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Get Excited: Nancy Rose Is Giving Away A Hottie Black Getup!

The Skinny Confidential talks Nancy Rose Performance.

The Skinny Confidential talks Nancy Rose Performance.

OOooooh guess what?

Since you guys loved the black getup I’m wearing in this post, I decided to team up with Nancy Rose Performance to bring you a lil giveaway.

One lucky reader will win the ‘Teaser Pant’ or ‘Plank Pant’ and their ‘Boatneck Long Sleeve Top.’ It’s one of the most flattering pair of pants I’ve ever worked out in, so I know you’ll love them! And you guys know how I feel about thumb holes on shirts, so I promise you’ll die over the black top too!

I wear Nancy Rose to the gym, yoga, or even when I’m running errands. It’s easy to sort of go from working out to life in her designs.

The Skinny Confidential talks Nancy Rose Performance.

+++ To win, make sure you:

♡ Like Nancy Rose Performance on Facebook

♡ Follow The Skinny Confidential on Bloglovin’

♡ Leave a comment below telling us your favorite workout!

Good luck babes! xx le

+ Giveaway winner announced 6/23; winner: Jeannie Coffey.

The Skinny Confidential talks Nancy Rose Performance.

  1. Hello TSC and Nancy Rose!

    My favorite way to workout is by far long distance, outdoor running! I especially love running in long sleeves and tight leggings because I live in mostly chilly San Francisco.

    My second, and newest favorite way, to workout is YOGA. I love the way yoga improves my running, stretches me out, RELAXES me, and gives me a whole different, active, healthy, and endorphin-enducing feeling.

    I would sincerely appreciate this trial of performance wear!

  2. Hi!! my ultimate favorite workout is running, I love it soooo much that when I see someone running while I’m driving I get jealous lol!!!! I’m very happy, got the book in the mail today yaaaaay!!!!!

  3. I am addicted to hot yoga – specifically moksha yoga….I physically crave it and it has given me the best body and sleep of my life!

  4. First of all, LOVE your site and Congrats! You two are adorbs.

    Nothing makes me feel stronger than lifting weights for about 20-30 mins, then doing sprints on the treadmill for 30 minutes afterward. I seriously feel like I can conquer the world after that workout!

  5. I’m in love with Pure Barre! I’m an instructor in Ohio and I take class wherever I travel. If there’s no PB, I ltb using the podcasts

  6. Hi Lauryn! My fav workout at the moment is Pilates on the Proformer machine. It’s like the reformer machine on steroids! It’s amazing!
    P.S.- congratulations on your engagement 🙂

  7. Hi Lauryn! My fav workout is Pilates on the Proformer machine. Its like the reformer, but on steroids! I love it!
    P.s. congratulations on your engagement 🙂

  8. I’d love to wear this outfit for a morning vinyasa flow class at an upcoming yoga retreat!

  9. I simply love to lift weights for about an hour 5 times per week. I know other workouts would get me better results but I feel like I put in a good effort during that one hour. Maybe I am too old school, but it is a big effort to get to my work out spot (too hard to work out at home with all the kiddos around) and than to only put in 30 minutes-it just doesn’t seem worth it to me. I am not consistent with my work outs when I try to do HIIT work outs. for most people the short workouts are great and a good time management tool, but for my brain, it is not work the effort, even if I walk away all sweaty.:)

  10. Love, love, love!!! I am an avid runner and desperately need to incorporate more yoga and Pilates into my weekly routine to increase flexibility and prevent injury. This little number would be perfect!!

  11. I love simply just lifting weights but I know I need to add more cardio and stretching on to my routine. with the children’s summer schedule changing I have not made a strong comitment to keep up with my work outs. need to get reorganized and inspired-I am thinking this great outfit would encourage and inspire me;)

  12. I’ve got to be honest, I’m not a crazy fan of running, unless I’m really angry or have a lot of free time and energy!
    My usual workouts are roller derby twice a week for 2 hours, so thats usually my cardio, and then I do a lot of Tone it up workouts and some yoga to help keep everything strong and lean and relaxed!

