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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: The Skinny Confidential’s Top Beauty Picks

We’re back, we’re here, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is still going strong & in this post you’ll find my top beauty picks that you need to add to your cart.

As promised, we’re doing a 4 part series to cover the sale this month so stay tuned for accessories & home decor favorites. If you missed the first Nordstrom Sale post where we talked about the best leggings, shoes, & silk scrunchies, scope it here.

The Nordstrom Sale never disappoints so it’s one you just don’t want to miss. It’s so good to stock up on essentials, but also get yourself something fun too.

Ok, let’s go over the details of the sale again. It’s still ‘Early Access’ only, BUT remember !!! you can still peruse the sales & add it to your wishlist or shopping bag for when public access starts on August 19. Easy, efficient, streamlined- we like it. It’s never been easier to prep for a sale.

Here’s the full breakdown again:

EARLY ACCESS: Aug 4 – 18


So, who gets early access?

Here’s the deal. To get early access you need to be a Nordy Cardmember. For those who don’t know, this is the Nordstrom Credit Card that you can use in store or online. You can also gain access from just having the points card too though. We’ll get to that in a sec.

Not a member? Don’t sweat it, it’s easy to sign up. Just click here, then fill out all your info under the right side where it says ‘Nordstrom Retail,’ & you’ll instantly gain Early Access Status.

In this post you’ll find a beautyBlender duo that you just can’t miss, a mascara that will make your eyelashes twice as long & a very specific diffuser. These things are all broken down for you so you can read how to use them, why you need them & why I like to stock up.

With that, let’s get specific.

beautyBlender Electric Feels Set

It’s no secret I’m a fan of the beautyBlender. Just love a wet beautyBlender with some It Cosmetics CC cream for a dewy finish. Since it’s on sale, we HAVE to talk about it.

I’ve tried brushes, my finger, compact blenders but nothing is as GOOD as a beautyBlender. To be completely transparent, I’ve tried to cut corners & use fake beautyBlenders but nothing is as good as the real deal beautyBlender.

I use it to apply sunscreen— because no one wants white flakes hanging off their face like Kris Kringle. I use it to apply my makeup. I use it to blend powder & I use it to contour.

The difference between a beautyBlender & everything else in the world? Well, there are a few things. The bb…

+ creates a dewy, Jessica Alba look.

+ does some crazy voo-doo where it sort of ( chemically?? ) blends the makeup together making your face look like skin instead of alligator scales.

+ doesn’t give you that orange line where your face looks different than your neck.

+ is the best travel companion because it’s small AND HIGHLY efficient.

+ can take ABUSE. This is creepy & weird: the more I use mine without washing it, the better my BB works because it absorbs the oils of the skin. BUT! It does have to be washed once in a while to keep your skin free of bacteria.

Slip Pure Silk Queen Pillowcase Duo

YES !! If you haven’t heard about how silk pillowcases are so good for your skin, let me fill you in.

+ hypoallergenic, naturally- resistant to the accumulation of mould, dirt, & other allergens that could be playing a role in any skin problems.

+ smooths the face- you’ll wake up looking fresh instead of having pillowcase marks imprinted on your face.

+ doesn’t absorb moisture- this prevents bacteria & odor on your pillowcase & also keeps hydration in your skin.

+ good for your hair- see ya rat’s nest & split ends.

+ great for any climate- Aspen or Palm Springs, you’ll be good.

+ silk is natural; it’s spun by silk worms- the fabric contains 18 amino acids ( << which are amaze for your skin ).

+ looks & feels super elegant & luxurious.

When we moved from San Diego to LA I actually lost my silk pillowcase ( so sad ), & it took me a bit to get a new one. My hairstylist totally noticed my skin change & that I wasn’t sleeping on a silk pillowcase anymore. So if that doesn’t convice you, I don’t know what will.

Oribe Dry Shampoo & Texturizing Spray Set

When I was introduced to this, I immediately fell in love.

First of all, this makes your hair smell amazing. I swear even when I’m not wearing deodorant ( ….LOL ) people will comment about the light, fresh smell. It’s not attributed to anything but this texturizing spray.

