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Ohhhh Ya: FREE ONE WEEK TRIAL of TSC Bombshell Body Guide

TSC Bombshell Body | by the skinny confidential
Boy oh boy do I have a treat for you guys!

A ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL OF The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide.

…Because a little sample never hurt a flea. And let’s be honest everyone wants a little taste before they make a purchase, ya know.

Like tell me one person who doesn’t like roaming the aisles of Costco for samples? I mean I for SURE need to test out the veggie hot dogs before I buy them, HA ( I F-ING LOVE COSTCO SAMPLES! ).

Ok so, here’s a little fitness TSC sample for ya.

Test it out & lemme know what you think!

ALSO, I’m giving away a full membership, signed copy of TSC Book, MY FAVORITE TENNIS SHOES (!!! ), & a bottle of TEASE Victoria’s Secret perfume to THREE of you! Just leave your e-mail below in the comment section & follow The Skinny Confidential on BlogLovin’. Extra credit: comment why YOU HAVE to win on my latest Instagram picture!

SIMPLE. I’ll pick 3 ladies at random on Monday.

TSC Bombshell Body | by the skinny confidential

On TSC program, you’ll find nutrition tips, my favorite fitness moves, a full supplement list, AND MORE. Right now my team is working on making the site even more user-friendly & we’re adding a 90 day full meal plan.

There’s more!!! We are working on specific meal plans too— vegan, vegetarian, & gluten-free. Stay tuned.

So in the meantime, check out the membership program here & test out a FREE week here.

Grab a workout buddy, go to the park ( wear a hat! ), test out the guide, & see what you think. ONLY 27 MINUTES OF YOUR DAY!

Your opinions, suggestions, & thoughts are VERY important, so feel free to e-mail me anytime about the body guide at Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below too.

Happy sweating!

– lauryn, x



  1. pick me! pick me! I love everything about you,your tips,your style,your honesty,you are so real and you shoot from the hip about everything and tell us the truth,God that is so refreshing.All blogs are not created equal but love love yours!

  2. Hi Lauryn, I like to say thank you so much for this offer and comp. You’re awesome, especially with what you have been going through you’ve managed to still be here for all of us x sending love and happiness all the way from New Zealand!! X x Nicole

  3. I dream about loosing weight . Since i used to be skinny and small now i struggle with my confidence so much. Thank you for helping and sharing xxxxx

  4. Your blog has some of thee best tips and I thoroughly enjoy your humor! This package deal is sweet! Lucky
    Girls who are future wins!

  5. Dear Lauryn! I am sending my warm regards from Prague, Czech republic. I am looking forward to try the one week for free, thank you so much!
    I am not sure, if I can join the competition also out of US, but let hope so 🙂, bloglovin checked months ago 😉

  6. Yes please! And thanks so much for the sample – have been thinking about investing for ages and I think I just will now that I’ve seen how amazing the guide looks!

  7. I hope to win this awesome gift! Crossing my fingers and toes….

    Keep up the good work Lauren!

  8. Thank you! Hope you’re feeling better, Lauryn! My email is stephaniegettingfit at gmail dot com

  9. I’m so glad you’re giving away a one week trial. Like you said, I like to test things out before I make the commitment to the purchase. Excited to give the TSC bombshell body guide a whirl!


  10. This would be amazing to win!!! It’s been on my radar to try but it’s not in the funds right now 🙁 love your blog!


    Long time following your blog. I’m a strong single mom of two little ones. I love your blog and read it daily and read your book/bible in a day lol. I would love to win!!! ?

  12. Hey Lauren
    Love TSC, I’ve been following it since the early days now and you always inspire me !
    I’ve just started a new job and finding it pretty hard to fit keeping healthy into my new busy schedule – so i’m thinking the bombshell body guide is going to be perfect for managing that, as well as keeping my energy levels high high high 😀

  13. i read your blog daily like religiously. I’ve bought so many products including charcoal toothpaste based on your recs. insert girl emoji raising her hand. I would love a sample of your program! #costcoSamplesYum

  14. Love how you empower and inspire others! Read your blog everyday and love the good vibes you send out to your readers. xoxo

  15. Love love love your style can’t wait to hear more about your journey into life as a newlywed! Been a long time follower. Thanks for the recommendations for Sedona. We booked a trip because of you!