    Love your blog so much!

  13. Tough question! I’ve been a swimmer since I was little, and there’s nothing like a good swim practice in the morning. But I’ve recently been getting into Pure Barre and yoga, which I love too!

  14. i like running or hiking(or dancing 🙂 as a workout followed up by some pelvic core ab exercises, but i have to admit i’m a volleyball girl at heart. I like yoga, but if I’m not doing my trademarked ‘starfish’ pose I can get a little bit eager/competitive haha. Love the outfit.

  15. My favorite workout is a mix of running and toning exercises. I have been following Tone It Up since the beginning of the year so I do a couple of their workout videos and then run 2-3 miles.

  16. I like running along the lake in the mornings! When the air is still crisp and the birds are out. I follow the Couch to 5k program 🙂

  17. My favorite workout is Hot Yoga! I feel like I get a great stretch and sweat in, always feel so much better after! Would love this yoga wear 🙂 I coach gymnastics and wear this kind of stuff all the time to work so it would be perfect for me! Thanks 🙂

  18. I am a group exercise class chic all the way! I love spinning, kickboxing, yoga, and just about anything in a class setting. However, my next goal is to become a runner. Keep up the wonderful work on your blog. It’s always a joy! Thank you.

  19. I am a group exercise class chic all the way! I love spinning, kickboxing, yoga, and just about anything in a class setting. However, my next goal is to become a runner. Keep up the wonderful work on your blog. It’s always a joy! Thank you.

  20. I love fusion yoga, where I can get a good workout but also leave calm and relaxed, ready to take on anything!

    P.S. congrats on your engagement, enjoy each moment!

  21. My latest obsession has been my barre class! I can’t get enough…I’ve never seen such a transformation in my body, and it’s only been one month! I am officially that annoying person that constantly talks about barre to all my friends… I’m so into that I’ve been contemplating looking into teaching classes. I’m packing up my stuff and moving to sunny San Diego at the end of July, so any suggestions on a good barre or Pilates class would rock my world! And this cute little number that you’re giving away of course 🙂

  22. Hello! I am a little bit spoiled because i live right next to the beach, so my favorite workout is to run on the beach with friends and then after we change into bathing suits and jump in the water! I think its important to have fun with your workouts! 🙂

  23. I would love to win the outfit bc it’s super cute and would be perfect for my barre classes!!

  24. I love indoor cycling. 45 minutes of putting aside all other thoughts except for giving that moment my very best. I leave feeling not only sweaty as heck, but also like the purest version of myself.

  25. I love indoor cycling. 45 minutes of putting aside all other thoughts except for giving that moment my very best. I leave feeling not only sweaty as heck, but also like the purest version of myself.

  26. Right now I’m so obsessed with barre workouts! Pure barre or at home workouts I find on pinterest are my absolute fav. I also just started Kayla Itsines 12 week work out plan! I’m a week in and seriously lovin it!

  27. First of all, love tour site and your fun recommendations! This outfit would be perfect for Pure Barre, and love an outfit I can still wear afterward to grab smoothies with my girls!

  28. TSC and Nancy Rose!

    I love all kinds of exercise from boxing at TITLE to running marathons, but above all that, I love Yoga. I am currently in training to be a RYT and the journey has been incredible thus far. Yoga is a way of life. It is graceful. And grace sets your spirit free. 🙂

  29. Yin Yoga and Heated Flow Yoga are my absolute favorite workouts. Yin is gentle and really helps expand your flexibility, while Heated Flow is a great workout. I also love to add a pup walk or interval run in a couple times a week.

  30. I’m a long distance runner and live for leggings that are both comfortable and adaptable to the finicky San Francisco climate! I balance out my long runs with city biking, yoga and strength training. Really, I just love anything outside. I’m going to Colorado soon where I plan to hike and swim as much as I can. Thanks for this opportunity!

