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I am still in shock that the Holidays are already here? Like 2016 came & went way too fast right?

So I don’t know about you, but I’ve had ZERO time to decorate for the holiday season. Between the wedding, work, & traveling, there really hasn’t been time for a good Home Goods haul. Luckily, I tend to go the NON-TRADITIONAL.

Here are a few non-traditional holiday decor items, & tips for how to style them.


The holidays are all about being cozy. When you think of celebrating the holidays you think of family, friends, wine by the fire, mistletoe, you get the gist. Blankets are just a staple in that scenario. So grab a few super soft blankets to throw all around the house. You can lay them over the back of your couch, at the end of your bed, over an office chair, fold/stack them in front of the fire place, etc. This added touch isn’t only super cute AND it’s useful when you’re in the mood to bundle up with a Hot Toddy ( extra lemon PLZ! ).


YAWN, everyone expects you to have a pine needle wreath, a few pine cones, & maybe a Poinsettia. Go for DIFFERENT. This wreath is pretty & feminine. It would look great hanging on a front door or even inside your house. LOVE a twist.


THESE VASES THOUGH. They’re super unique, come in different heights, AKA dimension & DRAMA. These would look great as a table centerpiece. Add a few candles & maybe a table runner. SO chic. You could also set this up around the house. Play around with copper lights to add some twinkle. Festive.


These are A MUST during the holidays. Put them on your couch/bed. They can work year round too. I personally think it would be super cute to have these set up around the fire place…just don’t burn the house down. You could even add a pillow to each chair around the dining room table for a cozy, holiday dinner party.


As you guys know, I love diffusing essential oils. They really just set the mood. During the holidays, essential oils can promote relaxation while putting you in the spirit. Grab this four pack of oils & be prepared to become an oil addict.


Pumps, lipstick, GIANT sunglasses, OH MY. If you have a tree in your house, these ornaments are ideal. Even cuter though, place them around the house as decor. Even hang them off a wreath.


As seen in my wedding, you know I’m all about CONTRAST Everyone expects certain colors during the holidays, so mix it up. Add a few gothic touches, like these flowers to spice things up. You can even add a few tall candlesticks with black candles. SO unique!

Any other holiday must-haves? Getting in the spirit because we’re in NYC right now. The decor here is so good.

Happy holidays!

lauryn, x


  1. Yup, I’m the same way this year Lauryn. We’re currently in a small guest house until we find our next home and I do not feel like decorating or going overboard… avoiding clutter at all cost. Your non-traditional holiday decor is awesome because it will still look cute once the holidays are over…

    1. Thanks Mariam! I love decor that I can use for multiple occasions. Good luck on finding your next home 🙂 xx

  2. Love all these ideas! It’s so much better to have your home or holiday party stand out rather than stick to customs. This is so inspiring, can’t wait to try some of these things for this holiday season!

  3. Love your ideas/recommendations for non-traditional holiday decor! It’s always nice to have another take on things that you may already have lying around the house and hadn’t thought about how you could revamp them to work as a decor piece for holiday decor rather than just every day accent pieces. I totally appreciate that you have also given prices and place to buy these simple items that you could go out and purchase and also be able to use in a different capacity once the holidays are over!

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