  16. Literally just got super excited!! I’ve been trying to decide if this guide would work for me and I’m so pumped to try this one week trial. Thank you so much! *fingers crossed for the giveaway*

  17. I can’t believe I wasn’t already following you on Bloglovin?! Well I am now 😉 And I would love to try this out, because 27 minutes is about all I can stand to work out, and I can’t live on metabolism forever. Also, your favorite shoes please 😉 xo.

    Morgan –

  18. Love your blog, and all the topics you bring up that no one else ever touches! Always enjoy reading what you have to say and believe you have a lot of great advice! Would love to win!!

  19. What a sweet giveaway! Love your blog and read it religiously ?

  20. i always love reading your blog! I’m very curious to try the program. Especially since I’ve fallen off the health wagon big time. Yikes!

  21. Hi Lauryn! Your blog is the first I fell in love with and is 100% my absolute favorite!! Thank you for being so talented! Just subscribed to follow TSC on BlogLovin’. Woohoo! – Lauren

  22. I’ve been meaning to sign up for the TSC Body Guide! This is exactly what I needed. The giveaway sounds AMAZING!!!

  23. I have been dying to try out your guides! Thank you for always being a great role model for health & fitness!

    Praying you are feeling better!

  24. thank you so much for offering this free trial, i’m always hesitant to purchase something if i don’t know i’ll really benefit from it!!!!! so far it looks amazing, can’t wait to try all of these workouts 🙂

  25. Woo, I would love to win! I’ve tried all the recipes you post on your insta and TSCbombshell! So many of them are great for gals dealing with autoimmune problems & can’t eat all the processed crap from stores & restaurants. I’d love to try the full plan & review it from a GI disorder perspective!

  26. Ah I’m so excited about this!! I’ve been a Kayla-Itsines-fan for the longest time but I’m really excited to try out your guide!! This is such a great giveaway idea!! xx
    xx, Pia

  27. Ahh I tried to post this on Instagram but it wasn’t working! I hope you see this ?

    Hi Lauryn ? I’ve entered your giveaway and now I’m here to tell you why! Like you, I recently had to go through a serious recovery process. I really related to your blog post where you talked about taking time to allow your body to rehabilitate. But like you, that’s something I’ve struggled with. I’m the kind of person that’s always going going going, and to not be able to do that has made me feel restless and has caused a serious spike in my anxiety. But that post you made inspired me to take time to relax and to let my body heal. The good news is that I’ve been given the clear by my doctor to jump back into things. But because I’ve spent the past couple of months barely moving, I really need a place to start and some help, your wisdom to get me back to where I used to be. Thank you for being so inspirational and positive. It’s helped me more than you know. ❤️

  28. So pumped to start this! As a full-time student with two jobs, it’s hard to make time for fitness. This guide seems like it’ll fit right in with my crazy-busy lifestyle. Thanks, Lauryn!

  29. Beyond stoked to try this! I have been dying to get it since it came out but the post grad-poor girl budget just won’t let me have it! Also, obsessed with your blog. Hope you’re recovering well from surgery! Been keeping up via snap 🙂 Email is

    xx, C

  30. Lauren! I really love this program! I would love to win so I can progress past this free trial! It would really make me push myself further with living healthy.

  31. Lauren! I really love this program! I would love to win so I can progress past this free trial! It would really make me push myself further with living healthy. Also, I don’t have Instagram 🙁

  32. You’re journey is such an inspiration and your blogs are effing awesome. I’d love for you to pick me so I can take part in the adventure with you! LOVE <3

  33. Winning this giveaway would be a game changer for me. I feel like I have tried everything, but nothing has worked. I work crazy hours as a 911 dispatcher and need something simple and quick that I cannot screw up. Please consider my entry!!! I will comment on insta too, my name is MRSRAIMEY. Thanks for all you do!

  34. I just started following your blog this summer, and I check it religiously! Everything you post almost always relates to me in some way and I love that! Also, I hope you are feeling better from your infection!