  31. Hey TSC & Nancy Rose!! Love this workout gear. My favorite workout is anything doing hot power yoga. Such a good workout. 🙂 congrats on your engagement.

  32. My favorite workout is some hardcore body rocking! They’re workouts on–I‘m drenched in under 15 minutes and Lisa is so inspiring. I also love running–I just moved back to Texas from Illinois and I’m taking in all the sunshine I can! 🙂

  33. My favorite workout is Pilates (on the reformer, chair, and tower equipment). I always feel stronger, leaner, and revitalized after a Pilates workout.

  34. Hi! My all time favorite way to work out is spin class and soul cycle classes! I go 2-3 times a week and this outfit would be perfect for it! On the other days I don’t have spin, I go for long distance sunrise jogs, do yoga or Pilates! I’m also a full-time nanny for two active boys so this amazing outfit would be perfect for any of my day to day activities!

    Just got your book! Finally! Can’t wait to start it!

  35. I ❤️ barre and hiking/ running adventures with the love of my life and my friends

  36. I’m training for the Great North Run right now (my first half marathon!), and I’ve just started Barre classes, which I love, so either running or Barre!!

  37. My FAVE workout is any type of intense cardio. It’s not necessarily fun but it helps take care of those little anxiety gremlins and leaves me feeling amazing afterwards!


  38. Hi hi! My fav workout would be either a heavy zumba session or a long ashtanga yoga class. Depends on if I am super anxious or just stressed.

  39. Hey TSC!
    My favorite workout is going to yoga & doing Orange Theory Fitness hour long classes which is a great concept that does half the class on the treadmill with intervals and the other half doing weights.
    I would love to win some cute workout clothes!
    xoxo, Ann Marie Francis

  40. My favorite is leg day!

    1.5 mile run
    4*10 squats with weight
    3*20 calf raises
    3*10 hamstring pulls
    3*10 lunges each leg
    3*25 fire hydrants each leg
    Abs of choice!

    Thanks 🙂

  41. My favorite workout is pole dancing! I enjoy it because it makes me feel confident and sexy. It’s also amazing because it builds up great muscle and you get to wear cute outfits and heels 😉

  42. I love Pilates especially Pilates barre, but I also like to incorporate yoga into my weekly routine. A couple times a week I do weights and love doing your arm routine from TSC book, seriously burns so good. This outfit would be perfect for any type of workout, so cute!

  43. I am in need of that fabulous outfit for my Thursday night chest opener yoga class! Shout out to the best yoga studio, JAYoga in LB!

  44. I am a total cardio bunny. I am studying to become a CPT through ISSA so my boyfriend always jokes I will be an ISSA cardio bunny for life haha. HIIT has my heart! It’s not boring and a total game changer in terms of transforming your physique! I also love body weight exercises. Something sexy about using your own strength entirely to build strength!

  45. Hey Nancy Rose and TSC!

    My favorite workout is cross fit! I personally love the intensity of the workout and the sense of community that you get from your gym. Yoga is my favorite Sunday morning workout, because it is so relaxing and I love stretching. Winning the workout attire would be amazing!

  46. Yoga and hiking… riding my horse gives me other exercise as well but unfortunately it doesn’t work quite as well as other forms

  47. Pure Barre! It really works my saddlebag area-I call it my skinny jeans miracle! Or bikram yoga to sweat our all the toxins (mentally and physically)!

  48. Running is definitely my favorite way to burn calories & relieve stress–seems to be the only ‘me’ time when I can truly clear my head, prep for the day/week, and just relax!

  49. Running is by far my favorite way to burn calories! It’s the only true ‘me’ time that I get during the day to clear my head, de-stress, focus on my goals for the day/week, etc.

