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The No-Rinse Milk Cleanser Karl Lagerfeld Bathes In That You NEED



What, you don’t know what NO-RINSE, SOFTENING CLEANSING MILK IS? Oh, well you should. Then you will be addicted like me. And Karl.

Because after using this $28 dollar, French product for the last 3 months, a The Skinny Confidential reader in the secret FB group told me that Karl Lagerfeld bathes in it.


Now, this really shouldn’t surprise you at all because it’s meant for babies. And if you’re like me & Karl you like to keep your skin baby-soft. I would consider bathing in it too if I had time for a long bath. I mean, can you just imagine it- Karl in a tub full of no-rinse milk cleanser- probably listening to Mozart or Bach or some intelligent, high level shit thinking up next summer’s Pantone colors ( baby blue or…pink lavender? I’m stressed even thinking about it)?

Who really cares about Pantone colors though, when your skin is as soft as a baby’s because of a cleansing milk bath. What a dream.

( * & HEY: if you’re looking to take a bath with this stuff like Karl instead of cleanse your face, a sweet TSC reader named Alison found this info: “Look what I found…bath instructions! “Use Eau de Lait for the bath: When poured into bath water ( two or three corks ), the milky whiteness of Collosol provides a moment of peace and relaxation. A trick for a dream bath and a queen’s skin” ).

The second this stuff arrived on my doorstep? I ate it up. Skin felt: FRESH- CHECK ✓, DEWY- CHECK ✓, TIGHT- CHECK ✓. I’m SO not a fan of over-cleansing. I like to cleanse in the morning or night but not both, so this cleansing milk solves the problem. Because here’s the catch- you don’t use water with it. That’s right, just use an organic cotton round & rub it all over your face. I’m a fan of going upwards here but you do you. This magic milk also removes makeup.

OH & did I mention it’s for babies? Which we just love. Because if it’s fussy enough for a baby’s skin, it’s good for troop TSC. We don’t ask for much.

I keep this right next to my oils, serums, potions, & lotions. It very much fits right in with the whole crew. The no-rinse milk cleanser is just ideal for the girl who’s been up all night with heaps of black eye liner on OR for the mom who’s on carpool duty at 6 AM- it’s versatile you know?

For me, the routine is simple: use Collosol, a good serum with some facial massage, organic oils, Vitamin C eye cream, a little skin mist. SPRITZ, SPRITZ! This usually happens at night. Sometimes I use it in the morning- it just really depends how I feel here. That’s the cool thing about this product, you can kind of just do what you want here. It’s THAT soothing. Trust- your skin will be SOFT. Like the softest of soft.

You can find this at French pharmacies or online.

Alessandra Steinherr, Beauty Director of Glamour UK says “it is the secret to my skin, because it makes it so soft. It brings my face to life. I’ve never talked about it because I’ve never wanted to share it, but I do think this is a wonder product. People always ask me, ‘What are you buying in the French pharmacies?’ I’m always saying, ‘You can get everything everywhere now, but this is the one thing.'”

For the naysayers who are going to ask: “why not use micellar water?” Well it’s different- it’s milky, you know the consistency. The micellar water smells & feels chemical-y to me. I hate that, don’t you know? When products are ruined with that chemical-ish smell. Anyway, my magic milk obsession certainly doesn’t smell like your tile cleaning spray. My skin also feels softer after Collosol.

I should mention- just because YES- the bottle is cute. Like ‘you want it on your Instagram feed’ kind of cute. Thought I would let you know.

The Skinny Confidential TIP: sleep on a silk pillowcase. Especially if you’re into taking care of your skin. This will change your skincare game. After I do all my potions & lotions, I lay down on my silk pillowcase ( using this brand lately, I have the rose one ), close my eyes, & dream of a bath full of cleansing milk.

SKIN IS IN! Lead with your skin. Makeup is great & all, but for me, I prefer fresh skin. & HEY! KARL AGREES.

Have you tried this product? Do tell.

Sweet dreams, lauryn x

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Things That You Need To Add To Your Skin Care Routine:

  1. Look what I found…bath instructions! “Use Eau de Lait for the bath: When poured into bath water (two or three corks), the milky whiteness of Collosol provides a moment of peace and relaxation. A trick for a dream bath and a queen’s skin.”

  2. Do you know if this product is considered non toxic? Or low on the toxin level? Hoping since it’s for babies maybe it is? That would be ideal! Want to try!

  3. Is this product really made for babies? Babies cleanse their skin now? HAHA. Anyway, great post. Btw, we have four hotels in Manhattan. You should totally stop by one day! ✿

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