is bright, white, light, pretty, & specific. Details matter!

For TSC Instagram filters, you can check out the filters I created with Looksee.

6.) Once the photos are edited, they need to be named. Naming your blog photos is important, SEO-wise ( SEO = search engine optimization ). Choose wisely. After they’re named, they need to be uploaded to WordPress.org in the media section.

7.) Once they’re in the media section you need to position them on the post. I’m picky about this too. I like contrast. I don’t want 600 photos of me in the exact same pose next to each other.

8.) Now it’s time to WRITE.

I need silence when writing.

Well, Bossanova is fine but other than that – SILENCE! Work flow is key: candles, oils burning, a little jazz maybe, & an iced coffee make all the difference. The goal for me ( again, this is not every blogger, just what works for TSC ) is to write like I speak. The voice in my head needs to come through the screen.

Also, always use spell check.

To write a post, it takes about an hour to 3 hours ( depending on what you’re writing about ). I time-block this shit so I know. HA!

9.) Not done just yet. When the writing is done it’s important to LINK. Link things your readers will ask about. People want information: don’t be shady — give them info. Link outfits, favorite foods, articles, etc. Get creative.

10.) Once everything is linked, I add ‘tags’ & a featured image. The tags are keywords people are searching to get to the site. For instance on this post I wrote a bunch of tags like flared jeans, blogger tips, black off the shoulder tops, you get the drift. A featured image is the main photo to represent the post.

11.) PUBLISH. Once the post is published, you gotta work it! First off, I have TSC Team read over the post & edit any mistakes. This is important to have someone who’s reading over each post checking for mistakes, grammar errors, etc.

After it’s edited, my graphics guy will go in & add any font I want on the photos. He’s amazing & quick! For collages, we use another graphic designer who is insane too. Her & I work closely to create pretty, branded TSC collages.

12.) Ok, here’s where you really work it: I post on social media. This means Instagram ( another edit ) with a caption that works for my audience, a Facebook post, WeHeartIt, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, & more…EVERY SINGLE POST. I haven’t missed one of these social platforms ever because promotion is very, VERY important. I micro-manage every last detail here. Delegation isn’t my strong suit… UGH.

13.) Lucky thirteen is the final step. I usually Snapchat or talk about the post on the podcast or write-up a weekly newsletter, but I’m never pushy.

Again, this is all about providing TSC readership with value so it has to feel right on these platforms. If it works for the specific platform, I promote. If it doesn’t ( not everyone needs to know about a summer vibes collage ) then I don’t go overboard. The last thing on earth I want to do is push shit on TSC community!

Another thing: I like to respond to comments on each post- this usually takes about 45 minutes a day.

+ if there’s a video on a post, there’s about 5 more added steps!

what it takes to construct a blog post | by the skinny confidential

what it takes to construct a blog post | by the skinny confidential

So ya, there you have it. Thirteen steps to one blog post. Sometimes you can feel… um, burnt out — JUST last week I experienced this & had a MAJOR anxiety-filled, crying breakdown ( should I do a post? LOL ). Creating content everyday can be creatively draining but I love it so much & it’s worth every second. Not complaining, just sharing the truth!

If you’re a blogger, please weigh in! Am I missing a step?

Oh, & a lot of my blog post ideas come to me in the shower… & during a workout. I just jot them down in my NOTES app to share at our monthly content meeting.

That’s all I have for you today. Hope this was useful to any bloggers out there ; ).

Ok off to listen to Audible. Obsessing over Audible lately.

– lauryn

+ BTW, the site I found this top on is having a MAJOR sale. Receive an additional 25% off all mark down items with code 25EXTRA. Happy shopping!

{ photos )

SHOP IT: black top | flares | pumps | sunglasses ( similar, not avail online )

what it takes to construct a blog post | by the skinny confidential what it takes to construct a blog post | by the skinny confidential

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  1. Liz S.

    ANd this is again why I love your site – you have passion for what you do, and put 100% effort into each post. Thank you!

  2. Kaitlyn

    The Skinny Confidential sounds like quite the fabulous production. I love how detail oriented you are from your blog photos, to your instagram filters, etc. All the hard work definitely shows. ” I compare blogging to baking & I sure as shit have my recipe for each blog post” – That line is hilarious and so true.