  50. Hey babes!

    My favorite workouts would definitely have to be Pilates and Bikram yoga – I love elongating my muscles and their natural fibers, in between running. Plus, who doesn’t love the added benefit of a sculpted body from these practices?

    I grew up as a competitive swimmer, so I naturally am inclined to hit the water when summer time comes around. There’s something so soothing and relaxing about propelling your body through water.

  51. Hi there!
    I am a retired dancer, but I still need that stretch and strengthening to release all my necessary endorphins, help my skin glow, and get through my busy days. My absolute favorite workout is anything Barre or Pilates based. There is something so empowering about lengthening and strengthening females muscles, I just cannot get enough!

  52. I love doing yoga and crossfit! Both leave me feeling strong but in different ways. I love the high energy of cross fit class and the zen like state a yoga class can leave me feeling!

  53. Love the nancy rose get-up!! My favorite workout is mixing running intervals around a chain of lakes in Minneapolis with jumping jacks, squats, tricep dips, etc in between intervals!

  54. What an awesome giveaway!!! So excited to participate. When I filled out the Google Form and it asked “Do you follow TSC on Bloglovin?” I wanted to write HELL YEA!!!!!!

    And my favorite workout would be some interval running and then a Tone It Up weight routine:)


  55. My favorite workout is plan running! Gets your heart rate up and is super hard and effective if you’re wanting to get in better shape!! Kicks my ass every time! <3

  56. I love all types of different workouts, but my very, very favorite is getting in a good crossfit class!! I love hiking too, but summer in AZ makes that a little impractical

  57. Paddleboard yoga!!! I live in a beautiful part of British Columbia, where the summers are super hot and sunny…and waking up for some early morning yoga on the such an amazing start to the day!! Doing it on a paddleboard only strengthens your core even more…the balance you need to maintain the entire time is so difficult but definitely worth it 🙂

  58. Hey ya’ll!

    My favorite workout would definitely be just running! It’s my drug, stress reliever, and antidepressant…worth every minute!

    Love the outfit and hopefully I’ll win :]

  59. My FAVORITE workout is hot power vinyasa yoga! Do it everyday!! I’m newly pregnant (14 weeks!! Yay!!) and I would LOVEEEEE to have these classy, comfy, and most important flattering pair of pants and top that lil baby bump will be comfy and look hot in!! 😉 xoxo

  60. Hey ladies!
    My fave workout has to be cardio! I like to run two miles a day. Mixing it up with sprints and doing intervals helps me from getting bored. I also sometimes will throw in some stadiums to mix it up a little bit.

  61. I normally take barre classes and have just recently started taking ballet classes on top of that! Would love to wear this outfit!

  62. My favorite workout, thanks to you, is Barre. I am so in love with these classes now and they have really made a difference in my life. You encouraged me to try them out and now I am obsessed. Thank you 🙂

  63. As a certified Pure Barre teacher I may be a little biased, but my workout of choice is def Pure Barre! There is nothing that a good L.T.B. sesh can’t fix-especially in a cute Nancy Rose outfit! I would def rock this hot little NR number at the barre, while running errands around my cold, foggy city & to my favorite spin class at BodyRok SF! As a workout apparel equal opportunist, and someone who puts her workout leggings through some MAJ wear n’ tear, I tend to favor my Nancy Rose python pants because they DON’T pill! A pant that doesn’t pill is everything. Nancy Rose is the bomb!

  64. My fave workout at the moment is swimming! You feel so relaxed and accomplished after you finish!

    I am a water baby, so being in the ocean/pool outside doesn’t hurt 🙂


  65. I LOVE Pure Barre work-outs, but always have issues finding something solid to wear. Shirts are always too tight, not tight enough, loose in wrong areas, no breathing room, too hot, not enough coverage – Nancy Rose looks SO comfortable. I work out during my lunch breaks so I would love something that I can literally wear right back to work!

  66. My favorite workout is an outdoor bootcamp. I love the fresh air right by the Bay in San Francisco and it’s motivating to have an instructor push you further.

