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Oh La La, Sexy Wedding Lingerie ( NEED YOUR HELP DECIDING! )

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Well today we’re getting personal.

Real life: lingerie is a part of weddings.

A huge part…right? I mean you gotta have it going on under your dress for a post-wedding surprise, right.

Leave it to me to talk about lingerie, you guys know I like to go there. Besides, just talking about the dress would be rather boring, don’t ya think?

b.tempt’d kindly sent me a bunch of intimates/lingerie looks & I hand selected my favorites to share my vision for my wedding. This lingerie is definitely geared towards sexy, classy, flirty babes who like a little sass.

And sure it’s sharing a lot, but what else is new on The Skinny Confidential?

SO. Wedding lingerie is kind of like adding cayenne to pineapple, a little spicy mixed with some sweetness.

You can have the formal, traditional dress but it’s what’s underneath that’s really getting the groom’s attention. Joke. But really, you know he’s curious.

btempted 9 | by the skinny confidentialbtempted 10 | by the skinny confidential

Anyway, let’s break it down:

Bridal White:

The bridal collection is kind of a no brainer. I could see myself wearing this more on our honeymoon instead of at the wedding BECAUSE I love to mix it up. Wearing the bridal collection on the wedding night would be too predictable for me. However, I honestly fell in love with these pieces & the fit was very, VERY flattering. Let’s just say they held the girls up in all the right ways. These pieces will 100% be packed in my honeymoon bag.

Everyone loves a little innocence & these pieces are IT: dainty, pretty, & innocent. LOVE.

btempted 11 | by the skinny confidential btempted 5 | by the skinny confidential

Not Your Basic Black:

BLACK. Nothing sexier than black lingerie, in my opinion ( shocking ). Obviously it’s the most flattering color around & if we’re being honest here, Michael’s favorite lingerie color is black. He loves it.

SO. In knowing that, I think I’ll go the other way on our wedding night & rock black lingerie. Thoughts?

It’s unexpected & just oh-so sexy.

My favorite part of this was most definitely the strapless push up bra. It’s so Jessica Rabbit, you know? Pushes you up in all the right places. Plus I think this bra would work great under a wedding dress because A. it pushes your boobs up perfectly, B. it’s strapless, & C. so hot to wear under a wedding dress.

Really you can wear black lingerie under anything & feel like the coolest girl in the world. I don’t know, that’s how I feel about it anyway.


btempted 6 | by the skinny confidnetial btempted 7 | by the skinny confidential

A Hint of Color:

These are pieces I plan on wearing BEFORE the wedding. Think the night of the rehearsal dinner ( only if he’s lucky though ). I feel like you have to come prepared for like 4 days when you’re doing a wedding. You never know when your future husband/wife will want to see what’s going on underneath that dress.

The pop of coral is so spicy & cute, mixed with ivory lace, I feel like I would wear this year round. Like can you imagine this under a white tee with ripped jeans? Cuteeee.

btempted 3 | by the skinny confidentialbtempted 12 | by the skinny confidential

Ultimately, I think it’s SO important to embrace your femininity, especially when it comes to a wedding. Basically, embrace your inner goddess. It was fun to play dress up & I think I’ll print these pictures & frame them for Michael, HAHA. Get excited babe.

Between us, maybe I’ll even get crazy & print him the scandalous outtakes.

( Really, you should have seen the other pictures, let’s just say I chose the softer ones— HA ).

Ok, ok, which is your favorite look? Weigh in. All opinions are welcome, throw them at me. Or should I just use them all. I mean, these pieces are just too good to choose only one, right?

MEOW, lauryn x

P.S. hope you’re loving the NEW MAKEOVER!

SHOP ALL THE LINGERIE HERE: b. tempt’d bridal collection
Bridal White: Lace BraGarterChemiseTanga PantyAll White Bra
Not Your Basic Black: Strapless BraSeamless Brief
Hint of Color: Coral BraCoral Panty

{ photos }

btempted 2 | by the skinny confidential

btempted 8 | by the skinny confidential

  1. You’re so right about the black! Why does bridal lingerie have to be white? My boyfriend always picks out black lingerie for me, so when we get married, why would I go with a different color just to keep with society’s traditions? I do love that light blue set, too, though

    1. Hi Lauren, I completely agree with you! Tradition is fun sometimes, but I also like to mix it up and go against the grain. Do something unique. Just because it’s tradition doesn’t make it the hottest option! LOL! xx

  2. I loooooove the blue under the white lace dress. That is so pretty + sexy + feminine + a lil unexpected! Def my favourite! I also personally love the idea of the BLACK lingerie esp with a sexy red lip. These photos are phenomenal! You are going to be one gorgeous bride….but now you know we ALL will be wondering what you are wearing underneath! xx Shannon

    1. LOL!! Thank you Shannon. You’re so sweet! The blue one is definitely one of my favorite as well. Did you check out their website? There are a ton of options I think you’ll love. Thanks for reading

  3. All black all the time, lol. The color one seems a little too innocent for a wedding night haha!
    PS Loving the new site update!

    1. Thank you Lydia, I’m so glad you like the site! I know what you mean, wedding night is mean to be HOT HOT HOT. xx

  4. 99.9% of the time black lingerie is my thing but that bridal white collection is stunning! Plus when else would you wear white lingerie but your wedding?

