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anniversary sale early access | by the skinny confidential

Get ready for the next big shopping event of the summer. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Why should you shop the Nordstrom sale? Well, I believe in investing in quality staples. Pieces of clothing that you wear for years and years. They aren’t overly trendy & last when taken care of. Nordstrom is the place for that. Not sponsored, just realness. That being said, I wanted to provide a guide of the items you should keep your eyes on.


+ NEW arrivals at discounted prices.
+ 3 1/2 weeks long.
+ once it’s over items return to their original prices.


July 13: early access begins.
July 21: public access begins.
August 6: last day of sale.


+ become a Nordstrom Cardholder.

+ earn 2 points for every dollar you spend.
+ for every 2,000 points you get $20 to spend on ANYTHING.
+ pick personal triple points day(s).
+ get reimbursed for alterations.
VIP access to events.

Not ready for a card? Join Rewards.

+ it’s free!
+ earn 1 point for every dollar you spend.
+ for every 2,000 points you get $20 to spend on ANYTHING.
+ earn more points on special shopping days.

OK. Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s break down what you should actually buy.


Handbags can be quite the splurge. That’s why when choosing a luxury handbag I have a couple of guidelines. After a year of eyeing this camel tote I was ready to take the plunge to celebrate TSC’s 6th year Blogiversary. Totes are great because you can fit everything from your water bottle to your laptop. There’s even room for snacks. While this exact bag may not be on sale you can bet there are PLENTY of totes that are. Find one you love and invest. Now is the perfect time.


Get ready to stay warm this fall and winter by taking advantage of quality jackets. If you don’t know where to begin, a leather jacket is always a good idea. During the sale you’ll be able to find LOTS of leather that is seriously marked off. If you want to think ahead you can even find a leather jacket for your man to step up his style game.


Again, quality shoes are important. Wear the wrong shoe and you’re left hobbling down the street with blisters. Not a cute look. The Nordstrom sale is the ideal time to stock up on pricier shoes like boots. You can always rely on a pair of knee high boots since they’re slimming & look hot AF. My favorite pair of over-the-knee boots are currently 30% off. Looking for something slightly cheaper? These are SUPER similar. If that’s not your style though now is the ideal time to stock up on winter boots & ankle booties.


My other favorite category to check during the sale? Beauty. You will find me stocking up on DryBar products to take care of my hair, cute storage to organize my vanity & all sorts of face masks.  Now would be the time to treat yourself to my favorite blow dryer & clarisonic anti-aging device. Be sure to snag them now while they’re on sale. You will also finds tons of designer beauty kits seriously marked off. Nordstrom will also be providing in-store beauty events where you can get mini facials, learn how to use new beauty tools, & get makeovers.

There are TONS of items available during the sale. As it continues ( remember it’s 3 1/2 weeks! ) I’ll share other items that are catching my eye. Do you have any items you’re looking for in particular? Let me know so I can help you look!

x, lauryn

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