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THE NANZ is BACK! And She Comes Bearing Her OG Egg Salad.

the nanz' egg salad | by the skinny confidentialthe nanz' egg salad | by the skinny confidential

Just when you thought Best Foods was the same as organic mayo…


Because JUST watch the video of The Nanz. She takes her mayo very seriously.

Yes, that’s right. The Nanz is back in action, people.

She is ready to go with her feisty, sassy egg salad.

For the record, this isn’t any old egg salad.

This is THE childhood egg salad. Egg salad that you should really make this weekend. The kind that will win friends & influence others. Her egg salad is THAT good though. It’s really the perfect combination. I use organic mayo, but apparently I know nothing?

the nanz' egg salad | by the skinny confidential

LET’S ALSO APPRECIATE the fact that she still very much uses index cards.

You know, you know— those recipe cards? Back in the good, old days when people used to write stuff down?

Like with a feather quill pen.

I kid, I kid.

But seriously index cards are so #TBT, right? Just about as #TBT as the music I listen to & the restaurant we went to tonight ( MADEO…you’re 200 years old but I’m obsessed ).

Regardless, I’m kind of into the vintage, chic, older vibes lately, so please— bring on the index cards. Gotta love the classics.

the nanz' egg salad | by the skinny confidentialthe nanz' egg salad | by the skinny confidential

Anyway, I feel like I have no words here other than to introduce The Nanz.

We filmed this video a couple of months ago ( SWOLLEN ) but we had SO much fun that I had to share the experience.

Overall, she’s such a bright light in my life so I’m thrilled to showcase a bit of her spirit with you guys:


Ok, now we’re asking you: what do you want to see The Nanz cook next? She can really whip up anything. Index cards & all.

Let’s not choose a recipe with mayo though?

She does make a mean meatloaf…thoughts?

Is there anything your grandparents cook that we can re-create on The Skinny Confidential? She would love to share a recipe special to one of you guys =).

Also, The Nanz wakes up every morning & logs on to her computer. She has TSC as her default ( set by yours truly ) so give her a shoutout below ( SHE LOVES ( LOVES ) COMMENTS! ). I’m thinking of going over to her house this weekend & teaching her how to respond to comments…this may or may not require drinking copious amounts of chilled rosΓ©.

Anyway. Thanks for making my grandma feel special guys! She loves you ALL.

lauryn, x

+ get to know The Nanz…& her famous pecans.

++ more recipes like this in TSC Bombshell Body Guide.

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the nanz' egg salad | by the skinny confidential


  1. OMG I have just discovered your blog,and i am obsessed.
    You are such a beautiful person,have just purchased your book.
    I love all your recipes!please make more recipe videos.


  2. Lauryn, I cannot say enough wonderful things about your blog. Besides the variety of your posts, all of which are interesting and dynamic, from shopping to beauty to topics that no one else discusses (but I love that you do!), you stress the importance of family. Most anyone can get behind the excitement that comes with wedding planning, but your relationship with Michael has been a focal point since I started reading your blog, before you were engaged. And your Nanz’s presence on here brightens my day each time she is featured. Grandparents are so important and I love that your blog goes deep in every subject, especially family. And I will watch your Nanz cook anything! TSC is the absolute best!

  3. She is so adorable!! I cook with my Grammy all the time and she literally has some of the coolest recipes and tricks! I definitely learned all my baking tips from her. Thanks for sharing! This looks delicious :)))

  4. Nanz – You are spectacular. A natural in front of the camera. I love Egg Salad and can’t wait to try your version of this treat!

  5. The Nanz is so fabulous, she’s a natural on camera!! This is the kind of egg salad I dream about, why can’t you get it at the whole foods buffet?! How about a cake and some life wisdom next? πŸ˜‰ Happy Friyay!

  6. I love egg salad, this definitely take me back to my childhood. My grandma always made egg salad on potato bread. Yum! I would love to see the Nanz make some type of classic dessert? Or the meatloaf sounds awesome (although my BF despises the stuff I would happily eat it all myself)! πŸ™‚

  7. This looks delicious! She is adorable! I copy my Grandma with the index cards as well – old school never goes out of style πŸ™‚

  8. So old school, but I actually LOVE egg salad. Literally anything with dijon mustard is good in my books. Pickles don’t hurt, either. Also your nan is the cutest!

