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bachelorette party decor by the skinny confidential. a few essential items for any bachelorette party!

Happy Sunday!!!

Let me start by saying, I am LOVING today.

Really, I am in FULL relaxation mode. Picture me at home, snuggling Boone & Pixy ( Michael is traveling for work ),  with essential oils & a new book. With all of the wedding events & planning, a super chill Sunday was LONG overdue.

I can’t even believe our wedding is less than TWO weeks away. As you can imagine, the wedding events & last minute details are in FULL swing.

If you follow along on Snapchat, you witnessed our HIM & HER WEDDING SHOWER yesterday. BTW, I totally recommend doing a joint couple’s wedding shower. It’s so much fun to include all of your guy friends, dads, brothers, in the festivities as well. HUGE thank you to my stepmom, Julie, for hosting the day. I’ll share the details on the blog later next week so stay tuned!

Anyway, since we’re continuing the BACHELORETTE PARTY theme this week, below are some oh so bachy, bachelorette party decor items. These are the items I HAD TO HAVE scattered around the house during my bachelorette party weekend.



bachelorette party decor by the skinny confidential. a few essential items for any bachelorette party!


This sign was watching over the bachelorette party the WHOLE time. Ominous, right? This sparkly sign really set the tone, if you know what I mean. It’s also the inspiration behind THE SAME PENIS FOREVER playlist. Every girl should be forced to confront a sign like this at their bachelorette party. Don’t you think?

CRAFT + FOSTER Champagne Blush Candles:

As you guys know, I LOVE these candles. I basically demanded that they be present at every single wedding event. In my opinion, candles are essential at any party. Scents really set the tone of an event. We chose this scent because what’s more bachy than champagne, right? Champagne Blush candles were scattered ALL over the house. PLUS, one Craft + Foster candle was given to each of my girlfriends in the GOODIE BAGS.

Bling Wipes:

Every girl better have her jewelry ON POINT. I carry these things everywhere with me, so naturally they would be strategically placed around my bachelorette party. My friends placed them in bowls around the house, in every bathroom, & a few in each goodie bag. Let’s just say that everyone’s jewelry was looking clean & CRISP.

GIANT White Balloons:

Regular old balloons just don’t cut it. These are AMAZING. Honestly, if you’re hosting any kind of party, instead of basic old regular sized balloons, opt for these GIANT round ones. My girlfriends got REAL creative & tied them into the bushes. The giant hedges looked like big white & green polkadots. See HERE.

Spicy Las Vegas Visors:

Even though the party was in Palm Springs, Vegas visors set the tone for a fun bachelorette weekend. They were placed all over the house so anyone could wear them. Yes, they’re super cute but I actually got them so that I could manipulate everyone to keep their face OUT OF THE SUN. You guys know I avoid the sun like the plague, so naturally I had to force my girls to do the same. They’ll thank me later.

TSC + CAM Jewelry Necklaces:

CAM Jewelry & I teamed up to design some super sexy necklaces. All the girls were decked out in the TSC VIPER NECKLACE. We had them all over the house PLUS each girl was given one in the goodie bags. It’s a faux snakeskin choker with a long gold chain. They come in white & black – perfect for whatever your vibe is. We will all definitely be rocking these at the wedding as well.

Wolffer Rosé:

THIS ROSÉ THOUGH. You guys know I LOVE ROSÉ. Drinking rosé & listening to Bossanova is honestly just ideal. SO Saint Tropez. Wolffer rosé is my go-to lately. It’s delicious & reasonably priced. My girlfriends proved they knew me well & had Wolffer rosé scattered ALL over the house. Honestly it was EVERYWHERE. Crisp & perfect.

Mini Cactus Shot Glasses:

When it comes to a Palm Springs bachelorette party, you need a few themed items. These cactus shot glasses were 100% on point. We also had larger cactus drink cups! Very on brand for Palm Springs.

Well, I’m off to finish enjoying this relaxing Sunday. With less than two weeks until the wedding this week is stacking up to be pretty busy.

Let me know if there’s anything else you guys want to know about the bachelorette party! As always, I’ll answer your questions below.

lauryn, x

  1. My bestie is getting married soon, and we were stalking your bach for full details and ideas in Palm Springs. LOVED this whole vibe, Also loved that you kept it just to a few girls – I am going to one with 31 people soon _ LIKE KILL ME.

    Anyway. You da best – always love you!

  2. Although my wedding and surrounding festivities were quite a bit more low key than yours! I absolutely LOVE how you have put a little bit of whimsy and fun into your events. I absolutely love the idea of the candles, as candles are burning in my home all day every day. I will have to remember this scent for later.

    1. YES! Scent is SO important. I can’t get enough of these candles. The coconut lemongrass is amazing! Thanks for reading Lizz : ) xx

  3. Love this list! Rosé is a MUST for any girl gathering. I am candle obsessed, so I can’t wait to try this one. PS I’ve been listening to, and loving the Same Peen (lol) playlist. Dance-y, fun, and chill- such a good combo! Pleaseeeee do more jewelry design collabs so I can buy all the things!!! Those chokers slay me. xo

    1. The candles smell amazing! Let me know what scents you try. AW yay! Jordan created it. She’s amazing. The jewelry was SO fun to design! Have you seen the bridal chain? xx

  4. I see your candles in almost all of your posts and I’m going to buy one today! I want to get the champagne blush but do you recommend another scent? Or should I just get two champagne blush candles?

    1. The champagne blush is AMAZING! I also love their coconut lemongrass scent. Honestly they’re all divine. You can’t go wrong : ) xx

  5. Lauren, can you please let me know where you got the “St. Tropez” chic white cups?



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