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NEW YEAR’S EVE VIBEZ ( Warning: No Glitter Avail )

NEW YEAR'S EVE 7 | by: the skinny confidential

NEW YEAR'S EVE  13| by: the skinny confidential

I gotta be honest, I’m fucking over glitter for New Year’s Eve.

Sorry, but blah, blah, blah.

I’ve kind of been over it for a while— because remember last year’s gold lame look? And this year, I’m even more over it. I don’t know why. I think because it’s too expected & too cliché. If a holiday expects something of me, I typically do the opposite ( REBEL ).

Let’s just say you’ll never catch me with red, white, & blue nails on the 4th of July.


NEW YEAR'S EVE 10 | by: the skinny confidential

NEW YEAR'S EVE 11 | by: the skinny confidential

Anyway, this year I’m not 100% sure what I’m wearing just YET. For some reason I’m feeling color…or maybe I’m feeling onesie pajamas in bed. Who knows?



You can still join in on the New Year’s Eve Vibez,just in a unique, non basic way.

Sex it up: wear a high ponytail, add a dark berry lip, AND/OR rock a maxi skirt…instead of a mini.

Every girl in the world will most likely be in a short-ass sequined dress. And while that’s cute, it’s kind of boring.

NEW YEAR'S EVE  22 | by: the skinny confidential

NEW YEAR'S EVE 6 | by: the skinny confidential

SOOO here’s a look I’m feeling for NYE: a flash of side boob ( by the way can you tell it was cold out here? A little nipply, perhaps? Forgot my Nippies, HA ), some gold lamé ( it’s so good right now I can’t stop ), maybe a leotard, & some FLAT BOOTS.

None of that sky-high, Spice Girls shit this year.

Flat boots give off the effortlessly chic look, ya know?

To be honest, if I could do this whole look over again, I’d add a HIGH ponytail. Just because it’s different. Showing off those cheekbones screams 2016!!!


As you can tell I’m in a mood today but I just want to tell you guys to ROCK IT for New Year’s. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.

NEW YEAR'S EVE 4 | by: the skinny confidential

Andddddd…in other news, I’m on the fence this year: go out OR lay in bed? Freaking serious decisions.

I’m kind of feeling not drinking for the whole full month of January. That’s basic & cliché BUT I feel like I need a good clean out. Who wants to do it with me?

Maybe we can make it a thing? Is anyone into this?

Ok, I’m off to read my latest: Unsinkable: A Memoir by the great Debbie Reynolds. It’s so juicy. Can you believe her husband left her for Elizabeth Taylor? DICK!

Talk tomorrow, lauryn x

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NEW YEAR'S EVE  21 | by: the skinny confidential

NEW YEAR'S EVE 14 | by: the skinny confidential

  1. Love when you mention the books you and Susan are reading! I just finished school for forever (go CSUF titans) and I finally feel like I have the time to read actual books, not textbooks! Soo thanks again!! 🙂

    1. Hi Amber, congrats on finishing school! That’s awesome! I know what you mean, reading for classes takes up a lot of time. What was your major? Definitely check out Michael’s book list for some reading ideas :))

      Thanks for reading!

    1. Hi Aisha! Do it with me! I am definitely considering it. Let’s get a group to commit to it so we can all help each other survive! LOL!

    2. I’m so in! Going to Iceland for my honeymoon in Feb and could use a good detox since I will need to drink to stay warm once I am there!

    1. Hi Liz, I love your long sleeves idea. Anything that is abnormal or not cliché is a good idea. You’ll stand out :)) Are you thinking dress or top? What are you plans? xx

  2. I recently read an article about a woman who has done a “sober January” for years and thought that it could be such a strong way to start out the new year! I say yes to making a SCSJ (skinny conf. sober jan.) group!