    I’d like to win because I’ll track my progress and update you the whole way! I’m not in bad shape but I want a bombshell body!!! I cant seem to achieve the body I’ve been working so hard for. Maybe I just need the right information! ❤️

  36. Just started following you on BlogLovin! I would love to win your Bombshell Body Guide. I actually found your blog not that long ago and I am hooked! I have lost about 25 pounds over the summer but have hit a roadblock, your guide is just what I need to get to my goal weight!

  37. Love your style, and I read your blog everyday.

    Would love to win! ♡

  38. I would love to win the contest.I first got interested in your blog/pages,etc when I made a special request on your book thru our library because I saw it somewhere and wanted to know more.I would happily buy the items up front if I could afford them but I can’t.I find your posts encouraging(mostly keep up thru your Facebook page)and keep me motivated to keep up on my health and fitness goals.if you pick me that’ll be great,if not that’s okay to.

  39. I LOVE your blog – your posts keep me so motivated and inspired. It’d be amazing to win TSC Bombshell Body Guide… I’m getting married in March 2016 and it wouldn’t hurt to tone up my body!
    Love the black Nikes! Perfect for runs down here in dusty Arizona.

  40. I LOVE your blog – your posts keep me so motivated and inspired. It’d be amazing to win TSC Bombshell Body Guide… I’m getting married in March 2016 and it wouldn’t hurt to tone up my body!
    Love the black Nikes! Perfect for runs down here in dusty Arizona.

  41. Hey girl! I would love to win this to get me motivated to work out!! Also, those shoes… TO DIE FOR. So cute. I’ve gotta have them!

    Xoxo -Miranda

  42. Your giveaways are insane. like drooling on my keyboard->lighting candles->getting out crystals and lucky underwear insane 😛 I think i would absolutely die if i was chosen!


    Eeeeek what an AMAZING giveaway Lauryn!! I absolutely die over those shoes… All black err thing is the way I love my tennis shoes 🙂 I have been reading a lot about your new workout plan. I just recently got a new job so my workout routine has been all out of whack and not as constant, so starting your workout routine and getting back into the grove of things would be the perfect start to get back on track! Thanks again for all the great stuff you always have on your blog!


    Hope I win! Thanks for the amazing posts, inspiration, and keeping contact with your readers! Its awesome when a popular blogger actually cares a lot about their readers enough to keep in contact with them.

  45. Ah this would just be amazing!! Heading to my first year of college after travelling and reallllly need to get back into it aka have my ass kicked in the gym!! Love your blog so much!! Xxx

  46. Please pick me, I really enjoy reading your blog and my favorite article is the one where you give a few ways to whiten your teeth… Basically, my teeth are whiter because of you and so I’d love it if my body would be better as a result of your guide and book

  47. I would so love to win! I am currently student teaching and would love this opportunity. As cheesy as it sounds, I feel like right now is my time. I will be graduating in December and have a classroom of my own come January 2016. It would be incredible to win and during this time, continue to become the healthiest version of me for both myself and future students! Email:

  48. This would be amazing! I read TSC daily and love love love all your tips! Have wondered what it’s all about and would love a sneak peek❤️

  49. you are by far my favorite blogger and I love that you are also here in sunny San Diego so I get to enjoy all of your posts that are local to SD! i use so many of your recipes all the time and love all of your fashion/beauty advice! thanks for keeping it real!


    Would love to win this. Really trying to get my “skinnyfat” bod toned and fit, all while keeping up with a new grandbaby! This would be the kick in the derriere I need 🙂 Thanks for your guide and the great tips xL

  51. I haven’t been able to decide what I should do to get fit and healthier and I’ve been following ur blog on bloglovin and I’ve been inspired; would love to try it.

  52. I would love love love to win and have the opportunity to get closer and practice your advices and tips! I want to believe that the skinny confidential works for girls all around the world (like me) and I’d feel honored if I win??
    My email is

  53. I’m so ready for a fitness kickstart trial. I believe this is perfect for just coming back from holiday.

  54. I really reallly want to try this out, 17 and I want to play soccer for my high school this year, would love to be in shape enough to be conditioned for tryouts! 🙂

  55. I really really would love to do this, 17 and trying out for soccer in the spring AND prom oooh i could really use this 🙂 Ive heard so many people say this actually isnt one of those boring exercises or diets, hope to try it!