The best thing about this product though is that it sort of gives waves with that chic, edgy vibe. It’s hard to explain but it takes the 4-year-old curl out of the equation. Basically makes the curls less precious? My waves DO NOT LOOK the same without this product. After waves are added to my hair I add this thick dry finishing spray to complete the look. I spray it about 6 inches from my hair & kind of shake up the hair.

As for the dry shampoo,  you guys know I’m not one to wash my hair too often. Is 2 weeks too long? Anyway, this dry shampoo can really help refresh your greasy, nasty-ass rat’s nest.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Lip Secrets Set

If you get one thing from this sale, let it be this. If you want bigger, fuller, plumper looking lips then this is for you. LIP CHEAT !! No but like, for real, it’s the lipstick of your dreams.

It’s so yummy & perfect & makes your lips look all pillow-y & plump & it looks good on everyone.

How, you ask, can one say that if we’re all different skin tones? I know, I know- it’s weird! It’s not normal that a lipstick looks good on EVERYONE? But this one just does. Well at least I’ve tried it on 2309 of my friends & they’re all in love. I even ::tried:: to get Michael to test it out because he is 1/4 Japanese & 1/4 Italian!! His skin tone is super pretty so I wanted to double-check you know? Sure he looked at me like I was crazy. But what can you do?

First off, it’s a lip cheat lipstick. What does that mean? Well, simple. It means you can fake your lips to appear bigger than they actually are. YES, you can FAKE IT. Completely. In 5 seconds. I love a good ‘fake it until you make it’ moment, don’t you?

The story behind this lipstick is it was initially a lip liner ( but the lip liner is amazing too ).

Wait, I’ll let Charlotte tell the story because she talks about this particular shade on multiple blogs. She says: “My friends have been BEGGING me for years to turn my CULT classic Lip Cheat Lip Liner into a lipstick, so I am thrilled to introduce the iconic shade in a magic Matte Revolution finish! This dreamy nude pink is the ultimate celebrity & supermodel lip color for naturally fuller, wider lips. The color enhances the natural hue of your lips, so you can CHEAT a perfect pillow-y pout in seconds. Enriched with soothing orchid & Lipstick Tree extracts, lips appear fuller and wider, with a softer, more youthful feel. Finished with an angled square tip, apply straight from the bullet for the best lips of your life!”

You get the idea.

You should know too that it totally creates the illusion of fuller, wider lips. TRICKERY!!!!!! I love & you will too, trust me.

Nest Bamboo & Grapefruit Reed Diffusers

My friend’s Mike & Jen get me this diffuser for my birthday & it never disappoints. The grapefruit scent is absolutely magnificent. Actually, I can’t even believe it’s on sale. You’ll find these in my bathroom because it gives a really nice feel. Sure, it’s not exactly a beauty item, but it’s key to set the mood while you’re pretending your bathroom is a spa while you dry brush, do facial massage, or have a eucalyptus shower.

These are also great for decorating other parts of your house. I like to use these to decorate my coffee table. You’ll find items that are all different heights on my coffee table because I think it make it look more interesting. These diffusers give a nice height. Plus, all the reviews are amazing & people say these are such good value & the scents are amazing.

Pink Citron Voluspa Candle

Again, not exactly a beauty item but what better to have on your vanity while you do your makeup or skincare routine. It’s so fun to light this while you get ready for the day – it really sets the vibe, ya know?

Like I said, this is an item to stock up on. Keep them all around the house, in your bathroom and even bring some to the office to have on your desk. You should also know they make perfect little gifts. Wrap this up with a bottle of pink champagne & you’re golden. Cute !!

The scent I love is pink citron, but if you’re not a fan they have tons of other scents on sale too:

+ saijo perisimmon

+ crisp champagne

+ mini set of 3 ( so good for gifts )

♡  Too Faced Plump Lips & Sexy Lashes Duo

Huge fan of this mascara over an Ardell 113 drugstore lash ( more on that in this post ). This mascara lays nice, doesn’t clump & extends the lashes in a major way. When I saw it was on sale with a lip plumper I had to get it. A plump lip & a bold lash just goes together. 

