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My Magic Elixir ( & A LAME Excuse )

detox drink 3 | by the skinny confidential

detox drink | by the skinny confidential

I lied.

The boob job post will be up tomorrow night not today.

Don’t kill me k.

After reading through your questions yesterday, I became overwhelmed. Why? Well, because I want to make sure I answer all the questions & to be honest, it’s a personal post. In the past, when I share a personal post with the Internet ( world? ), I have to wrap my head around it.

Have you ever had something that takes a while to wrap you head around? This post is one of those things.

How do I wrap my head around things? I clean. So today, I cleaned.

A lot.

So forgive me, my dog ate my blog post.

Give me until tomorrow.

Basically it’s occupied my mind all day, so tomorrow I can hopefully do it ‘right.’

detox drink 5 | by the skinny confidential

IN OTHER NEWS, can we talk about this herbal concoction? I’m really, so in love with it.

( This is so not sponsored. Actually, my friend, Steve, recommended I try this when I endured that annoying jaw infection ).

This has been my magic elixir all through my jaw journey ( still swollen, by the way! So you know, that’s fun ). DEFINITELY would recommend this to anyone who needs to clean out. As always check with a doctor, do your own research, you get it, etc.

When I find a product I like, I REALLY COMMIT TO IT. You can see this via Snapchat.

So it’s no surprise that I am committed to adding this elixir to my tea at least 5 days a week.

When Steve recommended it, I ran ( he literally said run ) to the nearest Whole Foods to find Flor-Essence, I did my own research. Here’s what I found:

♡ enables the body to effectively remove toxins and wastes.

♡ helps the body achieve a new, vibrant equilibrium.

♡ assists with improved digestion, more energy, a brighter complexion and deeper sleep.

♡ a formula that is safe and effective for everyday use, short term and long term.


Steve was right. This stuff works. GREAT actually.

I add about 2 ounces to decaf peppermint tea at night. My night routine goes something like this: magnesium ( <<< IN LOVE ), magic elixir plus tea, & most nights a gelatin supplement.

detox drink 2 | by the skinny confidential

For anyone who’s curious, here are the ingredients: organic burdock root, sheep sorrel herb, slippery elm bark, watercress herb, Turkish rhubarb root, organic kelp, blessed thistle herb, & red clover blossom. Basically herbs & roots.

The end goal of drinking this is to feel rejuvenated & clean up the immune system. And lemme tell ya, that’s exactly how you feel after a couple of sippity sips. This magic elixir really keeps everything moving ( LOL ) & rids the body of toxins ( GENTLY! ). You can read more on Flor-Essence here.

Alright, I’m off to drink some carrot Kombucha & watch a re-run of Seinfeld.

Chat tomorrow!

lauryn x

detox drink 1 | by the skinny confidential

  1. Have you tried the spiced apple cider celestial tea???? O.M.G. If not, do so now! It’s SO good! And I’m on the Whole30 and its approved so it’s double good! But it’s 1,000 times better than anything at the ‘bucks!

    1. Thanks Mallory! I love celestial! SO GOOD. Thanks for the tip. Perfect flavor for the upcoming holiday season.

  2. I NEED to try this ASAP!! It’s officially in my cart on Amazon! I have been looking at getting a oil diffuser and I can’t wait for your post on it to read what you think and suggest!

  3. Hi Lauryn! I’ve seen the Flor-essence but never tried it as it seemed like an old folk remedy (weird I know haha), but now I can’t wait to try it!
    I’m curious what you think about MSM powder? I heard of it while researching stuff for jaw surgery… but it’s good for hair, skin and nails as well!

    1. Hi Michelle, I’ve never tried it. What is it? Shoot me an email about it to


  4. Love this post, but also cannot wait for the boob job post. I’ve literally been toying with the idea for some time now.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

  5. Oooo I really HOPE Wholefoods here in London, UK sell this! I just had a 1.5 hr massage to get rid of toxins but I think I need this too!

  6. Lauryn, this may or may not be up your alley, but I would recommend some CBD oil/edible/tincture for your jaw. It is an all natural anti inflammatory and works better than anything I have ever tried. Although it does come from a cannabis plant, it is non-psychoactive it has little to no THC, only enough to activate the CBD’s. I SWEAR by this. I had a bad case of bronchitis in the winter and actually coughed so hard, I tore the lining of my lung. The pain was excruciating!! The doctor’s had no real remedy for me, besides to shove my body full of advil all day, to reduce the inflammation so the lung had a chance to heal, and to use a heating pad. When this carried on for two and a half weeks I finally gave in and tried some of my boyfriend’s CBD infused chocolate. I woke up the next morning feeling COMPLETELY better. Here’s a link with some more facts for you! There are a TON of other healing properties in it and is best known for combating tumors and cancer cells, and obviously the anti-inflammatory properties.

    feel better xx

  7. This is an indeed good product but I would suggest you try CBD. This will be also beneficial for your health and body. I have tried CBD for my anxiety and I feel so relaxed after taking it regularly.

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