  3. Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet

    I never knew all the time and effort that went into a blog post until I started blogging. I gained so much more respect for bloggers! It is amazing how one small post can take hours and hours, but it is worth it! You always have the best information and best posts!!

    1. Lauryn Post author

      Exactly Alexis! Most people don’t know about all of the behind the scenes work that goes into creating a post.
      Thanks for all of your support : ))

  4. Heidi Kokborg'

    I love this post, Lauryn! I have a blog myself but honestly I don’t put nearly as much work and time in each post as you do. I just don’t have the time. I wish I had but blogging is still just a hobby for me and I have a 9-5 job too. But I try to spend as much time as I possible can on the blog.
    One thing I did realize is that it takes A LOT of time writing just one post! People think it’s just easy peasy but really it’s not! It’s hard work and it takes a lot of time. Even though I don’t spend as much time as you do.
    Thank you for another great post. You are always so inspiring!

    1. Lauryn Post author

      Working full time and blogging is GNARLY! Since you’re working full time, you’ll have to get creative with when you take photos & spend time blogging. I used to give myself extra time before work & after work to take pictures. Take advantage of these summer months when it stays light longer so you can take a few photos after work if necessary! xx

  5. Kait

    Please do the post on your anxiety! That would be so helpful to start a conversation about how every deals with it.

    Thank you xx

    1. Lauryn Post author

      I will Kait! Until then definitely make sure you’re taking care of your gut! Stress and anxiety can get worse if you’re digestion isn’t super regular. Make sure you’re taking a probiotic and magnesium daily. xx

  6. Alina Ermilova

    OMG, thank you for writing this! I was just saying “Amen!” like 3 times, while reading this! Also, I’m gonna send this article to anyone who ever says to me “How hard can that be? It probably takes like 30 minutes” Well, it certainly doesn’t!

    Btw, you look awesome! Obsessed with that off shoulder top <3


  7. Alina Ermilova

    OMG, thank you for writing this! I was saying “Amen!” like 3 times, while reading this. Also, I’m gonna send this post to everyone who ever says to me “How hard can that be? It probably taked like 30 minutes” Well, it certainly doesn’t!

    Btw, you look awesome! I’m obsessed with that off-shoulder top <3


    1. Lauryn Post author

      Aw thanks Alina you’re so sweet!! There is so much more time that goes into a post than people think! xx

  8. Tracy Walden

    Hi Lauryn ! Could you please, please, please do a video tutorial from start to finish, including products used, on this exact makeup look ? You’d make my day chick !! P.S. I’m not even a blogger but if I were to start a blog this is the best and most informative post to use to get started ! Love your blog 🙂 <3

  9. Victoria Kruggel

    Well, you look EXtremely beautiful here!
    You are such a hard-worker Lauryn, and I mean that as a great compliment… Thank you for your desire for integrity, and content in every post!

  10. Mollie

    Sometimes I have a hard time writing about other things in a fashion post! I usually don’t know what to write or what people are interested in hearing about since I’m fairly new, so I’m not sure if they’re interested in hearing about my day to day. Just something I need to work on! XOXO
    Thanks for this post, I always leave learning something new!

    1. Lauryn Post author

      Aw thanks Joules!
      It’s so important that people get to see what actually goes into a post!

  11. Priscilla

    Can’t express how incredibly raw and true this is. Especially when you hear others poke fun at blogging or act like it’s so easy. It’s very time consuming BUT oh so worth it like you say! I also get most of my ideas when I’m at the gym working out and I usually open my voice recorder app and talk everything into my phone. That way I remember it just how I speak because I agree – using our authentic voices when we write is major key!

    Loved this post so much!

    1. Lauryn Post author

      Couldn’t agree more Priscilla! Authenticity is so important!!
      Seriously the best ideas come from the gym LOL!

  12. Mike Madigan


    I too have a process, but the process is situational. Love your energy and devotion to the page. I too write about “lifestyle”, but even that is open to interpretation and subjective ambiguity.

