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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Pick: My FAVORITE White Sneakers

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Pick My Favorite White Sneakers | by the skinny confidential


Another day, another discount.

Do you remember my ideal Valentine’s Day dress & shoes? I wore a very floral, feminine dress to spend Valentine’s Day with Michael & paired it with a pair of white tennis shoes. Well…get excited because those same shoes are now ON SALE!

Why everyone needs these white sneakers:

They’re cute.

Chic x 9387420308. You can wear them with a dress, with leggings while running errands, or with a pair of jeans & a flannel to meet up with friends.

TWO: They’re SO comfortable.

Expect GREAT arch support, no blisters, & just all around happy feet.


A pair of super cute sneakers like this can run you upwards of $100. These babies are 59 bucks! Definitely worth grabbing, especially since they’ll last a long time & end up being a staple in your wardrobe.

For more of my favorite sale, shop all of the Nordstrom Anniversary ( EARLY ACCESS ) shoes HERE.


SHOP MORE Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shoes:

  1. I wear my Adidas all the time! They’re great since I walk a lot, and as you said, they’re very comfortable (and stylish)

    xo, sofia

  2. Oooh I love the idea of these sneakers with leggings and a flannel – right up my alley! So excited for access to this sale – those CK boots you linked are amaze! x Shannon

  3. There is something about a pair of laid-back Adidas that are the freaking best! When I was traveling Venice, Italy last year, I actually bought a pair of Superstars after 1) getting HORRIBLE blisters from walking the country and 2) knowing how comfy Adidas are straight out the box. Great suggestion and def the BEST comfy, chic sneaks a girl can have in her closet!

    lauren |

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