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time to get organized | by the skinny confidential

Weekly Desk Size Agenda Kate Spade New York Laundry BagSugar Paper Planner 2016 Biscotti Jar SOHO Acrylic Tray Socialite Acrylic Beauty Organizer | Whitmor Laundry Sorter Hutton Open Shelf Hutch

It’s a New Year, and you know what THAT means!


I literally gave away half of my belongings. Because hey, nothing like a clean start.

Part of feeling organized, is making sure that everything has a place, and is in its place. Which is exactly why I NEED some of the above items.

I’m especially loving the Kate Spade laundry bag for dry cleaning. SO good!

Happy New Year <3


  1. Ahh you’re so right! You’re lucky that you’re a naturally organised person (I know you said it can sometimes be a curse as well). I’m a messy person who needs to try really hard to keep things tidy and organised. And you’re right – the new year is always the perfect opportunity to get back on track! Two years ago I started using life planners to make my mess of a life a bit easier to handle. 🙂 I went through several different ones like Filofax etc. End of last year I ordered an Erin Condren one and I LOVE it. For some reason I thought you might really like it too and therefore mention it. It’s a lot more expensive than those adorable ones that you posted though… (I’m not in any way connected to Erin Condren BTW haha, just really enjoy the life planner)
    xx Alex

  2. Why are these organizers so expensive?! Haha, $150, I just can’t justify it right now. But I love the mini makeup one from Target which is just in my price range haha.


    COFFEESLAG For Love & Lemons

  3. I am the biggest nerd and love organizing EVERYTHING! But it’s seriously so much more fun when you have adorable supplies to help you out! Everything is better with bright colors and polka dots, am I right?!

  4. This is a bit hard to keep things organized as normally we don’t care to put them in the allocated space. I love all of your belongings, especially the Jar and acrylic vanity tray. In 2016, I will try hard to keep things tidy and organized.

  5. I LOVE all of these ideas. What I really need to something to organize my make-up with. I have an insane amount, and it is not organized to my standards. I bought a few items from the container store which is what I have it in now, but it is definitely not doing the job. Any suggestions?

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