    Either way, nice post… And I enjoy your posts and Snaps…

    Talk to you soon…

  13. liz b.

    Lauryn! You are such an inspiration!! Your attention to detail doesn’t go unnoticed by us…in fact, it’s probably a huge part of what sets you apart in the woooorld of blogs. With most blogs or things I find interesting on the internet, there’s a cool photo but then I always think “what is that product there? what is that small candle in the corner?” & on your site – you really never miss a beat! Never leave us with a chic “x” and not let us know where it came from and where we can buy it. Thanks so much for putting so much into this for us to enjoy..Also, I live and die for an all black wardrobe that still looks super feminine. LAST THING I really should thank you for some of the things you have brought into my life… CHARCOAL PILLS have changed my world and magensium pills I like too. I really enjoy Michael’s and your book recommendations too. I have read some of them, and others like The One Thing I hadn’t and it has been awesome. Thanks for the effort — it’s translated into so many of our lives I’m sure. PS YES DO A POST ON ANXIETY, I suffer with it too and am not into popping a xanax daily to cope..would love to hear what helps you! ok…I’m done! x

    1. Lauryn Post author

      Working full time while blogging is GNARLY. I feel you girl. I was there for 3 years. Keep at it, it will be worth it. xx

  14. Dani Thober

    Thanks Lauren, this post is super informative! You make a ton of good points, as always. I am new to the TSC community {I found you through the Gary V Podcast}. I love your content and look forward to reading more!

  15. Courtney Bentley

    Great post, its nice to see behind the scenes! I would love to hear how you started, I know you didn’t have a team of photographers, graphics guy, etc. It is inspiring to see where you are now but I know a lot of us are not quite at that level and would love to read about the steps and hustle it took you to get there! I would love to read the evolution on that. Lots of love C

    1. Lauryn Post author

      GREAT!! IDEA!!! I’ll do an evolution post. I started with literally nothing so it’s been slow small growth.

  16. Lori

    I’ve been blogging as a side project (I still work a 9-5) and I’ve been frustrated that my stuff doesn’t look as good as professional bloggers — how little I knew about how much work it takes to get to that level! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  17. R

    LOVE this post. Sometimes its hard to find motivation to write, and people say things like ‘its only a blog post’ it’ll only take you ten minutes just write something. But it isn’t like that. My blogs very different to yours but i have the same problems, sometimes i can spend hours trying to find the right image edit, trying to get my thoughts translated into something on screen that actually makes sense, and sometimes, even when the best laid plans are in place, i still can’t manage to write more than a few sentences. It is not ‘just’ writing a blog post. A lot of work has to go into each post and i fully appreciate each and every one you write. Keep up the amazing work!

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  19. Nicole Renee

    Hi Lauren,
    Your photos always look really clean and professionally done when you travel too, do you hire a photographer on trips or do you take them yourself? What are your tips and tricks for editing photos while on vacation or on work trips?

    1. Lauryn Post author

      I’ll either have Michael take the photos or hire someone Nicole! Thanks for your sweet comment : ) xx

  20. Gitana Deneff

    Had a blog for a while and just started another blog in a more serious “lifestyle” way. I’m super excited about it but this post really spoke to me because it is SO MUCH HARDER than people think to manage a blog full time. Thankfully I don’t have a job (in grad school right now) so I have this summer to really try to get things developed the way I want it to be (make a schedule, manage it, brainstorm more ideas, tweak my theme, etc.). But anyways, thank you Lauryn for this post. I agree with a previous commenter and I too would love to see an evolution post from your blogging beginnings. Love your stuff. Thank you for being you.
    <3 Gitana

    1. Lauryn Post author

      That’s a great idea Gitana! That’s awesome that you will have time to develop it this summer!
      What is your site called?

