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Tips For Creating The Nursery of Your Dreams

Jada is back!

To give you a refresh: she’s a celebrity sleep training expert & nursery designer. Get familiar with Jada in this post where she shares some tips & ideas for new moms wanting to design their own nursery. It’s a great post to read if you have no idea where to start.

Today she is here to talk about the specifics of Zaza’s nursery & share even more tips on how you can achieve a similar look at home. She’s also sharing some budget-friendly must-haves & how to make your own vision come to life.

If you haven’t stalked Zaza’s nursery tour yet, be sure to check it out so this post makes more sense.

With that, let’s welcome back Jada Neoni.


Quickly re-introduce yourself.

Jada Neoni: Hello! My name is Jada, I’m a celebrity nursery designer. I’ve designed nurseries for some of the top celebrity tots! I’m also a certified infant sleep coach, because someone has to help moms get their kids to sleep in the gorgeous nurseries!! I worked with Lauryn for over 5 months to create & stock the nursery of her dreams! I’m excited to take everyone behind the scenes on what it takes to create a special room.

Talk to the audience about what the vibe was when designing my nursery with me. 

JN: Upon first meeting you, the first thing you said was you had a pink feathered flamingo lamp being imported from Paris (  I believe), so from there I knew this would not be an ordinary nursery!

When a client starts off the first consultation with ‘pink feathered’ anything, normally I would run, but with this nursery I was up for the challenge. We decided to turn your current beauty room into the nursery, which already had the pink & green Versace wallpaper up. Normally when I design a nursery we start the vibe of the room by choosing the main accent wall, meaning the color of the accent wall or what wallpaper we will use.

Since you already had the Versace wallpaper I knew I would need to design a room with a very old Hollywood glamorous vibe! Keeping your baby announcement in mind, which was legendary by the way- I sat down & began sketching & envisioning the room.  When designing your room I set the vibe as Glamour meets peaceful, this meant allowing the pink feathered lamp & Versace wallpaper to be the only strong colors. For the rest of the room we would only go with neutral, calming colors.

What were the feelings that we were trying to evoke when it came to my nursery?

JN: When designing your nursery, we wanted it to feel very peaceful & serene while feeling like you’ve just walked into a nursery in an old Hollywood Hills home full of glamour & charm. I envision if Fay Dunaway got up from the pool after having her iconic photo taken at the Beverly Hills Hotel, she would have loved to enter Zaza’s nursery.

We were able to create a nursery with such bold details yet still keeping it so calm & serene with very soft pink walls, an oversized glider & a stunning plush rug. We kept the glamour level high with the acrylic crib & lucite & gold shelves.

♡ What were some pieces you knew I couldn’t live without. Break them down for us. 

JN: The first piece we decided on was the Nursery Works Acrylic Luma Crib. From the moment I saw this crib I fell in love with it. I remember I texted you a video saying THIS is the crib & you immediately responded with ‘I LOVE!’ This was the perfect crib for the nursery because it’s the epitome of glamour mixed with chic. What I loved most about the Luma crib is it wouldn’t fight with the wallpaper because it is acrylic. It’s very subtle & bold at the same time with a beautiful gold bottom.

Safety is always my top concern, so for the nursery mattress we went with the NOOK organic breathable mattress. Selecting the right mattress for your nursery is so important because your baby will spend the next two years or more sleeping on it. I wanted to make sure Zaza’s mattress was the standard crib mattress size to be sure it would tightly fit into the crib for safety.

The Casper Glow Light is a must for those middle of the night feedings & changes – even though Zaza sleeping 12 hours a night ( LOL ), we wanted to be prepared just in case!

I know it seems so random, but one of my favorite accessories for your nursery that I knew you would love was her Uggs collection, because come on! How can you have a nursery without a tiny collection of Uggs?! It really is my favorite nook in the room. These ones & these ones are my favorite.

The blackout curtains are the true essential to any nursery & so important for having a good sleeper. Sleep was so important to you from our first conversation, so I knew we couldn’t go without blackout curtains. These will turn a nursery completely dark for naptime & will not allow any sun to come in during the early mornings.

The West Elm ivory blackout curtains were so perfect for your nursery because it gave the luxurious glamorous feel you wanted, while being 100% capable of keeping light out.

♡ What are some tips on how to make a vision come to life?

JN: The first step in designing a nursery is coming up with the vision. What theme do you want to inspire your design? Maybe you recently traveled to Italy & want your nursery to be inspired from your travels or maybe you are really inspired by a photograph you saw in a design magazine. Writing down your vision will help keep you focused while designing.