  56. Can I just say starry eyes?! Laurynnnnnn! You’ve been inspiring me like crazy to take note of what goes in my body and being a natural and sexy fashionista! I need that extra kick in the butt to lose those extra 10 lbs and tone up!


    Absolutely love you and all that you do! Getting married next July and need all the fitnessy-motivation I can get!!! ???

  58. Wow thank you for the free sample! Can’t wait to try it.

    Would love to win – it’s winter in NZ and I have been piling on the pounds (I blame peanut m&ms…) and am going home in three weeks to the uk to see friends and family for the first time in 2 years… Need some help pronto!!

  59. I would love to win. I’m on a health journey that has been tough since my son came into the world as my body changed in ways I never thought possible. Today is his4th birthday and I have promised him that I will be healthy and fit so I can always be there for him. Please pick me!!! I need all the support I can get!! ♡♡♡

  60. Love your blog. Appreciate all you do to keep us informed. Would love to try your Bombshell Body Guide, and thanks for the opportunity. Take care!

  61. Would love to win this giveaway! I remember i e-mailed you a couple years ago ( Belguim says hi!) asking for tips and your response was so sweet and super motivational! Your blog has been such an awesome guide to me, i learn so much and also pushes me to do my research about what i put in my body.
    THANK U SOO MUCH Lauryn! I hope your doing better and resting.
    Xxxx Zumrut

  62. Thank you so much for opening the TSC Bombshell Body Guide to everyone! This is a fantastic opportunity 🙂



  63. I’m a nurse and I’ve been overweight my entire life. I want to be an inspiration for my patients and live the healthy life I tell them to have.

  64. I’m a nurse and I’ve been overweight my entire life. I want to be an inspiration for my patients and live the healthy life I tell them to have.

  65. WOW well this would be a win 🙂 Wouldn’t mind a new pair of kicks to start my travels in…walking in airports in hard on the feet <3

  66. Love your site. Great tips. Picking me would be amazing. Going thru some tough times and starting over is never easy. This would really help and put a smile on my face. Thanks ❤

  67. Lauryn, how exciting! Writing a comment on my insta account ally_withlove. Fingers crossed 🙂

  68. I have recently been following your blog and i gotta admit i am hooked:) Plz pick me! I am very interested in what you have to say in your book.

  69. Yessss puhleaseee!! This sounds amazing and those shoes are a super awesome bonus!!

  70. This is my dream giveaway. I just transferred to college and would love your guide to help me fend of the “freshman 15.” I am so inspired by your blog and your lifestyle. Thank you for being such an inspiration and keeping me creative! Our styles are so similar love.

    I would absolutely love to win this giveaway! I love reading your blog and I absolutely love your style! I’m getting married married next May and would love to be fit and toned in my wedding dress!

  72. I’d love to win. Im going through a break up and custody battle. I intend to come out on top and while im at it transform not just my life but my body as well.

    Pick me!! My husband and I are finishing a 30 day detox program and I am ready to start a fitness program to take my body next level!! My last baby turned one today and I want to get back to my hot mama bod ?

  74. I WOULD DIE FOR THIS. I have wanted to try the TSC Bombshell Body Guide since you launched it. To be honest with you I just can’t afford it right now. I have been looking for the motivation to get back into shape and begin taking care of my health again after recently and (completely) falling off the bandwagon. THIS could be exactly what I need! <– choose this one! PLEEEEASE!

  75. Hi Lauryn!

    I would love to win the full membership to your bombshell body guide!!! I love all the reviews your shared about it and feel like it’s something that I’d be able to stick to! Since I’ve already bought your book- love!- I’d give the book to my sissy down at college, who is also a huge fan of yours!

