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new york city outfits by the skinny confidential

It feels like Michael & I have been on the go for the last few months…which makes me appreciate home A LOT.

Sure, it’s fun to travel but there’s also something perfect about being home on the weekends. Something special about curling up with the dogs on the couch ( OK, not the couch- it’s white & you know no one sits on my white couch- but we do curl up in bed sooooo ) to read a good book. I’m ready to be home for a bit.


We’ve been doing a lot of work from different places- I always try to be working regardless of where I am.

Speaking of work, we recently just got back from New York City. Which is just definitely one of my favorite places. It’s so fucking magical, you know? Like the meet up was insane ( post coming soon! ) & the energy.

It’s great, isn’t it?

The energy is palpable. Everyone is working their ass off, running around, ALIVE. The hustle is real guys. Sometimes I dream of living there? Anyone else?

( I have to say: if you haven’t been to NYC, Fall is the perfect time to visit. The weather is just right ).

Part of the fun of traveling is getting to dress for the place you’re in. For NYC that means lots of black with a pop of dark red, navy green, & leather, of course. Here ar©e the deets on What to Wear: NYC edition ( PLUS A VERY IN-DEPTH VLOG! ).



OK – let’s begin with airport attire. It’s important to dress comfortably but also with some sass- BECAUSE it’s fun to express yourself even if it’s at the airport. I kept this outfit monochrome black to embrace NYC before we landed. These pants and sweater are a dream because they’re cashmere so they keep you warm on cold flights. Be sure to bring a sheet mask & rock a sleep bun so your skin/hair are fresh off the flight. I drink like a million gallons of water too.

pants | sweater | jacket ( similar )shoes | luggage | glasses | tote ( similar



One of the first things I do when I land from a flight is get a massage for lymphatic drainage. You know this, I feel! It helps when you’re puffy and dehydrated after a flight ( IT SERIOUSLY MAKES FACE BLOAT DISAPPEAR WHEN YOU GET A LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE! ). This time however we switched it up a little bit.  Michael & I went to an infrared sauna!…but you know I still had a lymphatic drainage facial ( not recommending the place I did it at, because I hated the place- sorry ).

Infrared saunas ( LOVE the one at 11 Howard )- it’s known to heat you from within, detox and de-stress you- oh, & burn calories. I will do a full post on this later, but for now I leave you with one infrared tip: dress lightly. Due to the heat you sweat EVERYWHERE. SO much sweat. This kimono was a comfortable/ pretty choice for this treatment.




This jacket gives me life. When I saw it I immediately knew exactly where and when I was going to wear it: a crisp fall day in New York with boots. Always nice to see a vision come to life.

You should know these socks are amazing- I mean, if you’re into thigh-highs. They keep you warm so you are able to rock a skirt in November without freezing your ass off. This skirt is a staple piece in my closet & sadly the exact one is no longer available. I did some digging though and found one almost identical to it. To add extra drama to the look I wore my hair long and wavy.

Also: stay at the 11 Howard- we LOVED it. HIGHLY recommend. Their rooms are chic as shit.

jacket | socks | shoes ( similar ) | skirt | glasses


First of all you should know: I AM NOT DRINKING THICK CHARDONNAY HERE. Although it MAY very well look like it- it’s not chardonnay. I dislike it with a passion actually. It’s dry champagne. It just looks odd because it’s in a wine glass. OK SO moving right along, everyone talks about Italy having the best pizza in the world, well I am here to debate that & say that New York just may take the pizza prize. The sauce, the cheese, the crust…ahh, it’s all just so perfect. But enough about my pizza obsession. For a date night look I took my new favorite black bodysuit and threw this red coat over it. You can easily transition this outfit from day to night by wearing a light duster during the day and switching to the heavier coat at night.

bodysuit | leather pants ( similar ) | booties ( similar


This jumpsuit is my new ride or die. It’s one of those pieces that I wish I could order in 5 different colors. Black is timeless/chic, especially for NYC. I wore this look throughout the day but when the sun was out a bit, I threw on my leather jacket. Then swapped my flats for pumps in the evening. Add a red lip with some dewy skin & you’re good to go. Oh, & I did a high ponytail which is an instant facelift ( read more here ).

jumpsuit | cross necklace | bracelet | duster ( similar )


Did you know black is a power color? I bet you did. I read it in a book once and honestly it makes so much sense. Everyone in NYC has made black their color of choice.

Wearing all black makes you feel like getting down to business. I wore this outfit when Michael & I were running all over the city taking meetings which was perfect because it was not showing too much skin & it felt professional. Also I have been rocking a backpack almost everywhere, that way I can carry 10 things at once & still have my backpack to carry all my important items ( AKA GG crackers ).

bodysuit ( similar ) | leather pants  ( similar ) | booties ( similar ) | bra | backpack ( similar )


New York in the Fall is all about simplicity. It’s the time to wear your understated classic pieces.

SO I thought these dainty little bracelets would be ideal. How fun are the cheeky, engraved bracelets saying: I’m a fucking handful. When choosing jewelry I always look for something that’s  slightly different. I love an edge. Classic but updated. The rest of the outfit consisted of a white lace kimono over a black sweater dress. AND OF COURSE my favorite white pumps. For my necklace tips check out my layering guide.

Adding glasses to your look is an easy way to switch it up ( EVEN IF THEY’RE NOT PRESCRIPTION ). A FAKE PAIR OF GLASSES NEVER HURT A FLEA.

bangle | string | evil eyewhite kimono ( similar ) | pumps | clear aviators

What did you guys think of the vlog? It was something fun and different on our end. Thank you to everyone who came to the TSC meet up in NYC!! There will be a full blog post on that soon. You ladies are BADASS.


OH & I definitely want to hold more TSC meetups in 2018. Where should we go next?

x, lauryn

+ be sure to listen to the latest podcast with The Morning Breath. They’re SO FUNNY. We recorded them while we were in NYC & got excited because they knew the words to The Little Mermaid.

++ make sure you watch the latest facial massage video on TSC YouTube. 

{ pics | video }



  1. Loved this post – I am off to NYC in 2 weeks for a week so this is making me super excited! I will def check out Rubirosa – champagne and pizza is legit the most underrated pairing ever!! Swooning over that crushed velvet jacket! As far as the next meet up, I may be biased but I’m thinking SF!! 😉 xx Shannon ||

  2. Holy shit! I LOVED your vlog!! Very well done and awesome shots and editing. Got me pumped to listen to all those podcasts. Would definitely love to see more. Keep rocking it

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