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Oh, Hey Honeyyyyy

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.Hunny just isn’t a word I use when I need Michael for an annoying tasks…

For examps:

“Honey, do the dishes please.”

“Can you hand me my phone, honey?” ( << Even though it’s right next to me ).

“OMFG- my neck hurts so bad, honey can you massage it? Thanks honey, you’re the best!”

I also happen to use the word frequently in the kitch.

But only the raw, organic honey.

Natural News says that “raw honey is honey that has not been heated, pasteurized, or processed in any way. The differences between raw and pasteurized honey are substantial. Raw honey is an alkaline-forming food that contains natural vitamins, enzymes, powerful antioxidants and other important natural nutrients. These are the very nutrients that are destroyed during the heating and pasteurization process. In fact, pasteurized honey is equivalent to and just as unhealthy as eating refined sugar.”

Ya, not that bear-shaped, preservative-filled, butthole honey- we’re talking the real/raw shit, peeps.

Raw honey’s bad-ass benefits? Check it:

>> It treats ailments: the sticky stuff can be applied to treat rashes or wounds.

>> Buh-bye sore throats: Raw honey’s antibiotic properties are effective in treating colds & sore throats

>> Don’t forget the liver!: Acacia honey cleanses the liver, promotes intestinal health, & reduces inflammation in the respiratory tract.

>> It has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, & anti-fungal properties: according to Natural News “it promotes body and digestive health, is a powerful antioxidant, strengthens the immune system, & helps eliminates allergies.”

>> Raw.honey.tastes.amazing!: I use it in tea, on Greek yogurt, over berries, in a smoothie, or on an apple slice + almond butter + cinnamon.

So go on & get your honey on!

Oh! & my favorite brand can be found here.

How do you use raw honey?


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  1. I never knew you could use it for sore throats! I love honey with cheese which I thought sounded really weird but I tried it and my mind was blown!

  2. I couldn’t agree more about honey! I use it in everything as well. Have you tried Manuka honey yet? It’s pretty pricey but totally worth it…I highly recommend trying it!

  3. Great post! I love lemon and honey in morning green tea…on toast with almond butter & cinnamon. Awesome benefits from bee pollen too…been adding it to green drinks and chia/banana/almond milk. So yummy! ( I like the brand ‘Really Raw Honey’)

  4. What’s even better and better for you is LOCAL, raw honey! And it’s ok if it’s cloudy and crystallizes. We are thankful for my brother-in-law who has honey bees and shares his loot!

  5. Love love love honey!! I use it to wash my face 🙂
    & locally sourced honey is great for seasonal allergies. It helps your body build up an immunity to local pollens, etc. Works wonders!

    xx KT

  6. Hi Lauryn
    I’ve tried to contact you on the contact page, all 3 times I’ve gotten the response that the number I’ve entered is incorrect…hmmm, I know my eyes aren’t that bad… : ). Advice??

  7. I whip raw honey with a bit of butter and top it on everything when I’m craving something sweet- Right now I have a banana bread in the oven just calling for a dollop of it!
    PS- have you seen Domino Light sugar at the supermarket lately? It’s a sugar-stevia mix that does wonders when baking! I have yet to figure out how to use only stevia in my baked goods..

  8. I’ve never really used raw honey, but you’ve definitely tempted me to get some in – great post!


  9. Lauren!! I LOVE this site, but my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE POSTS (along with all my friends who are now obsessed with this site too bc i have told them about it) are when you interview “skinnistas” of the month!! It seems like you dont do them much anymore! Can you start doing more?!!? I LOVE them!! They are so inspirational and me and all my friends love them.

  10. Hey Lauryn!
    First off- I am obsessed with you/your blog. I went all the way back to the beginning and read Crazy much? When I read too much in one day I felt myself talking like you write- haha yikes. Anyways- I have been suffering with mono for over a month which then turned into another ridic virius- and my doctor told me to force myself to eat a tablespoon of honey (the good kind of course) followed by a cup of tea and half a lemon 5-6x a day. I have had serious congestion issues and a choking sensation from swelling in my throat which drives me crazy when trying to sleep- I literally wake up gasping for air. I am on day two of this treatment and it totally works! I know you already suggest tea, honey, lemon, but I think that allowing the honey to do it’s own thing without combining it with the tea at first really helps coat the throat. At bedtime she advised just a spoonful of honey-no tea or toothpaste when brushing-just brush with water to make sure you don’t leave any honey on your teeth- but spit out the water don’t swallow!

  11. Hello Lauryn! I completely agree with every word in the article. Honey is a real treasure as it contains tons of useful ingredients and is declared to be an effective product capable of curing and preventing numerous diseases. I would also like to add that there is Manuka honey, which possesses all the healthy qualities of an ordinary honey. Yet according to numerous scientific researches it turns to be way more effective compared to ordinary one.

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