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Nordstorm Anniversary Sale: The Sets You Need To Have

The Nordstrom sale is so amazing to shop for yourself, but there’s an opportunity to shop for the holidays too ( bear with me ). If you can get your holiday shopping in now, you’re really winning in my opinion. These are 3 sets that not only would make a good gift for you, they’d make a good gift for someone else. & if you really want to be strategic you can send this post to your significant other so they have 3 gifting opportunities for you.

All 3 of these sets are SUCH a bargain. & not only are they a bargain they’re things that I use all the time. I know you’ll take them home, use them & actually recommend to 10 of your friends.


Every girl on the planet likes pink, lightweight luggage. & what they love even more, is A SET of pink, lightweight luggage. All your dreams have come true because Nordstrom has a set for sale & it’s still available. You’ll get a full size & carry-on size suitcase in the prettiest light pink. These suitcases come with one of those built-in locks, a hard shell & 4 wheels which means you don’t have to tilt it back to roll with it- ideal for putting your heavy handbag on top if your S.O. won’t carry it for you. LOL.

You should also know that this pink set is going to go real nice with your Instagram aesthetic when you’re jetting off to New York City. Just throw on a pair of oversized black sunglasses to go with your monochromatic moment- I love a nude /camel head-to-toe look with a pink set of luggage. Now all you have to do is manipulate your significant other into taking a photo of you. You can see all my tips on how to do that on Instagram. Anyway, pick this pink set of luggage up for yourself for as a gift for someone.


This set is perfect to go with your new candle wick trimmer ( if you haven’t read the post on the hack that will change your candle game yet, you have to check it out ). You can never go wrong with anything Joe Malone. The candles are classy, chic, last forever & make the home smell delicious.

Again, you could gift this set for a baby shower, bridal shower, Christmas, or someone’s birthday coming up. Or just gift it to yourself along with a new candle wick trimmer. Who doesn’t love a candle set? This one includes Joe Malone’s most popular candle scents: English Pear & Freesia, Peony & Blush Suede, and Lime Basil & Mandarin.


If this isn’t a DREAM set, TSC-style, I don’t know what is. If you hate brushing your hair, washing your hair or having heat on your hair, this is for you. I hate all of the above & am especially weird about heat touching my hair- what up heat protectant.

This set comes with alligator clips which we’ve discussed to death. If you’re unfamiliar with alligator clips & the sleep bun let me get you acquainted:

The sleep bun is a lifesaver when it comes to creating a natural wave. It preserves your blowout in the best way, without kinks in the middle of your hair that elastics create. & the only way to get the perfect sleep bun ( tutorial here ) is with an alligator clip.

SOOOOO, when I get home from Drybar, I leave my hair down attempting to avoid mirrors at all costs. Sorry I’m not sorry that I’m not a fan of overly curled hair. I’m just not. Then around 10 pm, I grab MY BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD AKA my cute little, yellow alligator clip & shake my head downward towards the ground, whip my hair downward & grab a cute alligator clip. I twist the sleep bun on the top of my head & add the clip while my hair is spilling towards the ground ( make sure every inch of hair is secured ). Result: you should have a super high top-knot on the very top of your head.

AND thennnnn go to bed. ZZZZzzzzzz. Wake up & remove the clip ( honestly I could not live without these yellow alligator clips…they’re all over my house/car/purse– you’ll even find them clipped to my clothes throughout the day ). Then shake your hair out slightly & voila, you have amazing hippie, beachy, wavy NOT curly hair.

You can do no wrong with this set. It includes a straightening brush ( Drybar brushes are so easy on the hair ), Hot Toddy heat protectant, dry shampoo, Prep Rally detangler, & alligator clips ( all favorites of Shawn K ). I’ll probably buy 10 for the women in my family & wrap them in hot pink wrapping with a big black bow. This is just the perfect holiday gift. Put a mini bottle of sparkling rosé next to it & you’re good to go.

Those are my latest Nordstrom picks since the sale is almost over. Also you should know, I’m very much into Rails plaid shirts which are also on sale right now. I was perusing & thought it was worth a mention. I have a bunch of these tops & they look good with jeans or tied around the waist when you’re having a bloated day.

Alright, we are still in France so I gotta hop off because Michael is bitching that it’s time to go for dinner. What else is new. ::eyeroll::

Au revoir, lauryn.

+ scope my top Nordstrom Anniversary sale beauty picks.

+ the Nordstrom early access favorites can be found here ( & they’re still on sale btw ).


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