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airport airplane outfit | by the skinny confidential

Who’s ready for some major Panicky Susan? I feel like it’s been a while. LOL. Michael & I are heading to our favorite city tonight so be sure to follow along on Snapchat while we’re in the airport 4 hours early. We’re headed to NYC for the Create & Cultivate Conference, NewBeauty Conference, + more. For C & C I’ll be speaking along with dozens of other badass women. Looking so forward to it!

Ok so when traveling it’s important to dress comfortably but also with some sass, you never know who you might meet or where you might end up, you know? I’m very much digging this nude moment for tonight. Once on the plane throw on an efficient facemask, grab a book & a glass of champagne ( vodka soda, 3 lemons will do too ).


nude sweatshirt joggers pink suitcase | by the skinny confidential


When you’re sitting for hours ( especially in my case with my SUSAN SITUATION ) wear clothes that move…like a lot. You won’t find me wearing tight jeans or a mini skirt on flights- like I wish I could but I just can’t. Instead these nude joggers provide warmth and comfort. The tapered ankle & knee ties elevate basic sweatpants. YES PLZ.


GUYS. After eyeing this camel tote for a year I finally splurged for The Skinny Confidential 6th year Blogiversary. This is an investment piece for sure but one I know I will use for years.

This tote is large & in charge which is great for carrying all of your essentials when traveling. You can fit snacks, a laptop & even an extra pair of shoes. I fill this shit up. If you’re not ready to invest just yet you can find a similar camel tote here.


As much as I love heels they are NOT practical for the airport. Believe me I’ve made that mistake a MILLION times- & Michael makes me pay by running through the airport. When traveling you need shoes that are comfortable & easy to walk in. These loafers are the perfect travel shoe. They’re a real breeze for airport security & add a little spice to any outfit.


When flying I avoid wearing makeup to protect my skin which is why huge sunglasses are a necessity for me. This gold pair has a mirrored lens which I love & a pink glare for some extra flair. Throw them on once you land with some lipgloss and you’re good to go. For the record tonight I wore makeup because we did a shoot all day- otherwise I’d be wearing a fucking full-blown sheet mask RN.


A cute suitcase can change your entire traveling experience. I used to lug around a giant black bag just like everyone in the world. Then I realized I should carry a bag I actually LOVE. Hence this super cute pink one. It rolls which makes it easier for Michael to carry ( HA ! )…so sue me?


Am I the only one who’s ALWAYS cold on planes? That’s why an oversized sweater is a must. This sweater is the epitome of cozy. It keeps you warm & is so ideal during a flight. It’s also amazing because once you land you can easily pair a sweater with a black jeansheels for cocktails.


When I commit to something I really commit…which clearly means this nude look goes from head to toe. This suede hat is perfect when you haven’t washed your hair in a week.

My biggest travel tip: get a blowout right before the trip. You start off with perfect hair so you can spend less time getting ready & more time exploring the destination.

SO excited to get to New York…because you’re coming  via Snapchat! The city is FULL of energy & hustlers. People in New York don’t make excuses- they just DO. I’m obsessed with the overall mentality which is why I can’t wait to meet you guys in NYC. That’s right we’re doing a meet-up ; ) see below & stalk my latest Insta for all the deets.

lauryn, x


  1. I just adore the way you travel and all of your travel tips. I travel often, currently on a flight as I type this!, and your tips always make me feel more badass even though I haven’t even applied them yet!
    Headin to Italy with face masks and ready to sip all the champagne.
    Thanks girl !!
    P.S. Loving your nude moment.

  2. I have been all about traveling in a mule loafer lately, so chic & easy at the airport! Just bought a pair in nude 🙂

  3. Looking forward to your recap of C&C… we attended the event in Atlanta a few months ago! Also, would you ever consider doing a meet up in Vegas or Atlanta?! That would be awesome!

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