    My email is:

    Xo, Aus

  76. Mother to a toddler and newborn. Need to set an example and get strong to keep up with their craziness!

  77. Obsessed with you and your blog and everything it represents!!! Been wanting your guide for awhile now. This contest is everything!!! ❤️

  78. I’m a huge health enthusiast and love all of your posts. It’d mean a lot to me to get your book. I could use any extra advice and guidance because I have quite a few struggles that i haven’t been able to be successful with even though I’ve tried!

  79. See the delirium of taking care of a newborn? Didn’t leave my email address in the comment..*sigh*

  80. I’m training for a half marathon and feel like I need some strength training/toning workouts that take up less time since I do so much running!

  81. I’m training for a half marathon and feel like I need some strength training/toning workouts that take up less time since I do so much running! Also a huge fan of your blog – I’ve been following forever. Keep doing what you’re doing! Xo

  82. Omg what an amazing giveaway right up my alley! In love with fitness 🙂

  83. I would so love to win. Just turned 37 today and I’m finding it so.much.harder to stay in shape as I get older! The struggle is r-e-a-l!!!

  84. Lauryn!! You are literally life goals! Your body is amazing, your dogs are amazing, and Michael is also amazing! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and can I just say that you have changed my life. Whenever I’m down in the dumps, you always find a way to make me feel better! I have your book and look through it so often! Also, I live by the words “fake it until you make it”. When I first read those in your book, I think it changed me and the way that I look about life!


    I Have to win because I am getting married next year to the love of my life and want to make healthy changes and be my best self on our wedding day 🙂

  86. Another avid NZ follower! I loooove your book, I bought the electronic version but I would loooooove a signed copy! I just can not get enough of your blog <3

  87. Hey Lauren,
    I would love, love, love to win your guide. Like you, I’m all about that work #hustle — and its been paying off because I’m about to move to Chicago to start my dream job. Your Bombshell Body guide would help me be a girl boss in the board room AND the weight room. Winning your guide would help me keep that day to day balance I need to stay strong, since I know that’s important to you too.

    Hope you are feeling better lady, healing is hard but I know you can do it.

  88. Oh wow, I could really use a pick-me-up and a fierce plan to get back on track right now! Life´s been throwing some curveballs at me and after dealing with my thyroid for longer than I like to admit, committing to a plan and lifestyle change would be the best thing to do in the long run but where to start?! Fingers crossed 🙂

    xo Martie

  89. Followed!! Email is thank you!!!!!
    (Why is there no fingers crossed emoji?!)

  90. Dear Lauryn,

    it would be such an honor to win this. I’m following you an Bloglovin and instagram and I’m so in love with your posts. And I love your book 
    Right now I’m working on a vegan lifestyle blog and it would be so great to get some inspiration from your tsc bombshellbody guide.
    So I would be so happy and thankful, if you would pick me.
    Best regards from Germany

    Edith Valek

    Done and done! Fingers crossed :)* your giveaways are AH-mazing all the time, would like to be the lucky one one day (today?) ;))

  92. long time reader!! You are such an inspiration, I’d love to win. As a new mom returning to work a little guidance and a quick workout is exactly what I need!

  93. Already following the blog! It’s my favorite! Lots of great ways for me to get in shape for my wedding next year!

    I’m a med student and I love working out, but don’t have a ton of free time (and no money, let’s be real here :P). I would LOVE to try your workout and your plan !!

  95. This is so generous of you omg!! Thank you so much. I CANNOT WAIT to try out your guide this week!
    & email for the giveaway: 🙂 x

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

  96. Amen to health!!! All of these things are AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication!!! Cheers to staying healthy and making it as fun/cute as possible!!!


  97. What an exciting giveaway, fingers crossed.
    Can’t wait to use the free week, thank you.

  98. Not sure it went through , love you and your page, only blog I follow ! Hope I’m not to late! Would love this opportunity ! Misskelsey357@gmail.CPM

  99. This is awesome Lauryn!! I know your readers are going to benefit hugely from your guides, and I’ve heard really awesome things about them from some girlfriends.

