The Nanz Shares Her Insider Flower Tips


nanz flower tips 3 | by the skinny confidentialnanz flower tips 12 | by the skinny confidentialTo say The Nanz is my favorite person in the world is a total understatement.

Really, she’s such a ride or die.

So much so she EVEN rocks white nail polish guys.

SO TSC-esque, you know.

Let me give you a bit of a background of my grandma: she’s always been a BIG flower person. Like she knows where to cut the stem ( trust me, she was very specific when she showed me where to cut these roses ), random things about sunlight, & some real insider tips on taking care of buds.

( Side note: she really is my best friend. We go for margaritas, chips, & gossip. Both of us love to read. Especially biographies, so we’re constantly comparing notes. Currently we are on the hunt for a flowy, Palm Springs-ish caftan for my wedding. The Nanz insists on finding the perfect one. Let me tell you, if you think I’m specific, you haven’t met The Nanz. She’s as specific as they come ).

nanz flower tips 6 | by the skinny confidential
nanz flower tips 10 | by the skinny confidential
Since she’s practically a superstar on The Skinny Confidential, I figured the perfect time to bring her back on the blog would be for MOTHER’S DAY. Because who better to share some VERY specific, amazing flower tips?

Ok, I’ll hand if off to her:

The Nanz’ Flower Tips:

1.) To help keep your flowers looking fresh in a vase, put a couple drops of Clorox with a teaspoon of sugar to keep your flowers fresh.

2.) To pick out fresh flowers, look carefully at the leaves. has fresh leaves which is nice. You want them to always have nice leaves. Always check the leaves.

3.) When you’re cutting stems, cut just above the bud & cut at a slant. When you’re ready to put them in the vase take the leaves off if you have filler to go with the flowers. Just leave the leaves at the top. Cut those stems under tap water ( especially on roses ).

4.) Sometimes it’s fun to add kale to your roses or tulips. It adds a pop of color. Celery stems would be fun or even carrot tops. Use them as filler.

5.) Add a copper penny to tulips to keep them from wilting. Just drop two pennies at the bottom of the vase when your tulips are in water.

Thanks for having me, kitty kat Skinny Confidential readers, xo The Nanz

nanz flower tips 13 | by the skinny confidentialnanz flower tips 7 | by the skinny confidential

You should know on this particular day, I specifically invited her over so we could ‘collab’ on a flower post together. She came dressed in her hot pink bomber ( which I SO need ), white nails, & her gold sunglasses. Basically she was ready to work…& work her angles. She’s pretty fabulous at modeling.

Luckily hooked us up with the MOST BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS EVER.

Not even joking though. Their flowers are just PHENOMENAL. Every time I order from they come in the perfect package looking SO pretty & put together. My grandma & I picked pastel roses & some pink and white tulips. It makes the whole arranging flowers thing more fun when the flowers are flawless ( insert nails Emoji ).

The flowers are grown on the side of an active volcano in Ecuador, so more sunshine and mineral rich soil makes for better flowers. All flowers are grown at sustainable, eco-friendly farms.

See for yourself in this little video:


The Nanz, who is like the flower connoisseur of the century was just VERY impressed with the roses & tulips too. She left my house with a champagne buzz, some rosé gummy bears, & a gold Mason jar full of pastel roses.

So basically happy as a clam.

My birthday is coming up & Michael if you’re reading this: I’m loving the deluxe bouquet of the white roses. THANKS HUNNY.

nanz flower tips 5 | by the skinny confidential
nanz flower tips 8 | by the skinny confidential

In other news, The Nanz will be back on The Skinny Confidential soon…& we want to hear from YOU. Yes, that’s right she wants to do a Q & A with you guys. HAHA. She’s very excited about this whole idea so ask away. Nothing can shock her, by the way. I’ve legit asked her things that made her jaw drop…HA!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing mothers <3

love, lauryn ( & The Nanz )

+ is offering 20% off any order. Use code MDAY20. Expires in one week.

{ photos & video | white top }

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  1. AvatarHeather

    I just love your grandma wish mine was still alive you two are so cute together.Thanks for the tips On the flowers

  2. AvatarChristine Schumaker

    I LOOOVED this post! I pinned it so I can use the flower tips for my next bouqet! Your Grandma is seriously the cutest! I am just as close with my Grandma and it is the best blessing ever! I love when you include her in your posts! Love your blog Lauryn. I read daily <3.

  3. Avatarlena

    Thanks to your grandma for these awesome tips and for your beautiful post once again=) I’m off to buy some flowers!!

  4. AvatarJennifer

    I would be interested in hearing about changes to our culture and habits she has observed living in CA over the years (or other places)… beauty & wellness tips … etc!

  5. AvatarAbby

    Great flower tips!! Super helpful! Happy Mothers Day to the Nanz! I’m already excited for the Q&A 🙂

  6. AvatarKate

    First off, the Nanz is fabulous and I’ve loved all your posts featuring her.
    Second, the flowers are gorgeous and I love the tips because I think every woman needs to know how to make a bouquet that is on point.

  7. AvatarDianne Sy

    I came across your post while reading some reviews about flowers. Thank you for sharing the tips on how to keep the flower fresh. I was amazed like putting some chlorine and sugar on it. I must try this. Thanks!