  67. My favorite workout is doing yoga or pilates in a studio, but I have recently become obsessed with Spin and running as I am training for my first Half-Marathon!

  68. I’ll definitely rock this outfit during morning meditation and vinyasa flow 🙂 yoga is absolutely my fav workout!

  69. My favorite workout is definitely weightlifting! Out of my 6 day workout routine, I do 2 days upper body, and 2 days lower body. Lift as heavy as you can ladies! Get strong and lean and gorgeous (not bulky!!)

  70. My favorite way is just mixing up my workouts throughout the week! it keeps me interested and never getting bored. I love RPM classes a couple times a week, pilates, vinyasa, body pump and even barree! My go to workout though is interval running on the treadmill around 5 times a week in addition to the classes or even a few miles outdoors on the days I do yoga.

  71. My favorite way is just mixing up my workouts throughout the week! it keeps me interested and never getting bored. I love RPM classes a couple times a week, pilates, vinyasa, body pump and even barree! My go to workout though is interval running on the treadmill around 5 times a week in addition to the classes or even a few miles outdoors on the days I do yoga.

  72. Hi Lauryn! My new favorite work out is Fly Barre. I was a spin instructor at school but when I graduated I found it hard to find time to teach with work. I also have some back problems and even though everyone says to do Pilates my gym has the worst hours! So I found Fly Barre and Im obsessed. ITs the perfect combination of what I need and at the right time. The cost is a bit much but I figure it is an investment on myself and I have never seen results like this! Got me right on track for summer. I would love to wear this to my classes.

    Congrats on your engagement!

  73. I have so many favorite workouts but lately I have been hooked on Tone It Up’s Bikini Series workouts. They are so great for getting everything nice and tight! Their inner and outer thigh workout by far though is my fave!

    I also love running and have been doing so much of it since I am planning on running my first 10K in September in Clarendon, VA. It is always such a great way to end the day.

    On my active rest days I love to take hikes or kayak when the weather is nice (especially along the Potomac in Georgetown). It is so relaxing even though you are still getting a workout!

    Hopefully this summer I will finally get to learn how to paddle board since that is on my list of active things to do as well as take a few Barre classes!

    Thanks again Lauryn!

  74. Ub-sessed with those plank pants and the boatneck top! Since I work out 5 days a week, it would be amaze to have something to rock both to yoga/pilates and then running errands. Namaste!

  75. My fav by far is hiking! Music or no music, always my four footed bestie and walk, walk, walk – around lakes, up mountains, through the woods.. So relaxing, and the best happy boost. You get therapy and a work out at the same time 🙂

  76. Love me some pure barre (lift. tone. buuuurrrrrrnnnnn babbbyy). The pure barre playlists are ah-mazeballs. Currently obsessing over Rather Be by Jess Glynne!! Check it out.

  77. Hello! My favorite work out is outdoor Vinyasa Flow Yoga! It can get chilly at night or early in the morning so this outfit would be perfect! I LOVE these pieces and so many other work out pieces from Nancy Rose. I would LOVE a new outfit to rave about to all my friends and clients!!!

    Xoxo- Heidi

  78. Love this giveaway! My favourite way to work out is by taking a spin or barre class. Need the motivation from an instructor! Thanks for the contest!

  79. My favorite workout right now is short, intense workouts with high weights! I love the feeling of being sore the next day and knowing that I really pushed myself!

  80. My favourite workouts are walking and running! But, right now I am doing Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide and am loving it! I’m on week 5 and am already seeing a huge difference and am feeling really good also. The more I follow it, the more energy I have! I would absolutely would love to win these beautiful pieces!