    1. Hi Hanna, eeek! I might have to do just that! Did the woman say whether she felt great after? Was she craving alcohol? More energy? I am so intrigued! Happy New Year

  3. love this look! not a fan of the new years sparkles either – wearing a BRIGHT cobalt blue lace dress with sleeves instead… breaking out of my classic black attire, rebel I know.

    keep up the book recs!! I have loved them so much so far and currently have a TON of Michael’s in my amazon cart (he’ll be in giggles to know I followed him on insta – what a celeb!)

    also so into doing sober january, and kind of already started – just got so over all the constant “what are you drinkings” of the past two months – and I already feel a thousand times better so I will definitely be keeping it up!!

    xx B

    1. Hi Bridget, Michael loves sharing books! He has tons so he’ll definitely keep up with the recommendations. I just told him you’re following him on Instagram, he says thank you and to say hi!! I think SOBER JANUARY is definitely going to happen. Lets all do it!

      Thanks for reading and happy almost 2016!

  4. Love this outfit! Also over glitter and sequins, so maybe I’ll give this look a go. Annndddd I made the decision to not drink alcohol until my birthday (March 24), so I am with ya girl! Save money and calories…ya know?

    1. Hi Janessa, wow you’re brave! Let me know how it goes?? BTW, your birthday is just a few days before Michaels! He’s the 28th! Thanks for reading

  5. Lauryn, you are my spirit animal!! Haha! All I could talk about in my post this morning is just how over glitter and sequins I am! So I love this look, you look fantastic!

    Have a great day!


    1. LOL! You’re too kind Lauren. Thank you! Okay, sooo what are you wearing on NYE?? I need to hear from my other non sequin kinda girls. Thanks for reading

  6. LOVE this top!!!!!!!! I have been searching for something like this. I am a little hesitant to try the bodysuit trend but I may have to give in. Great find!

    1. Hi Olivia, to say the least… I am kind of addicted. Try it! I promise, you’ll love it. Let me know what you think if you do! Thanks for reading

    1. NICE!! Glad you’re in! Congrats on the new addition to your family! Just a month left right?? Girl or boy? Thanks for reading! xx

  7. You look like an even more fabulous version of Carrie Bradshaw- OBSESSED with this look! Sober January is 100% happening for me..I still am slightly hungover from Christmas Eve.

    1. Hi Diana, me too. Holidays take so much out of you! Just one more to go and then we have a little break! Sober January here we comeeee! Thanks for reading

  8. I love the flat boots! I got a similair-ish pair earlier this year from Forever 21 and wear them all the time. As for new years, I’m feeling pajamas & laying in bed… possibly passing out before midnight. Ah well.

    Happy New Year’s!

  9. I am doing no drinking January too!!! I decided to do it at the beginning of December when I knew it was going to be a long (albeit fun!) month of champagne campaigns. No booze Jan…let’s do this!

  10. Love this unexpected NYE look! I’m totally with you on calming down the cocktails for awhile! A new year calls for a fresh start and a great excuse to recharge and renew!

  11. Im actually on Day 9 of not drinking (which is a big deal since im the girl who loves going out every weekend and having my vodka sodas x10) Im trying not to drink for health reasons, just really focusing on immunity and beauty! a nice cleanse like you mentioned from alcohol. makes it tough when you boyfriend decides to buy a bottle of wine with dinner last night and I actually said no!
    love you!

    1. Hi Anna! I’m proud of you for saying no! That’s great. Focus on yourself and do what makes you happy. It’s great that you’re doing this at the start of the New Year. Do sober January with us?? I think a bunch of girls in the TSC community are going to do it together. Happy New Year

  12. Haha I’m in the same boat. I’m so over the wild crazy NYE parties in NYC. I’ve done it for the past 5 years and it feels the same each year so I kind of just want to hang out at home but at the same time, there’s that social part of me that goes, well you HAVE to go out! It’ll probably end up being a last minute choice and I definitely will not be wearing a short glitter dress!