  21. Torey Beerman

    Thank you SO much for this post! I’m a semi-new blogger and sometimes get overwhelmed thinking about the overview of my posts for the month. All the hard work DOES pay off though because I’m so passionate about it! I don’t think people understand how much really goes into a blog post so I appreciate you laying it all out 🙂


    1. Lauryn Post author

      So happy you found this helpful Torey!!
      The hard work is definitely worth it in the end : )

  22. Carmen

    Aaw I love this post and the tips are so great! Thank you so much for sharing these. I could definitively plan my posts a bit more and make a better schedule.
    I totally love your writing style and I can really imagine you talking to all your readers. That’s really great!
    I wish you a lovely lovely day!
    xx, Carmen – http://www.carmitive.com

  23. Nicky

    This is great. I’m a new blogger for about 6 months now and I find it can be overwhelming trying to come up with posts that make sense and help people. But I’m passionate about doing it so that’s what drives me.
    I Agree with finding space that is inspirational for writing, it really helps the thoughts flow.
    I’m really looking to connect with other bloggers like you because the blogging process can feel lonely and discouraging at times.
    Thanks for this post, it was helpful!!

    1. Lauryn Post author

      I’m so happy you enjoyed this post Nicky!
      Congratulations on starting your own blog!
      It definitely takes time to build everything, success doesn’t happen overnight. Keep at it : )

  24. michelle

    LOVE your blog!! Question: What time of day do think is best to publish your blog and post it to social media so that it reaches the most people? I just started my blog a few weeks ago and I have so much to learn still! Thanks! xoMichelle

    1. Lauryn Post author

      I think it’s important to start posting and tracking when your audience responds the most Michelle! It will take some trial and error but every brand is unique so there is no perfect time to post.

  25. taylor

    Sooo good! Thank you for sharing! Very informative for us gals just starting out 😉 !You are the best!

  26. Lauren McLean

    I only recently started blogging but this is exactly how I feel about it – it’s such a long process! I really love to write and I knew there would be a lot of work to blog every day, but now that I’ve started doing it I’ve realized how long the process really does take. I’m not at the point yet where I’m doing photo shoots or anything like that…but this formula is almost exactly what I do other than that. I admire your hard work & dedication for as long as you’ve been doing this! Thank you for being so real and telling it like it is.

    1. Lauryn Post author

      There’s so much that goes into blogging that people don’t realize!
      Thanks for all of your support Lauren : )

  27. rubayettrueteam

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  28. grendel alvarado

    I love this post Lauryn! The tips are so useful especially for newbie bloggers 🙂 I always love the photos, branding, and raw-ness of your content! Loving those pants too! <3

  29. Roli Edema

    This was a really interesting post to read! Lol it takes me about the same time to write my blog posts, i generally find about 2-2.5 hours though. Blogging is so much more than ‘uploading pictures of yourself’; even if you are a fashion blogger!

    I love the way you organize yourself and keep everything professional and high quality.

    come say hi – http://www.roliedema.com

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  31. Cara Alwill Leyba

    Love this post and totally agree! Thank you for sharing how much love and labor we put into our posts! (blog ideas ALWAYS come to me during Soulcycle, so I totally feel you on that one, LOL!) xo – Cara

  32. Shannon

    Great post. My question is: I’m a fairly new blogger and I’ve not been sponsored nor am I being paid by any companies. Should I still be linking to their websites?

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  34. andrea broom

    I love this post, Lauryn! Seriously. Dude thank you for writing this! All my friends out side of the blogging world think that all I do is shoot, write something and it’s ready in 30 minutes and I feel like say yo shut the F up it’s not, it takes a lot of time and a lot of planning. Editorial calendar has saved my life. great post again!

  35. Emily

    Hi Lauryn! I was trying to download Looksee to use your photo filters and can’t find it in the App Store! Are they available through any other app?! Thanks!

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  37. Dafra Sanou

    YES to all of this. For me, the hardest step is Step 1- I totally agree that just chatting about clothes is NOT enough, so I honestly find it sometimes hard to brainstorm great content.
    This post is just so on point- people have no idea what goes into a post, and I am bookmarking this so I may send them the link for everytime someone asks me what I did all weekend.


  38. Amanda Strombeck

    If your blog was a book I would have ripped this page out and pinned it to my wall! I come back to this every time I plan and post a new blog post. Thank you for sharing everything you’ve learned and keep learning about blogging through your blog and podcast! And for making me feel like its ok to write like I talk, which definitely can include some cursing.