  81. My favorite workout is anything that keeps it interesting, challenging, breaks a sweat and makes me feel stronger and leaner. I enjoy doing HIIT workouts combined with Pilates (HIIT- Ilates) followed by some lightweight strength training and a nice good intense run. No matter which workout I do my favorite ones will always be ones that are balanced and push me to the next level, while still being fun. I have been adding yoga to the mix as well because it helps stretch, strengthen and bring that needed balance to it all.

  82. My favorite workout by far is reformer pilates. I enjoy the occasional run, workout in the gym, or hot yoga class, but NOTHING sculpts my body like pilates!

    I grew up dancing and first discovered mat pilates in college – it was a perfect complement to my dance classes/lifestyle. Now I prefer the reformer; I love how a lot of the exercises/moves remind me of dancing and that time in my life!

  83. My favorite workout by far is reformer pilates. I enjoy the occasional run, workout in the gym, or hot yoga class, but NOTHING sculpts my body like pilates!

  84. I love your blog and am so excited about this give-away! My fav workout is tabata. I love the variety that you can do with the workouts!

  85. My favorite workout is hot yoga! I am a special education teacher so it helps me decompress from my day while doing some self care. It is the perfect balance and combination. 🙂

    Thank you!

  86. Hi! So I’ve always done the same work out routine which has been 40 minutes elliptical 10 minutes arm/machines & 10 minutes of abs. However recently I have started incorporating heavier weight lifting including bench press, squats, dead lift and pull ups. I have noticed a HUGE difference in my body definition. I am still burning a lot of calories when I lift heavy weights. Honestly it leaves me completely out of breath. I used to be afraid that I would bulk up and look manly if I weight lifted but girls don’t bulk the same way that men do. I would absolutely love the Nancy Rose workout outfit!

  87. Hi!!!

    I love yoga and distance running…those are my go to, but anything outside including hiking and rowing keep things exciting!

  88. My favorite workout is The Bar Method every day before work and modern/jazz/contemporary dance on the weekend and evenings.

    It has replenished my soul after a very hard year.

  89. My favourite workout is definitely yoga. I always leave feeling 100x better than when I arrived. It also helps with other exercise like running by giving me a good stretch. I especially love hot yoga because I am better able to relax into the poses.

  90. The workouts that get me going are The Bar Method and my modern/jazz/contemporary dance classes. It has turned around a very tough year and given me a new perspective on life and health.

  91. Hi!!! My favorite thing to do is workout early every morning! It allows me to have so much energy throughout the day. Im obsessed with my ankle weights! I can bring them anywhere aka I can always workout! Although, I have a bad knee I don’t let that stop me from working out 6 days a week! 🙂

  92. My favorite workout is anything by Blogilates (Cassey Ho). Her workouts are always exciting and entertaining. She makes working out a lot less boring! I’m also starting to really enjoy running and biking.

  93. My favorite way to workout is now Purre Barre! I’ve always been a ballet dancer and love how Purre Barre is a mix of ballet and pilates!

  94. My favorite workout is either doing Blogilates videos on youtube (her HIIT routines kick your ass) or hot yoga (going tomorrow morning!) I would totally rock these clothes on hikes with friends, to yoga, and going to target!

  95. Hi! 🙂 most recently I have really gotten into running. But there is no feeling like finishing a turbo fire class! Makes you feel super accomplished!

  96. My favorite overall workout program (who can pick just one!) is below:

    Spin & TRX
    Day of rest



  97. I think my favorite work out is one shared with my man! He likes to do yoga, and I like to do High Intensity/Energy workouts, and we both run. So we each pick one, and sometimes we do both in one day!

  98. Hi TSC & Nancy!

    I totally love your blog and I actually looked for your book here in Vienna, I only found Laurens “style” book but to be honest I like your style more…hope I can you can get it to Europe soon 😉

    My Fav workout rutine is Strength Training I love working out with weight, I am so in love with mobility, Primal exercises & of course Yoga!!!