    As a picky fit girl, I definitely can’t say the same for other programs out there! Keeping things accessible and non-intimidating is key to people making lasting changes, and you nailed it. <3

  100. Because i read your blog every freaking day! Because who doesn’t want/neeeed a new pair of nikes? Awesome giveaway! 🙂

  101. I would love to win this! I want to finally find a workout program I can commit to and make a lifestyle change. Also, I need to get my tushy in to great shape for my wedding!

  102. i’m a busy RN that would love to find a program that I can incorporate into a crazy shift work type schedule and that keeps me toned and healthy.

  103. I couldn’t IMAGINE a better surprise than being able to win. I am looking to rebuild my strength and i know this would do wonders 🙂

  104. I am searching for that one plan that is going to make this workout thing stick. I enjoy being in your world (when I read your blog & watch your videos) and I hope you pick me for all the goodies.

  105. Ok I would absolutely LOVE to win this giveaway. You are truly inspiring and j share your blog with my friends all the time! I love how real and honest and HILARIOUS you are!!! Plus, I wouldn’t mind a little help with working out, since you have a rockin bod and I want one too! Xoxo Emma

  106. My wedding is 5 months away in Mexico! This would be a great kick start to get into shape!!

  107. I HAVE to win because: I have been on the cusp between wanting to get healthy and actually doing it for a LONG time! I think this would be just the push I need to put the plan into action! You’re definitely an encouragement to us all!

  108. Thank you, this is a great opportunity. 🙂
    My e-mail adress is jamrikgyongyver @ gmail . com
    Kisses from Hungary

  109. Please pick me!! I already own a copy of your book, but I really want to try the TSC bombshell guide. I had my third baby earlier this year and i’m lugging around 30 extra pounds so I need motivation and inspiration.

  110. love your style.
    Got the bone broth thing going and the charcoal toothpaste too. You rock chica!

  111. Will you be able to purchase just the meal plan? I’d really like to get my hands on that!
    You rock! Thanks for the freebie!


    ive been following you for years now, LOVE your blog? hope recovery is going well?

  113. Following the Skinny Confidential on all possible social sites (Insta both your personal & TSC instas, bloglovin… you get the picture) 🙂 I would LOVE to win this fab packet of goodness! Hope you’re feeling better <3 lots of love from one bad ass blonde to another!
    x's & o's

  114. I need a swift kick of inspiration! A win of this program would do just that.

  115. Hi Lauryn! I would LOVE to win this giveaway because I just graduated college and have been trying to get really in shape, but I’ve just been doing endless cardio and seeing no results (surprise surprise). Your guide would be a lifesaver, but as a college student I don’t have the money to afford it right now. I have been following your blog for years and love how honest you are on it. Keep doing what you’re doing because we love it!

  116. I love your website!! I read it everyday and have tried so many of the things you’ve posted!!! I would love to win!!!

  117. I would LOVE to win this. Have considered buying the TSC Bombshell Body Guide but have always stuck with mediocre workouts that don’t cost any money. I would love to do it for free!

  118. Hi Lauryn! So glad to hear you are feeling better, I hope you’re at 100% in no time (which I’m sure you will be following all your health tips!). I follow on Bloglovin and always look forward to your posts. Thank you for keeping it REAL and being a healthy role model for your readership! Would love to win the giveaway 🙂

  119. i’m a southern mother of two from charleston sc… i don’t blog… i barely even check fb or my email… but i ALWAYS find time to read your blog…I don’t even remember how i found it but i’ve been reading for over 3 years… I own your book… and basically keep Amazon in business from ordering all your “must haves”… hello activated charcoal!!!!!! i’m obsessed with your tips, tricks, style, and mostly your honesty… i could go on and on… and your grapefruit detox drink is better than sex… well maybe not, but I’m obsessed… ok, i’ll stop b/c i sound like a creepy super stalker (i’ve never commented on a blog before)! Thanks for being you and for inspiring so many of us!

  120. Completed the first day of the Bombshell Body Guide, I can tell it’s going to be a good week! You’re an absolute gem Lauryn ?

  121. I would absolutely love love love to try out your program and read your book that I know you worked so hard on. It’s great and beautiful to see the progress you have made over the years with your blog and lifestyle habits. Your blog is such an inspiration to my daily. Keep up the wonderful work!

