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New York City Vlog

video blog new york city edition by the skinny confidential


I put one together for you so you could really see the whole hustle/behind the scenes. You know a peek behind the curtain.

I want to bring you guys along on the ride more- instead of just seeing the final product, a vlog allows you to see what’s happening from different perspectives. So ta-da:

If you’re curious about all the outfits I rocked during the trip check out my guide on What To Wear: NYC edition. My favorite piece is definitely the red velvet blazer.

So do you like? Please tell. I will do wayyyyy more if this is something you’re into.

I mean, it’s kind of like a mini TSC reality show…?? Maybe we’ll start moving in that direction a bit if you’re loving it.

Excited to hear your thoughts.

x, lauryn

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  1. Loved the blog because you can see you and Michael behind the scenes! Listening to the podcasts then actually seeing it liver in real life is fun to watch. Love you and Michael! #coupleGoals ?

  2. Love this! Especially with fun trips into big cities like this, vlogs help get a feel for the full experience.

  3. YES PLEASE!!! More videos like this! These behind the scenes are so much fun to watch! I would love to see a vlog from a “normal” day in your life… I’m such a procrastinator, so I’ve loved your post on productivity, but I would love to see it in video as well! <3

  4. omg this is soooo hard to watch, she is so UP HER ASS, AND they clearly can’t stand each other, try harder!! VOMITT

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