  5. I love the white! Agreed, white lingerie is so bridal. The only thing I wore under my dress was cute comfy undies. It’s a crazy fun day so I didn’t want to wear a corset under my corset, ya know? Plus that way you can change and freshen up in the bathroom of your wedding suite and make a grand entrance! Just a thought. Oh and my sister in law’s dress didn’t fit her and they thought they would need to get it re-altered but once all the underneath extras were removed, wa la like a glove!

    1. Hi T! That’s crazy everything underneath your sister in law’s dress took up that much space!! What was she wearing? Definitely a good idea to be more comfortable during the night and then change / freshen up in the wedding suite. Thanks for the tip! xx

  6. I love them all! But black is definitely unexpected! The first one is so pretty and elegant though. 🙂

  7. I love them all! except I would worry about black showing through a white dress… or you seem to like backless…. kinda hard to wear underneath? just a thought.

  8. Is the white dress over the blue bra not available? I don’t see a link and can;t find it on their website! It is to die for!!

  9. I know this is a very personal question, but I would so appreciate it if you answer. If not you, then who? 🙁 What are you gonna do when you get your period on your wedding day? I’m getting married this autumn and this is like my worst nightmare 🙁 Best wishes!! xoxo M

    1. I believe Lauryn said she was on the birth control pill. And I feel so weird discussing her menstrual cycle….so i’m just gonna switch it over to me. I’m on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo…which is a combination pill, and and know with those pills, you can control when you get your period….so if your wedding day falls during the week that your taking your placebo or “sugar pill” then you can just skip the placebo week and start a new pack a week early and you never get your period….and it’s not unhealthy because since you don’t ovulate on the pill…there is no egg to be released. I’m not getting married anytime soon. lol. But this is what I do whenever I know i’ll get my period on a vacation or a big day/event..etc, and it’s works like a charm <3

      Of course if you're planning on getting pregnant on your wedding night…then this won't work. lol

  10. For a wedding day, I love that white one with the faintest hints of blue. I think it’s just so classic and covers the “something blue” part in a risqué way. I love the black one the most, though, because like you said– black is just sexy! I’d definitely take that for the honeymoon!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

  11. Def the black one, it’s elegant, you both like it, you’ll be feeling yourself throughout and he’ll love it too. Have fun 😉

  12. Blue and white lace is very sexy in an angelic way while black is just downright sexy and foxy. Depends on what your mood is! xo

  13. My fiancé is obsessed with black lace, but hence he’s used to me wearing black lacy lingeries, bras, tops, skirts, robes, almost everything. i think i would change it up at the wedding night, i may or may not go to white, i feel its so expected. i’m thinking to go for like pink blush or nude, nude is tricky, ha! or maybe red to sex it up!


  14. They’re all gorgeous- but speaking from experience,go with whatever fits most comfortably under the dress! If you plan on changing after the reception, go with white. He may typically love you in black on. Regular day, but your wedding day isn’t the regular day!

  15. blue!! so pretty and goes well with your hair color. I love black everything, but it is kind of nice to have a softer look for your wedding. Depends what you’re really going for though so all your options are amazing either way 🙂

  16. Lauryn,

    First of all, I must say, as a former “Bra Specialist” at Victoria’s Secret, I commend you for actually wearing the correct size! You look amazing and Michael will die for whatever you wear for your wedding festivities! I’m totally with you on the black lingerie train! But the periwinkle blue bra/panty with the white lace slip – WHEN WILL YOU EVER GET TO WEAR THAT AGAIN?! You own that look!

    Second, I am so impressed with the lingerie from b.tempt’d. I don’t know if you saw my entry for the giveaway (so many entries!!) but my sister will be getting married May 14th and I’m her MOH. Thanks so much for the ideas. I’ve been using your wedding journey as inspiration to help make her big day as amazing as I know yours and Michael’s will be. Also, this may sound kind of weird, but watching you and Michael/Susan on snapchat makes my day and gives me hope that I’ll find someone that I can have that type of relationship with.

    Finally, the blog makeover is too good – so streamlined and understated yet super modern! As a busy student, I only really have time to indulge in one blog – and yours is it – you have been great about consistently updating a variety of content so we readers can get our TSC fix! Thank you, thank you!

  17. Omg you totally just made me realize how boring I am. I totally need to invest in some lingerie for me and my husband!

    Love all these looks! Especially the black!


  18. Shot SO well! I love that you leave a little to the imagination (having your robe draped suggestively or a partial body shot). Susan will be SWOONING the night of if he isn’t already at this post! I have to go with the Bridal White. Innocent yet RAWRR.

  19. These pics are gorgeous! You should definitely frame some for Michael! I’m a traditional girl, so I love the bridal set!

  20. Hi Lauryn,

    Very nice post.

    No body pays attention in it at that time but really it is important as a nice one gives you the self confidence and also adds a special pleasure as surprising treat for your partner.

    You are looking so good and sexy in all of the pics, it is hard to select a one from these all. Although if a descission has to be made I’ll go with the black one, its outstanding and reveals too much.

    Thanks for sharing it.
    Have a nice day.

    ~ Harshwardhan

  21. In the past, wedding lingerie sets were strictly white. Today, women are willing to experiment with their lingerie sets. The options you have shared here are pretty and appealing. I liked the lightly coloured floral lingerie set. It is simple, elegant and very much feminine. Share more images in the next post.

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