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office supplies | by the skinny confidential

Alright, let’s talk office vibes.

There are certain items I 100% NEED in my office in order to be efficient, feel creative, & be productive.

A pretty workspace matters. It’s just a fact. ESPECIALLY if you’re the creative type.

Don’t even get me started on being organized. That’s a NO BRAINER.

Spending the time to create a beautiful workspace will benefit YOU and your work in the long run, I promise.

Sure you can get a badass desk, some cool artwork, and set up a bar cart, but DON’T for get about the little things that help you be productive and get shit done.


A Few Office Supplies EVERY Girl Should Own:

Gold Acrylic Stapler: I have to be honest, I don’t often find myself stapling things, but when I do, I staple in style. Plus, it looks pretty freaking cute on my desk.

Pretty Notepads: I am obsessive with my to-do lists, note-taking, and handwriting my ideas out. There is just something more present & fulfilling about writing down my daily tasks, scratching them off, or keeping track of ideas.

Acrylic Tape Dispenser: Another desk staple which you may or may not end up using. I find myself using it most for wrapping friend’s birthday presents. Again, looks pretty cute on my desk!

Sticky Notes: I put sticky notes on EVERYTHING. Books I’m reading, notes on projects TSC team is working on. Seriously EVERYTHING. Sometimes you just need to write it out and stick it on something! I prefer sets with multiple sizes. I like skinny stickies for books, larger ones for reviewing documents, and EXTRA large while working on collaborative team projects. Don’t under estimate the power of sticky notes.

Giant Desk Calendar: I don’t know what I would do without my giant desk calendar. I keep track of meetings, special events, holidays, blog posts, really anything! A giant desk calendar will keep you organized regarding your most valuable asset: YOUR TIME.

Okay so… thoughts?

Which office supplies can you absolutely not live without?

Do tell!


  1. I’m super super specific about my pens! Especially as a student I find myself being way more efficient when the pens are easy to write with and the right thickness (0.7 mm lol, crazy I know)! It just makes it more satisfying and fun in a way?? I love your stapler and tape dispenser though, I feel like having cute things around me while I work makes me feel so much more professional and organized that I work harder!
    Great post as always! xx

  2. LOVE THESE!! Especially the desk calendar & notepad. I bought a huge At-A-Glance “60 and 30 Day Planner” Wall Planner and put it up where it’s SUPER visible & it’s been really helpful in keeping me organized & mindful. I track important daily habits on it & important meetings & events. I absolutely love it & definitely recommend it. Here’s a link to the product on Amazon:

  3. My desk has been so bare since I started my first full time job and it’s driving me crazy! I’m a creative type like you and I need some color and clutter in my life to get inspired. I’ll definitely have to take a look at these, thanks for sharing!

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