  9. Naaanz! Love it. Meatloaf recipe next please! =) What a special memory to have of you two recorded!

  10. YES YES YES cornichons are a must in egg salad. Loved the video. One of my favorite things my grandma use to make was biscuits. There is nothing like a warm homemade biscuit <3

  11. I am OBSESSED with your Nanz!! She is the sweetest woman and so sassy and adorable – life goals. My grandmother passed away a few years ago and I miss her beyond words, I’m very envious of the relationship you two get to have, cherish her and please give her a big hug for me in honor of my Gram <3

  12. Omg Lauryn she is so cute and you are very fortunate to have her in your life! Would love to see her more and her take on meatloaf.
    You make an entertaining team,

  13. The Nanz is seriously so adorable and I love that she called us all kitty cats! She is seriously so sweet with the right amount of sass! I love the recipes on the index cards too – it’s refreshing and personal with how digitized everything is these days & really makes it hers. I love it & LOVE the crusts off for a daintier sandwich.

    A fun recipe would be a confetti cake!! I bet she could make an amazing one! Thanks for sharing, Lauryn & of course, the Nanz!! Happy Friday to you both! xx

  14. I LOVE YOU NANZ! I have been reading since 2014 and wanted to have more posts with you on it since Lauryn said y’all were besties πŸ™‚

    Traditional spaghetti sauce recipe please? (vegetarian, preferred).

  15. Oh my gosh, I can’t help but have a huge smile on my face when you feature Nanz! She is just adorable, and your relationship is the sweetest. More Nanz on TSC, please! x

  16. You’re the cutest Nanz!!!!!

    My Grams make this dish that we literally just call “rice dish”… (I’m sure I’m missing things) but it’s a white rice casserole type thing with green chilies, cheese (jack?), condensed milk and I’m sure other really healthy ingredients ;-)… it gets nice and golden brown & crispy on the edges and is the BEST part of holiday leftovers.

  17. Hi Nanz,

    Eggsald is one of my faves- definitely going to try your recipe out!
    Love seeing you and your fabulousness on the blog!

    Meatloaf recipe please!!! (: (: (:


  18. LAUREN! You + The Nanz just made my day! I love how much you love her + how close you guys are. Literally put the biggest smile on my face. I love my grandma like this too. We call her Yans! And she also makes a mean egg salad! Also can’t wait to try her pecan recipe!

  19. Ok! I just came across your blog and I love everything! The Nanz is so cute. I don’t even like egg salad but I had to watch.


  20. The Nanz is so sweet! I love that she is a constant on your blog and snapchat. Can’t wait to see more of her!

  21. I want to comment on how unique and personal your blog is. I’ve stopped reading SO MANY blogs because they fail to find an individual voice, successfully cover a variety of topics, keep up with comments/posting schedule, and ultimately get..well..lazy. None of this applies to you. If anything, this blog, it’s contents and YOU are growing! It’s such a pleasure to witness and be along for the ride πŸ™‚
    Thanks for keeping it genuine, smart, informative and fun.

    XX and love to the Nanz πŸ™‚

  22. Love the NANZ…I miss my Nonnie & Baba. We love egg salad and I make it the exact same way, but I use lettuce to either roll or add to my Sammy. The perfect meat free Monday lunch. I ate it a ton during lent when I gave up meat. My Italian Nonnie always made zucchini bread and that’s my fave recipe of hers…also on an index card written by her..even more special since she passed. Xo

  23. I am totally making it this weekend! Egg salad is a favorite of mine and I never thought to add pickles! Duh.
    Your Grandmother is an absolute doll and I love how close you two are as you don’t see that much these dayz. πŸ™‚
    I think she should whip up HER very favorite item to cook!

  24. I am obssessed with cornishons!!! They are the cutest little pickles and the perfect little snack. Absolutely loved this post. You and The Nanz are so cute. More Nanz, please!!!!

  25. Thanks for sharing. I started my healthier me journey a month ago. So far I have lost 12 pounds by drinking Lyfe Tea. I’m still working toward my goal so all these recipes help me!
    Check it out

  26. I’m gonna make this egg salad this week for the boyfriend! I’m a southern girl from Nashville living in Berkeley now love the southern recipes! ???

  27. I’ve just gotten into egg salad because it’s so easy! I also add some celery for crunch and to get extra veggies in and I add turmeric because it just adds a little bit of yummy taste and is anti inflammatory! I also add parsley on top because herbs are so good for you and just makes it that much prettier!

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