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My Night-time Routine for Optimal Relaxation & Sleep

sleep essentials for night time tsc pink third lovesleep essentials for night time tsc

Huge Tim Ferriss fan. Love his podcast. And his latest book, Tribe Of Mentors. So this post is a very Tim-ish post. Basically I wanted to break down my best-case scenario night-time routine for you. Like Tim, I believe a reliable nighttime routine is VERY MUCH important.

The better the sleep, the less stress. Always.

So here’s five steps that HAVE TO HAPPEN during my nighttime routine:

sleep essentials for night time tsc pink third lovesleep essentials for night time tsc pink


First off, & this one is very important, I HAVE TO LIMIT ELECTRONICS. Now this has been VERY difficult for me. I am a night owl & work best at night in front of my computer, with Bossanova, & a cup of mint tea. This comes from my days of bartending until midnight. I’d come home after an extremely long shift & get to work until 3 AM. However lately, I have found the sooner I get off the electronics, the better sleep I have, the better the next day is. You know, it’s kind of a Domino effect here. Which again is sort of devastating because I love working at night.

To be completely transparent we are kind of a work in progress here.

So instead of shutting down at 12:30 PM, I’m aiming for 9 PM now. Getting off electronics doesn’t just help sleep guys! It’s good for the libido. No really, Michael likes the bedroom to stay as a sleep/sex room. HA.

AS FAR AS WINDING DOWN OFF ELECTRONICS: I use my blue light glasses or computer software called f.lux, both of which help block the blue light that stimulates the brain. I usually throw on my obnoxious but necessary glasses around 8-ish. And of course, CALM or peppermint tea is nearby. Quick tip: lately, instead of tea bags I’ve been using actual fresh mint over hot water & it’s DIVINE!

sleep essentials for night time tsc pink


As you can imagine I’m very specific about my pajama situation. I don’t want tags sticking everywhere. ThirdLove sent me a pair of their loungewear & it was love at first sight. There’s multiple reasons why I like to wind down in it: 1.) the fit: they come in half sizes & they tested millions of women in the fit department so they know their shit. 2.) no tags: which is the real win for me. It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a bra at all- which is trippy. 3.) the fabric is BUTTERY soft. 4.) NO WIRES: there’s no wires poking into your boobs, you know? Thank God. What’s also badass is there’s The Fit Finder on the ThirdLove website so you can find your perfect size. YES PLZ!

Anyway, I’ve been wearing this to bed every single night AND IT IS SO COMFORTABLE. Also I still feel pretty. You know the 8 million times when you throw on your husband’s oversized Creature From The Black Lagoon 600 year old pajamas? Well, those days are over for me.

I’m a huge fan of treating myself & practicing self-love/self-wellness, so if you’re like me you will love their loungewear. Also it’s perfect for a gift ( I feel like my stepmom & mother-in-law would LOVE this brand too ). Go for the ballet pink because it really is the perfect pink.

It’s all uphill from here. Pink, buttery loungewear & all.

What else?


ADMITTEDLY, Michael & I very much copied Tim Ferriss on this step. Tim recommends a white noise sound machine. We bought the Marpac Dohm one & we love it- it’s not super pricey. We turn on our ceiling fan, diffuse lavender oil, & switch on the white noise sound machine.

The machine has 6 high quality natural sounds: rain, brook, ocean, thunder, white noise, summer night. The thing is that natural sounds mask background noises so you sleep better. Fall asleep easier, sleep better, wake-up refreshed. You get it.

I can’t even explain this weirdness, but it works!

third love pajamas tim ferriss


IMAGINE THAT! A real book! Like one that’s not on our iPad or phone! Crazytown, I know. But really there’s something calming ( & charming ) about reading a real book before bed. When I was little I would read so late my parents would actually yell at me. Reading as always been the way I unwind & decompress…which is why for me, it’s the ideal thing to do before bed.

Michael is a huge reader, as you know, so we are like old grandparents laying in bed with our dogs, reading away. Right now I am reading a few books: Younger by Dr. Lancer, Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss, and The Ayurveda Bible by Anne McIntyre.

Don’t actual books smell better anyway? I think so.

sleep essentials for night time tsc pink third love


There’s three things you can ALWAYS count on happening before bed.

Acupressure pillow is QUEEN for me. As you know I love the mat too- I can’t live without it actually. But lately the pillow has become my appendage. Here’s why: I lay on the pillow in bed for about 15 minutes before I go to sleep & the pillow ACTUALLY puts me to sleep. I’m not kidding here, guys. It’s NUTS. Between the pillow & the white noise, I am out. Try it if you don’t believe me.

