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Yay! It’s Thursday! Almost the weekend. As promised, these are some more of my favorite goodies from the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale! Seriously this sale is insane because you can save up to 40% off! I’ll share some fitness favs & shoe deals this week too before it ends.

Just wanted to mention:

♡ What I actually bought from this list: the navy top ( it’s so good right? ) & the floral makeup bag ( it’s $29 & looks like it would be $200 ).

♡ The white eyelash primer that I AM OBSESSED WITH ( refer to this post ) is on sale. Seriously going to buy three. I cannot live without this stuff. Like I’d rather not wear mascara without it.

The pink sunglass case could possibly be the cutest thing…ever?

Oh, & everything is under $100 (!!!).

Happy shopping!!

lauryn, xx

+ more sale favs here.

  1. Seriously, seriously love this time of year. One, it falls on my birthday and two, all the sales! It’s like presents times 3!


    Mango Favorites

  2. LOVE this entire list, but especially in love with that adorable sunglass case! I’m a stickler for keeping my sunnies in the case, but my new Chloe pair comes in a giant case. This case is perfect for bringing them along to the beach or throwing in my handbag.

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