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NORDSTROM EARLY ACCESS SALE: All The Items In My Shopping Cart Right Now


Oh ya, it’s back in action. The Nordstrom Sale is here. Today we’re going over 10 items that are so cute. The Skinny Confidential team picked all of these so you know they won’t disappoint.

We’re going to go over the comfiest socks in the world, to leggings that’ll lift your butt, to silk scrunchies that won’t fuck up your hair.

BUT FIRST, let’s talk about the sale details. Ok so, here are the dates you need to mark in your calendars.

EARLY ACCESS: Aug 4 – 18


So get those in your phone, on a post-it that you stick to your mirror, & all over your white board at work, because the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is not one you want to miss. You can stock up on all your ride-or-dies that always need restocking, AND you can find some great investment pieces to jazz up your wardrobe.

So, who gets early access?

Here’s the deal. To get early access you need to be a Nordy Cardmember. For those who don’t know, this is the Nordstrom Credit Card that you can use in store or online. You can also gain access from just having the points card too though. We’ll get to that in a sec.

Not a member? Don’t sweat it, it’s easy to sign up. Just click here, then fill out all your info under the right side where it says ‘Nordstrom Retail,’ & you’ll instantly gain Early Access Status.

HOWEVER !! You should know that there are different tiers & the early access sale starts on different days for each tier. Here’s the breakdown:

ICONS ( spends at least $15,000 annually ): sale starts Aug 4
AMBASSADORS ( spends at least $5000 annually ): sale starts Aug 7
INFLUENCERS ( spends at least $2000 annually ): sale starts Aug 10
INSIDERS ( spends at least $500 annually ): sale starts Aug 13

It’s important to note that if you are a Nordy Club member, who does not have the Nordstrom Retail credit card, it’s still possible that you’ve reached one of these tiers based on your spending. So to check your status, click here & sign in.

The cool thing about becoming a member, whether you decide to go the credit card route or not, is that it’s free & you get a ton of perks. Think free alterations, first access to sales, & you can earn points to redeem in Nordstrom & online.

But hey, if you don’t want to deal with signing up for anything & you just can’t be bothered, I still got ya covered. You can still scope all the early access deals & save them to your wishlist until the Nordstrom Anniversary Public Access Sale starts on August 19.

Ok, let’s get into these must-have Nordstrom deals. I’m telling you, these are things that won’t collect cobwebs, things you’ll actually use. I’ll stop wasting your time though & get right to the items.

The Skinny Confidential’s Nordstrom Sale Early Access Picks:

Nike Windbreaker

This major Barbie pink windbreaker is what dreams are made of. It reminds me of rainbow sherbet on a hot summer day, the Barbie car I used to drive around the neighborhood, along with the Barbie lip gloss & stick on earrings. 

This jacket is by Nike & they have another color if you aren’t a fan of pink- I get it. This just had to be in my roundup. You can rock this with a black legging & some white slides ( sidenote: very much into Crocs white slides lately- they’re plain & super fun ).

This jacket would be so major for a lunch on the beach, a summer workout with a friend, or even boozy brunch. Since it’s by Nike you know they don’t mess around. It hits right on the hip & is so flattering.

Sweaty Betty Leggings

While we’re talking about leggings to go with your new Barbie pink windbreaker, let’s talk about these Sweaty Betty black leggings. They’re truly perfect. I’m all about leggings that suck you in & these do just that. They kinda tighten you up, ya know? This means they’re great to go under an oversized sweater. Oh, by the way, have you seen this mint green men’s one from Amazon?  ( I got an xl ).

Since I’m 25 lbs from my goal weight right now, the more flattering the better. I’m getting 2 or 3 pairs of these.

Nike Air Max Dia Running Shoe

With your new outfit, you’re going to want a shoe. The Skinny Confidential team & I thought this was ‘the shoe’ of the sale. They look comfortable & seem like they’ll flatter the foot. This is a running shoe so sure, you could go running, but you can also just go walking. Whenever Michael annoys the fuck out of me I like to go for a walk. I’ll throw on a podcast & just go.

These shoes go with everything & I love how they’re tonal & unique without being overbearing. I’m getting these, my editor is getting these, I feel like everyone is going to get these. Can’t wait to wear them to walk to Pilates or while I’m using The Skinny Confidential BODY APP.