  122. PLEASE PICK ME. i’m a broke post-grad girl who is dying to make healthy lifestyle changes after years of bad habits aka college eating and drinking. NEED this the bombshell guide and book to get me started on a much needed healthy lifestyle. Please thank you and so much love from a fellow San Diegan.

  123. Please please! I’m so close to my goal and I know the tscbombshellbody will get me gooooood

  124. Hi Lauryn!! I came across your blog this summer and I seriously have become addicted. I anxiously wait very day at work to see your posts and get the latest tips. My mom passed away last year and since then I’ve been trying to lose a lot of the weight I’ve put on. I would love this opportunity to see some real results!! Thanks so much, you rock Lauryn <3

  125. Just picked up your book yesterday and I have already read it! Front to back! You’re so motivational and relatable which makes this the best book I have ever had the chance to get my hands on! I have been following you on Instagram and ever since I first saw your page I knew your book was the thing that could change my life around! I’m currently recovering from severe depression and picking up your book was the first step to my recovery. I can’t wait to try all of your delicious recipes, get going on my first juice cleanse and apply your “fake it until you make it” to my life. I would love your gift of everything you listed… But the main reason I left my comment is to tell you thank you for writing this book. It’s already changing my life!

  126. Been following a different fitness program for awhile & just can’t commit to the time requirement it involves. That is why I’m SO interested in yours! I just spent a lot of money on the other & don’t have the funds to buy another :/ sooooo basically I want to win this mostly for your guide!

    A new pair of shoes wouldn’t hurt either though ☺️??


    Hi Lauryn!
    I LOVE your blog lady! Props!! I’m pretty inspired by you, so THANK YOU for rocking 😉
    I am preparing content for my own blog that I plan to launch early next year, and I certainly admire and look up to you!
    Also, I am a exercise addict and would absolutely LOVE to win this giveaway!! I would be elated as well as super proud to own your book!!

  128. Hey Lauryn! I have been a fan of yours for a while now and you were one of my main inspirations when I started my blog and even the reason why I went to Create + Cultivate (bummed you missed it.) I admire all that you do and would love the opportunity to be able to experience your Bombshell Body Plan to learn how to live a better lifestyle that I feel suits me more than anything else out there.
    I’ve been struggling with trying to find something to help me be better with my fitness, meal planning and even just as simple as finding balance in the day to day. Thank you for being you and inspiring me every day. ?

  129. Wooo been following your blog for so long! I’m on week 5 of kayla itsines BBG and think yours could be even better!
    thanks lauryn!

  130. I just wanted to thank you for being such a motivational person! I’m a new follower, and I’ve been following your blog religiously. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see a week’s worth of your guide! I have bought some structured guides in the past, but at some point, they all drove me into some kind of injury such as a strained wrist and dislocating my knee. Then somehow I came across your blog and it’s been a blessing by far! I’ve been incorporating tips that you provide slowly into my lifestyle such as eating in portions and the simple recipes that are amazingly yummy. You’re an angel ?!! It will be amazing to win this giveaway, but regardless of whoever wins, they will be inspired by your hard work and generous self! ??? btw, I hope you feel better!!???❤️

  131. I’m trying really hard to get into shape for my wedding in 8 months. I need some serious guidance!

  132. Pleeeeeeaaase pick me! Just had a baby a month ago and would love this to help me lose the baby weight. Love your blog btw, I’ve been following you for a couple of years!

  133. Thank you so much for the giveaway! I love your blog and read it every day, and am so grateful at how often you post! You work hard and it shows. xoxox

  134. Amazing! Kickboxing would be a perfect complement to your lifestyle & regimen– crazy fun and empowering! offers great kickboxing classes for women, as well as other exciting dance and martial arts options as well!

  135. you have taken $89 out of my account yesterday and this is the first I ever heard of you. My name is Celeste Jones and you need to put theory back in account now. I don’t know who you people are but as far as I am concerned you just stold $89 from me. You have now right doing this. Now you have caused me the hassle of getting another card through the mail which will take a week to get. What do I do in the meantime? You really screwed me up and I don’t need this scrap right now so put my money back

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