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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Items You Need to Pimp Out Your Home

Here we are, back at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with all the killer home decor items you just have to have. In this post you can expect a diffuser you can take anywhere, a classic kettle you won’t regret, & a chic soap dispenser to hide those ugly-ass bottles of hand sanitizer.

But let me just say, I really don’t want to be cheesy & push a bunch of shit on you guys just because it’s on sale. The last thing I want to do is shove a ton of useless products in your face. You can be sure that all the products I recommend on The Skinny Confidential are ones that I already have, or plan to buy.

You don’t want a bunch of stuff sitting in a hall closet collecting cobwebs. You want stuff that you’re going to love & use.

If you missed the other 2 posts where we covered the Nordstrom Sale, be sure to check out the top beauty picks for the best lip cheat EVERRRR. Plus we rounded up a ton of chic staples like sneakers, socks & leggings in this post.

Let’s get right into the best home decor items of the Nordstrom Sale.

The Skinny Confidential’s Home Decor Picks:

Anthropologie Home Matte Latte Serving Bowls

These bowls have been with me since I started blogging. I find them to be totally essential because they’re the perfect color for Instagram Stories ( think showcasing oatmeal or cauliflower rice ). The give a real nice ‘pop’ on social media, but also in real life. They’re not too green- ya know?

They’re just the right color ( kinda mint ), you can use them for all different things & they’re so necessary when it comes to entertaining. Use them to enjoy a nostalgic bowl of cereal or to eat popcorn & chocolate chips while you’re watching Yellowstone. ( You should know that I also have the mini bowls from Anthropologie & they really help with portion control. )

Serene House Diffuser

So obsessed with diffusers. Everyone knows this. They’re all over my house, all over my office, all my friends have them- I just can’t shut the fuck up about them. The ones I have in my house are by Vitruvi ( & I can’t get enough. They’re matte, in chic colors, & the mist comes out in this super sexy way ). However, the Vitruvi ones are ceramic so a little heavy.

Recently I found this one that’s a little smaller & lightweight so it’s perfect to bring with you on a trip to make a hotel room feel like home. That’s right, you can take this one with you. It’s white, chic, has different timer settings & all you need to bring is your favorite oil. For more info on essential oils, check out this post.

Smeg Retro Style Kettle

You may have seen this in my house- I have it in white. To be real, I love all Smeg appliances. They’re chic & minimal & don’t make your whole kitchen look hideous. It’s no surprise that this kettle made the list. It’s on sale in rose gold or gold if that’s more your style. The rose gold one would definitely be in my office, if I was in my office, but I’m not. LOL.

It holds almost 2 liters of water & has a soft opening lid. K, I know this is specific but have you ever pressed the button to open a kettle & it slams open & sprays little water droplets everywhere? Well, this one doesn’t do that.

In my house, I use this every single day to make hot ginger tea, mint lemon water or Four Sigmatic Hot Cacao ( stalk all my Four Sigmatic faves here & use code SKINNY for 10% off ).

Riedel Red Wine Glasses

Who doesn’t love a great wine glass? We went to Napa recently where we learned all about the importance of wine glasses & how it opens up the wine. These ones are beautiful & come in a back of 4. They’re classic, on sale & perfect for entertaining.

If you’re not a fan of red wine, no fear, la piscine is here. If you don’t know what à la piscine de champagne is you have to check out this post to learn all about the chic summer drink all the French girls order.

How nice would these glasses look full of ice cubes & bubbles?

Anthropologie Capiz Soap Dispenser

Since I have all these baby soaps for Zaza around my house, I needed a sleek soap dispenser for them. Baby soaps come with these bright green caps, in hideous bottles that you just don’t want on your counter. So why not hide the baby soap in its own dispenser.

We all have a ton of ugly bottles of hand sanitizer around too, so these are perfect for placing around your house.

Nordstrom Down Feather Chamber Pillow

PILLOWS !!! Michael & I completely disagree on them.

What is it with guys wanting a pillow so flat & deflated it’s like a piece of paper? I don’t’ know what’s going on with that, but I like my pillows to be PLUSH.

Whenever a sale is going on I always search for pillows because I like to experiment, but on a budget. This one is down & offers a ‘medium’ support. While you’re at it, grab yourself a silk pillowcase to throw on this pillow too. Silk pillowcases are so good for your skin & hair. Trust me you’ll never go back.

There you go, my top picks for your home from The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If you guys know of anything else I’m missing from the sale, please let me know. Getting the best deals on things we love is a collaborative effort!

With that, I’m off to make some lemon, mint, cayenne water in my Smeg kettle.

Cheers! xx lauryn

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