Once you have your vision set, you then begin designing the room by deciding what the focal point of the room will be ( ie. the crib wall- this is the accent wall where you will normally paint a special color or select a wallpaper. The next step is picking out your crib. The crib is the centerpiece of any nursery- it sets the tone of the room. Selecting the right crib is what determines the theme of your room & how the remaining furniture selection will go. It’s always important when designing your nursery to keep SAFETY first in your mind. Make sure anything going into the nursery, from furniture to toys, is safe for your baby. So safety should be the main concern when picking a crib & furniture to go in the room.

Once these major steps are accomplished, it’s then time to move on to designing the carpeting/throw rugs in a nursery. This is a very important step because your baby will spend a lot of time on the floor in the nursery. When designing a nursery I always try to encourage moms to think long term when deciding on a throw rug. Will it withstand spit up? Is it something your baby will comfortably be able to crawl on? The rug in your nursery should be one of your most important selections, not only for the aesthetic of the room, but also the durability for an infant & toddler! Once the major furniture selection & rugs are done, then the real fun begins! Choosing accessories, wall art, & personalizations. I love to bring in old photographs & mementos into the nursery to really tie it into the flow of your home.

♡  What are some details that I couldn’t live without?

JN: Some of the most important details in any nursery are the personal details. One of the details which really ‘made’ your nursery was the vintage Chanel bag Michael gifted you for your first Valentine’s Day as a mom. Another very special detail in the nursery was the handwritten note from Michael we had framed. The special items that symbolize the love between you & Michael is really what made the room feel so special.

A surprise important detail in the nursery came from books. The books in Zaza’s nursery were so important to both of you. In true ‘Lauryn style,’ the vintage Barbie books were sooo perfect & so YOU. Those mixed with the adorable Claris Goes To Paris book really brought the room to life & it’s exactly how I imagine Zaza’s fashionable life will actually be! Lastly, I think maybe the most important detail was having the iconic photo from your baby reveal framed by Framebridge. It made the entire room design come full circle as that’s really the inspiration that started it all!

Talk to us about lighting. How important is it & why?

JN: Lighting is key to any room design. Choosing lighting when designing a room is vital because lighting is what sets the entire mood & feel of a room. We decided not to do the normal chandelier in the nursery & to go with something a little more costume to really bring your vision to life. Your friends did a phenomenal job in designing the lighting for the nursery. The floating suspended light on the silk lines was so unique & instantly sets the the mood of ‘glamour’ when entering the nursery. We also set up dimmers on the lights so Zaza can understand the cues for naptime & bedtime.

What would you say the overall style of our nursery is?

JN: The ‘Zaza nursery,’ as it’s famously called, is serene-glamour meets modern. We went super glamorous with keeping your Versace wallpaper, but brought in the ultra modern vibe with the crib. We also kept the modern feel with the changing table/dresser – we went with a much smaller changing table because we had made such a statement with the crib & lucite shelves.

The room truly speaks to who you are: strong, glamorous with a hint of art decor vibes going on. Your nursery completes your home & it fits the style of your home.

What are some products people can buy to achieve this look?

JN: It’s so easy to be inspired by your nursery- starting with the gorgeous lucite shelves I found to store all of Zaza’s special items.

The ultra plush rug really contributed to the luxurious feel & can easily turn any nursery into a luxe room.

Safety was so important to you & every mom can be inspired by you baby proofing with Bink products as we did. They’re affordable for every budget.

The easiest way to turn any photo or letter into a special part of the nursery is getting a super quick & easy costumized frame. Framebridge can make any nursery feel like “home.”

Tell us a funny story about working on the nursery!

JN: Designing the nursery with Lauryn has been such an easy process. We really shared the same vision & made decisions easily. But the most hilarious part of designing the room was working with Michael – I’ve recently given him the name Dadzilla!!!

Before starting the nursery Michael had already researched every baby product & already had a list of what he thought the baby needed, which was so cute. He even purchased a few things where BOTH Lauryn & I had to ask “what is this?” Michael was also the time keeper on the nursery- he needed to know when everything would arrive & most importantly, who was putting it together. I remember he had several panic moments that the room wouldn’t be done before the baby arrived, even though Lauryn was three months away from the due date! It was such a fun experience to work with a dad as involved as Michael. It soon became a joke between Lauryn & I that whenever I needed something purchased for the room to send it over to Michael. He was the money man lol!

Describe the nursery in one word.


Where can everyone find you? Pimp yourself out!

JN: You can find me on Instagram @thejadababy.


Be sure to check out the podcast episode where Jada talks about sleep training, nursery design & baby CPR.

x, lauryn

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    Take care!

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