This duo is perfect to carry around in your handbag. I’ll keep you updated on the lip plumper because I haven’t tried it yet, but I can tell you the mascara is fab.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads

OMIGOD these are a fucking must-have. I talk about these all the time because they just need to be talked about. Everyone needs them. You should note that the ones on sale are the extra strength ones, but Dr. Dennis also makes regular strength pads as well as ultra gentle ones.

This is a huge tangent, but I want to share with you guys what Dr. Dennis has to say about these peel pads:


Resurrect radiance, reduce wrinkles, & refine pores ( YES PLZ?! ).


A gentle peel is one of the best things you can do for your skin – the newest formulations offer great results without causing irritation. Every skin type can benefit from a peel. Peels aren’t just about exfoliation – they are about changing your pH to help rev-up collagen production. The fresh layer of skin that’s revealed after peeling is able to absorb vitamins, antioxidants, anti-aging, and soothing ingredients more effectively because the dead surface cells that can inhibit product absorption are removed. So much builds up on the surface of the skin – dead cells, bacteria, cosmetics, serum – and the peel gently detaches these cells, leaving healthy cells intact, ready to absorb your other skin care products.


Peels containing alpha and beta hydroxy acids are an anti-aging staple because they provide both instant and long-term results. The best alpha and beta hydroxy peels contain more than one acid and are delivered in two steps. The key is to blend acids because it has a different benefit and will help improve the complexion better than using a highly concentrated glycolic peel. These acids immediately remove old, dull skin, exfoliate, rejuvenate, brighten. In the long-term, they help to even skin tone and smooth texture, making the complexion appear younger and more radiant.


Peels can be great for clearing acne — the chemical exfoliation step kills acne-causing bacteria. In my practice, we offer medical facials to address breakouts. The protocol is to steam the skin, extract, peel and moisturize. As the peel exfoliates, it also keeps acne-causing bacteria from re-entering the pore.


I recommend to my patients to incorporate a once-a-day, gentle, two-step chemical peel with a blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids into their at-home regimen. If you want to use these acids to their best advantage, the key is to blend multiple acids together. It is far better to use a gentle treatment on a regular basis rather than applying a harsh acid in one concentrated treatment.


Cleanse routinely and avoid physical scrubs or using wash cloths, which might be too harsh. Always apply a peel to thoroughly cleansed skin to allow the ingredients to penetrate effectively. Avoid washing with excessively hot water which can create redness and don’t rinse after either step.


Peels should be applied first, followed by serums, moisturizers, and makeup. Avoid the use of toners afterwards, which can be drying. There is no downtime following use of my cruelty-free peel pads– they are gentle enough to use daily, and in conjunction with other skin care treatments.

{ via }

Riki Skinny Lighted Mirror

This mirror is one that I love to use for Instagram Stories. It’s so good to use when you’re doing your makeup- it just lights up the face in the best way & gives you that ‘Diva Light’ glow.

Some of the benefits are: dual voltage so you can use it in any country, it’s super light-weight, has 3 x magnification, comes with a rechargeable battery, has an adjustable stand, & has a magnetic phone clip. Like, I said it’s so good to have in front of you while doing Instagram Lives/Stories, taking selfies or doing your makeup.

Lancer Skincare, The Method Jumbo Polish

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Dr. Lancer. He’s been on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast where we talked all about his skincare products, anti-aging techniques & skin tips. I also read his book Younger, & he talks about how great it is to use this polish on not only your face, but your neck, chest & shoulders too.

This exfoliator gives your skin a dewy glow & is so nice to prep the skin before you do your makeup. If I have a late night or feel hungover I love to use this polish to stimulate my skin & get the circulation going. Plus, it leaves your skin feeling so nice & tight.

Hope you guys loved these beauty picks. What are your beauty ride or dies that are on sale right now? Share anything I need to check out on Nordstrom below.

And just remember, just because you don’t have early access doesn’t mean you can’t still shop! Just scope all the items on sale & save them for later!

Happy shopping !!

x, lauryn

+ scope part one of the Nordstrom Sale series

++ check out the whole beauty section for more hot tips & products.


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