And since we’re on the subject of acupressure mats & pillows– let’s take a look at the benefits.


sleep essentials for night time tsc pink third love


relieve stress from body
relaxes mind & body
increases blood circulation
oxygenates the body i.e. improve oxygen level in body
gives relief with headaches
heals back pain including lower back aches on daily using
reduces anxiety & related problems
reduces depression levels by stimulating endorphins to make you feel good
reduces neck pain
removes sleeping disorders & also helpful for insomnia
relieves muscle tension & shoulder tension
relieves heartburn & inflammation
heals leg/foot pain
reduces Sciatica pain
gives relief in sinus congestion & nasal problems
beneficial in diabetes
reduces constipation & indigestion problems
re-energizes your body & Improves efficiency
heals fatigue problems

{ VIA }


The second non-negotiable is my SETTLE DOWN CALMING spray BY K’PURE. I actually spray it on the dogs too- LOL. It’s a blend of essential oils created by a TSC reader ( who I adore! ). In the morning I use her KEEP GOING spray, but that’s another post. SO, yes her SETTLE DOWN spray is delicious over the bed & on my pillow before bed. Can’t live without it.

Lastly, I end the night with taking probiotics, amino acids, & collagen. This is something I have done forever & there’s multiple posts on The Skinny Confidential for each supplement.

I HOPE THAT HELPS! That’s a very specific way of how I like to unwind. So get off your phone, grab a set of delicious pajamas, turn on the white noise, read a book, & spray some essential oils…all while laying on your acupressure pillow, of course.

How do you wind down? Come on, tell me what else I have to add to my list?

G2G because it IS getting past my bedtime. Just have to stay on track guys. ZZZzzzz.

X lauryn

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++ this post is in collaboration with ThirdLove. As always all opinions are my own.

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sleep essentials for night time tsc pink


  1. I read a lot. But lately, not before bed. Here is why: Recently, I have I had to use cheater readers & a bright light to see the words clearly. Also, my mind is also super busy because it’s rush rush rush up until lights out. So one night out of frustration I grabbed my ipad & in the quiet dark of my bedroom, I started lazily looking at winter pics on Pinterest. Thats it. No articles. No news. No recipes. No philosophy. No advice. No opinions. No bright reading light or damn glasses. Just pics of warmly lit cottages in white winter snow.
    It works like a charm 🙂

  2. Love this post. I actually got a ThirdLove bra a few months ago and am obsessed with it, but had no idea they make pajamas. I’m pretty sure I am going to order your same pair today…. Also, there is no way I can sleep without our white noise machine. I’ve used one since I was a kid, and even have a separate one for when we travel. I ordered your acupressure pillow set off of Amazon a few weeks ago and have been using it before bed, too, and totally see a difference in my neck pain going away and a deeper sleep. Love it! I need to try out your nighttime oil spray though…. Thanks for the tips 🙂

  3. I definitely need to limit electronics before bed! I have such bad habits of sitting on my phone up until I fall asleep!

  4. Isn’t K’pure awesome! It’s a local company for me (BC what’s up??!) and I love the dream catcher and room sprays. Def gonna check out these jammies too.

  5. Love all of these tips, Lauryn! I am definitely going to try the acupressure pillow *purchasing right after I write this comment*.

    My husband and I both have been forcing ourselves to get into a routine of reading (actual books) for 20-30 min before we go to sleep. He is reading “Shoe Dog”, by Phil Knight and I am really loving “Tribe of Mentors,” by Tim Ferriss too recently. It makes the biggest difference getting off of our devices and into a real book.

    I have been setting my alarm in my phone 30 min before I want to start my bedtime routine. When that alarm goes off I take a moment to jot down my list of to-dos for the morning and really focus on letting the stress go before bed. Anything that isn’t done at that point, is not going to get better by stressing out about it and depriving your body some much needed R&R.

    We really try to be sure the temperature is really cool (about 65-66 degrees F) in our bedroom because research has proven this leads to a better night of rest. Some of the benefits include falling asleep more easily and staying in a deeper state of sleep more consistently throughout the night, the cooler climate allows your body to release more melatonin (an anti-aging hormone naturally produced by the body), heck ya!

    Good sleep is so critical to being the best version of yourself in every aspect of your life, IMO. Thanks for this post!! 🙂

    XO – Ash

  6. Love this post! I’ve been wanting to implement a night routine forever and totally plan to steal yours ?. As of now my night routine is replying to client emails. Lol.

  7. While I’m sure you look fab in your big yellow glasses, you need to check out Pixel Eyewear! They provide all the same benefits, but are super cute and don’t have obnoxious yellow lenses lol I just ordered a pair about a month ago and love them!

  8. Omg I am ordering those two essential oil sprays stat!! Love that it’s made by a fellow reader also. My pm routine includes sleepytime tea, a couple organic dark chocolate squares, magnesium, and a book – or real housewives in bed tbh. Love posts like this!

  9. The article is amazing and i like the poem where you have mentioned about the sinus and diabetes, i clearly understand your feeling what you wanna

  10. Great information and thanks for sharing. We use a sound machine as well, but we use “waves” sound as it reminds us of the ocean/lake which we like being near. We actually use a diffusior too, which puts some sweet scents in the air for us to sleep to.

  11. Ha, I love how the first thing is to limit electronics! I feel like this is for everyone, we get so attached to them that it’s hard not to look at your phone before going to bed. That’s probably why I can’t fall asleep right away when I hit the bed!

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