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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Is UNREAL

the nordstrom anniversary sale is finally here | by the skinny confidential


It’s finally LIVE: just my favorite sale of the year, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.


UGH, I’ve been drooling over these deals all day. Anyone else checked out the sale yet? Can’t go wrong, it’s unreal!

Some Nordstrom Anniversary EARLY ACCESS Sale Items I WANT/NEED/HAVE TO HAVE:

Cross Front Tee:

Every girl needs a good, casual, deep V tee. This one comes in black, white, grey, & deep red. This is definitely my go-to kind of tee for work. Throw on a pair of white pumps to add a little extra flair. I’M THINKING GREY for this one.

Mesh White Sweater:

How cute is this number?? The mesh sleeves & chest definitely give this sweater an edgy, spring vibe. Pair with some skinny jeans & boots & really, you’re good to go!

Sexy Black Boots:

These boots are just HOT. The pointed toe & thin black heel is perfect for a date night or night out on the town. So, SO very chic.

Black Faux Fur Vest:

It’s never too early to start stocking up for fall & winter, right? This sassy vest is warm, soft, & totally chic. YES PLZ.

Grey Suede Boot:

Block heels should definitely be an everyday go-to. They’re comfortable, easy to walk in, & still totally cute. These boots are great because you can wear them during both warm & cold seasons. The color is ON POINT.

Cowl Neck Jacket:

Warm summer nights & fall definitely call for light leather jackets. Throw this over a tank top or cute tee. UNREAL.

MORE SICK SALE PIECES avail at Nordstrom Anniversary EARLY ACCESS.

I’m hoping to grab my favorite items before they sell out!

Michael & I are up in LA this weekend to film next week’s episode of the podcast. Make sure you’re sending in your questions. More here.

Happy Thursday!

X lauryn

( not sponsored, just love a good sale )

  1. buying that jacket was literally the fastest easiest online purchase i’ve ever made. im obsessed.

    1. ok i bought the jacket. it has wiring in the shawl so your can mold it which is super convenient. The fake leather looks almost real, but its soft and doesn’t smell weird, so that is a win. I love this jacket.

    2. lauryn if you post this can you remove my last name? if not please don’t post. thanks!

  2. disgusting that anyone would still buy real fur. its 2016 and social media is everywhere, not hard to see what cruelty youre supporting. treat others how you would want to be treated yourself

    1. Hi Melissa! I never want to promote fur on TSC! I thought it was faux!! It was so inexpensive I thought there was no way it was real! Either way, I removed it! Thanks for letting me know, I really appreciate it! xx

  3. This is a very cool sale. But every year I look forward to the sale on the Asos site because I love it very much for good prices and a huge assortment of goods. I do not like ordinary shops, as I study at the university, and I comb it that all students wear similar clothes, and I prefer to stand out, that’s why I read your blog! Thanks

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