    COFFEESLAG New Year, New Coffeeslag

    1. I feel you, last minute choices are the best! It’s more spontaneous and you don’t have to commit to a specific plan. I’m jealous you’re in NYC though! Seriously the best city. How crazy is it on NYE?? Thanks for reading

  13. Hi Lauryn! I think for alcohol, I am just going to cut back a bit in January. I read this and thought you might find if interesting:

    I think I will probably stay in on New Years’…with some friends and Champagne. Not too much though so I can get up the next day and go on a hike or play some tennis, and start the New Year off right with being outdoors and exercising 🙂 Happy New Year to you!

    1. Hi Jesse, thanks for sending the article. I love it! Planning to shred some serious liver fat in January LOL! Seriously though, that article is great, thanks! I love your NYE plans. It’s smart to start the New Year literally on JANUARY 1. Most people start on January 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th LOL!

      Thanks for reading

  14. YES!!! Everything about this look is ON POINT!! I love it! I would take this look over a super glittered out NYE look anyday!!!

    Thanks for Sharing!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  15. Like…I need to not drink in January…but do I WANT to? How will I survive Canadian weather without red wine by the fire? If it becomes a thing, maybe I could be convinced. Haha. Happy New Year Lauryn!

  16. My husband and I like to do the opposite of everyone else, so we stay in, and most likely fall asleep before the ball drops, whoops! 🙂 Have a happy happy new year!!!

  17. Totz into the no drink January! My fiance and I are also adding refined sugar to that. Seriously cannot wait to get it started! The holidays were extra killer this year!

  18. What a rad look – I absolutely love the boots with this with the muted gold. I feel you, I used to LOVE New Year’s and get a crazy new dress and go to a club, and then last year, we could hardly stay up until midnight – I think we were out by 12:01 AM on 1/1! Nothing wrong with a little champagne in bed – bringing in some NYE cheer, but can pass the F out when you want – dogs, books (love your reccs – true story, but the other day my dad told me to read ‘you know i’m dead when I stop talking’ & I was like YESSS already on that one thanks to TSC!) , and Michael (optional?! 😉 jk of course) included.

    My bf and I had the great idea to take an 8:00 AM flight so we are calling it quits after the 9:00 PM fireworks! I am also feeling a no drink January… after we get back from vacay! Have a wonderful NYE, Lauryn! I am excited to see what 2016 has in store for TSC! xx SS

  19. Hi! I am staying home this year! My BF and I decided we would lounge around in our Pj’s and have a glass of wine around midnight! I am totally on board for no booze January lol I had decided that starting the 1st I needed a break and cleanse. SO yes I am in for the whole month.

  20. Hopping on the sober january train.
    God know my skin needs it after Christmas in Hong Kong.

  21. I totally agree let’s not drink for the whole month of january! After the holidays I need some time off from booze to cleanse and reset, I also really want the bombshell body guide!!!

  22. Hi-I LOVE your blog and this is my first comment. First I LOVE your outfit. I am wearing a pencil stretch lace skirt and black sleeveless T neck bodysuit for new years.

    AND dry jan all the way. Decided to do this early Dec and would love the support!


  23. How fun is this look! SO TRUE! Get rid of the glitter short dress SO over it! I think I will rock something simple but who knows what we will end up doing! Enjoy your New Years xo C

  24. Side boob praise!!!

    Love this outfit. I too am on the fence about going out or staying home, wearing pjs, and watching a movie with the beau.

    I am on board with the no drinking for the month of January! Great way to start off 2016!

  25. I’m doing a two week cleanse on the 4th and then moving straight into carb cycling for 40 days after that! Definitely a fan of no-drinking-January. You are so fit and I LOVE this outfit! Maybe this cleanse will jump-start my waistline to look more like yours 😉

  26. I feel the same way. I want to go on a month long detox and then I look at the calendar and think well I can’t not drink on my skiing vacay and then we have this and this lol. So ridiculous! Loving that skirt!

    Flip Flops and Furs

  27. SOOO TRUE about the tight ass sequin mini’s. WOW.

    This is gorgeous, I love how especially with it you’re down to go out all night.

    I don’t drink, so down to support no drinking January hehe 🙂 It’s honestly the best waking up not hungover. Just words can’t describe.

    What did you end up doing? Hope you had a good one 🙂

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