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The New Activewear Line I’m Obsessed With

Kristin Hildebrand blog 1 | The Skinny Confidential


There is actually nothing better than the brand Wone.

This post is not sponsored, no one is telling me to say this, it’s just ABSOLUTELY my favorite brand when it comes to black basics.

Wone has a focus on sustainability & there’s just something about the fabric that gets me going. Like, you guys, trust me. This whole collection is so good.

I met Kirstin at The Beverly Hills Hotel through Elizabeth of That’s So Retrograde– she showed me her collection & I totally fell in love. & guys, for the last year, every single day, I’ve worn this black bra. I don’t know what it is, but it pushes the tits up in the best way while also supporting the gals, ya know? It holds you in & the straps are thin so you can’t see them poking out of your clothes.

Kristin is a badass entrepreneur who looked SO cute when I met her. She was wearing her entire collection with boots & the cool thing is, the whole collection is all black. The leggings hold you in like Spanx, & I can recommend this brand more than any brand ever. I’m OBSESSED & I wear it all the time.

Let’s welcome Kristin to the blog…

+ Introduce yourself:

There’s an old saying, “You can’t bite your own teeth” and similarly “A knife can’t cut itself,” thus I always have a difficult time elaborating on my own existence. My name is Kristin.

+ What inspired WONE?

The human condition, my prior work, my prior lifetimes, meditation, living in this body with all it’s senses… everything is everything isn’t it?

+ Why am I so obsessed with the sports bras? LOL.

You are so obsessed because WE were so obsessed in creating it and thus you feel that. That’s what amazing product is. The attention, the focus and the commitment to creating something outstanding with zero regard to restrictions. We didn’t have a timeline so we worked through the details, the fit etc. for over a year to finally arrive where we did.

+ What is a failure that turned out to be a blessing?

There’s a Bill Gates quote I love, “Success is a lousy teacher.”

I think that failure in itself is a blessing. I get so much more from facing my fears, being forced to see what I did wrong, all my faults etc. than I ever have with success.

I feel like I’ve failed a million times over at everything in life. Case in point would be my first marriage that was an absolute disaster – failure. Anyone who has gone through a divorce with children knows how devastating this is not only on the kids, but also for your self-esteem.

Obviously the story works out to be one of my major blessings as it led me to my amazing husband and love of my life, whom I may not have met or been prepared to be a better person/partner for if I had not failed prior.

The obstacle is always the way.

+ Morning routine?

My mental practice is the most important influence at any point in my day. Mornings for me revolve around gratitude as this sets the tone for my day. The minute I open my eyes I say “thank you.” I remind myself that I already have everything I need.

I avoid looking at my emails until I’ve been up for a bit and have some good energy going. I don’t believe in allowing exterior circumstances to affect my happiness.

+ Nighttime routine?

Nighttime routine is a stoic practice of negative visualization. As I’m getting each one of my three kids to sleep, I think about what it would be like if they were not around, didn’t exist, when they go off to college etc. It gives me the opportunity to appreciate their existence, my own and our time together here on this planet.

Immediately before closing my eyes, my husband and I put on hypnosis sessions we are working on (we share a lot of similar imperfections). We do sessions once a month with a hypnotherapist and he gives us guided sessions to fall asleep to.

Generally speaking, most of us were programed with some fucking nonsense in our formative years that still guides our day to day operations and functionality as humans. This hypnosis practice is literally unlearning the garbage and replacing it with more intentional, positive beliefs.

+ Skincare tips & tricks? Get specific.

I’m a firm believer in Psychodermatology; helping the mind help the skin (the body’s largest organ). I’ve got two different healers I see every other week but they both do energy work and help me release whatever is stuck. One of the healers practices “body talk” and we immediately see brighter, more glowy skin tone after a session.

I don’t specifically see the healers for skincare alone, however it’s one of the many reasons I do go regularly.

+ Skinny tip? 

I don’t have a tip for physically being skinny, however I work really hard at keeping my thoughts skinny. Meaning I try to keep things simple and not overthink everything.

“You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it because once you get there, you can move mountains.” A Steve Jobs quote I love.

+ How do you imagine someone wearing your line?

I believe people are gods and I believe what I do should be supportive of that belief. I never want us to overpower personality. Our clients are strong, phenomenal people that don’t care to hide behind a loud obnoxious print, colorway, a logo etc.

I imagine people putting on Wone with a sense of empowerment. I hope people can feel the love, the care and the thoughtfulness we put into making the garments.

+ What does balance mean to you?

Everything is balance. This one is hard to answer too, damn it. It feels like I’m being asked to describe air.

+ What do you classify as success? 

I have two versions of this:

Success is freedom (my wiser more grown up self) and success is doing ALL the things people said I can’t or couldn’t do (my stubborn side).

+ Favorite podcast/book/resource you recommend to entrepreneurs?

In efforts to keep things simple, The Tao Te Ching. I live my life by this book and reference it on a daily basis. My most favorite Tao passage is “That without substance can penetrate where there is no space.” The Tao is like an instant acid trip for me. It’s REALLY important to keep challenging perspective.

+ Where can we find you?

Hopefully you can’t find me. I’m an extrovert when I have to be but am actually an introvert. I used to have a blog/social following and I was just giving too much to everyone except myself.

I’m very much more guarded and aware of how/where I’m spending my time. I have an app called Lifecycle that helps me monitor my days. It keeps me on track and honest about my life.

Follow Kristin’s brand on Instagram– stalk the collection at Matches Fashion, Net-a-porter, or Barneys.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. You should know that I literally can’t take off the cami sports bra.

x, lauryn

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  1. Hey Lauryn! Do you know what happened to this company?! I went to purchase the bra and it seems like Kristin and the brand have just disappeared!

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