  99. Hi! TSC & Nancy!

    I love your blog and Nancy clothing 🙂

    My Fav workout is def Strength Training! I am so in love with movement, I actually teach it, i love also primal exercises and of course….Y O G A

  100. I’m a member of Corepower Yoga Studio in Maryland and I love to take their 75 minute C2 and Yoga Sculpt classes. I’d love to wear this for their yoga classes! Great contest!

  101. My favorite workout is the HIIT the Beach workout from Tone It Up. They’re amazing at keeping me motivated and the workout kicks my butt! I feel like I’ve worked every muscle in my body after!

  102. How can you get past a good old weights session at the gym, typically preceded by a light jog to get the heart rate up! I especially love squats and the subsequent burn hiking up the stairs at work for the next few days!

  103. Lauryn,

    Can I first say you are seriously amazing! I love your blog, your dedication, your knowledge, and the hard work you put into this! You are inspiring and motivational. Last year I lost 25 lbs and started up a little fitness instagram to try and help people with the knowledge I had to desperately search for to lose weight. I would love to win because I am in need of fitness clothes. I love Nancy Rose! Please choose me my favorite work out is spin class!

  104. Lauryn,

    Can I first say you are seriously amazing! I love your blog, your dedication, your knowledge, and the hard work you put into this! You are inspiring and motivational. Last year I lost 25 lbs and started up a little fitness instagram to try and help people with the knowledge I had to desperately search for to lose weight. I would love to win because I am in need of fitness clothes. I love Nancy Rose! Please choose me my favorite work out is roll out abs! it tones so quick!

  105. My favourite workout would have to be videos on blogilates she’s amazing and has a whole range of videos

  106. My favorite workout is really doing anything active. it all depends on what I’m feeling that day. Sometimes it’s just running around at the park with my dog. Other days its yoga or going to the gym with my boyfriend if I’m wanting a more intense workout. Being active everyday is key!

  107. Running and yoga! I also love a good boot camp (Camp Gladiator is my fav), I’m super competitive so getting on a field with a bunch of people and running around is awesome!

  108. My favorite workout is Andre’s hot yoga core class at FIT. Bummed he just stopped teaching it, but I still practice on my own!

  109. My super favorite workout of all time? Meet me at the barre…works everything I’ve ever wanted to work in 1 workout. You’d find me in this elegant outfit at my mini barre home studio where I teach some of my barre classes!

  110. My favorite workouts are all outdoors! Mountain biking, road biking, paddle boarding, yoga on the paddle board and running! Yoga in general!!

  111. My favorite workout? Definitely Megaformer Pilates. Classes leave you sore for days, are only 45 minutes long, so it’s over before you know it, and the moves challenge you to the point where you’re shaking like your whole body is on vibrate. Needless to say, it’s a pretty addicting workout, and who wouldn’t love that?!

  112. My favorite workout includes 30 min of cardio followed by weights and a core workout. Ever since reading TSC I’ve incorporated the workouts in the book as a part of my weights/core 3-4 days a week.
    My other favorite is Yoga! Which I try to do 2 days a week.

  113. Helllllo cute gym clothes!

    My aboalute fave workout is HIIT! High calorie burn, boosts the metabolism, and ups your endurance! The satisfaction after completing a HIIT workout leaves me happy all day.


  114. My favorite workout would have to be squats and russian twists. I love your blog and congrats on your engagement!! PS your name is awesome since I have the same name of course haha

  115. I love both yoga and crossfit! Both make me feel strong and lean but in different ways.
    I love the high energy, high intensity of a crossfit class and that it focuses in interacting with others in your class.
    However, I also love the slower pace and focus on one’s self that makes up the principals of a yoga practice. Plus you can’t beat the zen like state that you feel after taking a yoga class!

  116. I love Barre, hot yoga (or any yoga) and pilates. Would love a new hottie outfit to rock while I’m fetting sweaty!

  117. Favorite workout…. A good surf session. Doesn’t even feel like a work out! But if the ocean isn’t near, a good run is nice too.

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