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hotel silk robe plush luxury comfort by the skinny confidential


Let me set the scene: it’s Monday night. Late night. 11:44 pm. Getting to the whole writing thing later because I spent the day shooting, returning e-mails, & podcasting. This post couldn’t wait another second.


Well I need to tell you something, of course. Something I have been thinking very hard about. LIKE WE GOTTA TALK, K?…BECAUSE WHO CARES ABOUT ANYTHING BESIDES THIS: do you have a hotel robe?

DON’T answer that yet.

Just wait for me to state my case, k?

You need one, I need another one, my dad needs one, everyone needs one. Hand them out like candy cane stocking stuffers on Christmas morning. Buy them as gifts. Sprinkle the love all over the world. Everyone needs a hotel robe.

No seriously, I’m that passionate about them. They’re SUCH a necessity.

I’m telling you- if you’ve read The Skinny Confidential for a while, this is one of those things we can go ahead & add to the MASTER LIST. Really, there’s just fucking something about a hotel robe.

Here’s the deal: I got sent one randomly from Venus Fleur. Which isn’t a robe company actually, it’s a gorgeous flower company. But that’s neither here nor there.

SURE- you can steal a hotel robe from a hotel but other people have worn it. & also, I don’t steal. So there’s that. OR you can buy your own! You should know: this robe can’t just be any old robe, it needs to be hotel-y. You know what I mean here right? Like PLUSH. DELICIOUS. FLUFFY. WHITE OR MAYBE A BABY BLUE WILL DO. SOMETHING THAT’S SO LUSCIOUS TO BE IN. VA-VA-VOOM.

If you need to understand specifically why you need one at home, here’s why:


♡ A fluffy, delicious robe that hangs waiting for you, every night when you come home.

♡ You don’t have to wash the robe often…at least I don’t.

♡ It’s easy to put on, easy to take off ( GREAT FOR A QUICKIE! ).

♡ Requires no underwear- I go nude under my robe.

♡ ROBE ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: reading, sleeping, lying around, eating in bed, watching TV, being lazy, working on your computer ( in bed ), watching more TV, maybe ringing a bell from bed to demand more hummus, &/or snuggling with your dog, cat, boyfriend.

♡ You can sleep in it. No really, I do it all the time.

♡ You feel like you’re in a five-star hotel ( SORT OF AN ELOISE SITUATION IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT! ). But you’re not- you’re home in your bed, all perfect & warm wrapped in a big, fluffy HOTEL ROBE.

Really though, it was one of those things like WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE.

I wear mine almost every night. I wear it when I’m applying makeup. I wear it when I’m making the bed, cooking breakfast, whipping up my detox AM drink– FOR EVERYTHING! I EVEN like to sleep in it. Especially on a lazy-ass Sunday. So nice waking up next to a hot mint tea on a coffee warmer, NUDE ( !!! ) & reaching for your hotel robe. Nothing better actually.

It’s kind of like unbuttoning your jeans when no one’s looking at a stop light because you just ate too many Sour Patch Kids…but you’re at home, in bed.

Want to be a total pig slob eating hummus & chips in bed on Sunday? You need a hotel robe.

Want to come out of a hot SPA-LIKE eucalyptus shower & write a blog post in bed? You need a hotel robe.

Want to watch Vanderpump Rules while sipping on magnesium tea? You need a hotel robe.

Oh! Wait! You’re a guy? No worries! YOU NEED ONE TOO. Think about all the things that can hang loose under your hotel robe. Balls & all!

Michael even got one. He said it really allowed him to “let it all hang out.” I’m just saying. This is what he said. WHO ON EARTH DOESN’T WANT TO LET IT ALL HANG OUT.

It’s all really fab if you think about it.


x, lauryn

+ this one is just like the one I wear everyday. Yes I like to wear it everyday. Thank me later.



  1. Crazy that I have worn the same robe since sixth grade (lmao)! Even when I get new ones I always resort back to that one…I believe it was from Macy’s. One of my mom’s favorite things about going to a hotel is the robe and slippers! I do everything around the house in my hard to take off 🙂

  2. This might be the most boujee post ever and I totally love it. I’ve never considered the benefits of having a bath robe, but I might buy one now. It sounds so funny, but this post actually convinced me to buy one! Great post Lauryn xxx

    Melina |

  3. If those benefits of the robes don’t sell it, I don’t know what will bc the yare basically my life goals. Hotel robes are the best!! My boyfriend always makes fun of me bc whenever we check in anywhere, my outfit is 100% the robe. I basically live in robes at home. I love the silk ones too but I’d even wear them out bc I think they are so chic 😉 x Shannon ||

  4. Lauryn, I literally have to buy this hotel robe because this blog post was so fucking funny 🙂 I usually go for the silky, slinky variety, but now, I GET IT!!

  5. I love using hotel robes while on vacation but now after reading this post of yours I would love to own one! I never realized how comfortable they are and that I could buy them. This would be better than pajamas at night!

  6. I agree with you. A robe is a MUST. I pity those who can’t appreciate the comfort that the robes brings! Imagine going home exhausted then you undress and put on your robe then just go to bed or do whatever you want with the robe on. Ugh, the comfort.

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