Free People Long Sleeve Top

If you’re not into a Barbie pink windbreaker moment & want something more freeing, this shirt is for you. It’s lightweight, won’t get all bunched up in your armpits & is the perfect pullover to throw on before or after a workout. It’s white, plain & simple. The cut is nice & this is such an essential to buy when you’re shopping the Nordstrom sale. 

Slip Scrunchie Set

Wanna know something wild? When you use a rubber band to tie your hair up it rips out & damages your hair, which is why I love silk scrunchies. I keep these all over my bathroom & like to stock up whenever the sale is happening. They’re just pure gold.

They won’t break your hair & you can just throw your hair up in a gross bun & still look chic. ( If you haven’t stalked my gross bun highlight on Instagram, add it to your to-do list because it’ll literally make your life 20 times easier. )

If you want to know more about why silk is so good for your hair & skin, scope this post all about silk pillowcases.

Nike Black Joggers

Everyone needs a pair of good black sweats, so this is another must have. I know when I’m having a day where I want to suck things in ( which has been a lot recently ), I always go for a good pair of sweatpants.

I would size up in these ones. They’ll look so good with a simple black body suit & your new Nike shoes. Oh, & with your hair half up/half down in a little bun with your silk scrunchie.

Barefoot Dreams Socks

Literally I wear these all the time because I’m just in love with them. They’re the most comfy socks to wear to bed & even more major if you’re wrapped in your Barefoot Dreams leopard Kardashian blanket.

These socks are plush, delicious, buttery, & actually what dreams are made of, so it’s no surprise that the brand name is so fitting. This is so fucking random but true: they preserve your pedicure. Win win. So if you’re like me & love laying in your summer linen sheets & don’t want anything ruining your $40 pedicure, simple slide into these & prepare to be in heaven.

If you aren’t familiar with the Barefoot Dreams blanket, you should know that it’s also part of the sale. We’ve talked about this blanket on the blog so many times over the last few years. Let me just say, if you get anything from this Nordstrom sale, let it be the Barefoot Dreams blanket & socks.

Nécessaire Body Wash & Lotion Set

I’ve purchased this set multiple times & it’s so great to use while you’re breastfeeding. It’s cruelty-free, & has no nasties like sulfates, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone, talc, alcohols, synthetic dyes & fragrances, coal tar & chemical screens.

The eucalyptus body wash is my favorite. If you read this post you know I’m a big fan of a eucalyptus shower & using the shower gel creates a full-on spa experience. Try this brand while it’s on sale because it’s one that you don’t want to miss out on. The consistency is just right & it lays so nice on a loofah or dry brush ( dry brushing is the shit btw ).

Ugg Slides

If you don’t have a pair of furry slides, what is even happening? While I was pregnant I got super cracked heels & what ended up helping was something called Baby Foot. It’s a whole peel situation for your feet & you can check out every single gross detail in this post.

Anyway, I would slip these slides on when I was around the house to prevent my heels from cracking more. I’m all about a good pair of slides for the house because I HATE shoes in the house. I even make people wear shoe covers when they come over.

It’s fun to keep a furry slide around town. LOL. These ones are super comfy & won’t disappoint. You could also wear them out of the house too- no problem there.

Feathers Underwire Contour Bra

This bra is fab to wear with a nice button-up. It’s comfy & sexy, & you can bring it into the bedroom to get your significant other turned on. I love how you can get a hard nipple, see-through look but not overly, ya know what I mean?

This is sexy in & out of the bedroom & so good under a white tee. For instance the Free People white pullover we talked about above would look so good with this bra under it.

So that’s my spiel on the Nordstrom Early Access sale. Just remember, that even if you don’t have early access, you can still scope all the sale prices & add them to your wishlist until your sale start date comes around. Here’s the breakdown from up top again:

EARLY ACCESS: Aug 4 – 18


ICONS ( spends at least $15,000 annually ): sale starts Aug 4
AMBASSADORS ( spends at least $5000 annually ): sale starts Aug 7
INFLUENCERS ( spends at least $2000 annually ): sale starts Aug 10
INSIDERS ( spends at least $500 annually ): sale starts Aug 13

Be sure to stay tuned this month because I’ll be sharing more of my favorites in BEAUTY, ACCESSORIES & HOME DECOR. The Nordstrom sale is just too good so get ready to stock up on all your ride or die products as well as other fun stuff too.

All the picks will be things you’ll love & use. We got you.

Until next time,

Kiss kiss, lauryn.


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