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My Latest Wellness Rituals For Pregnancy

My Latest Wellness Rituals For Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a real bitch sometimes because there’s a lot of stuff you ‘shouldn’t’ do. Like what, you ask? Saunas, The Cold Plunge, red light therapy, lay on a PEMF mat & even some herbs & essential oils are out.

Such a bummer, but there are still lots of things you can do for self-care & to make you feel wellnessy. Rituals & routines are THE MOVE, especially when you’re pregnant & need to take care of yourself just a little bit more. You should know these are all things you can do even if you’re not pregnant, of course. And if that’s you & you’re interested in The Cold Plunge stalk this post to learn all about the benefits & how to get one.

As I mentioned on a recent Instagram post, I want to share what’s been working for me during pregnancy #2. I’m also going to share codes for you guys to shop too ( totally inspired by @itsmetinx ).

Sidenote: you gotta check out her episode on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast. She’s the real deal, so much fun & dives deep into her almost overnight TikTok success.

Anyway, let’s get into all the things that have been working well lately.

My Latest Wellness Rituals For Pregnancy:

♡  Meditations by @drjoedispenza  – the 24 minute one.

♡ Lots of reading – get a Kindle to help you read more.

Love the white one. HOT TIP: put a pop socket on the back to support your wrist.

♡ Breath Work by @iceman_hof.

Read more about it here & stalk his podcast episode here.

♡ Grounding, being in nature, fresh air.

So underrated. For more on ways you can ground yourself check out this post. And if you’re not pregnant & interested in a PEMF mat, head to & enter code THESKINNY10GIFT at checkout for 10% off, free shipping + a free gift.

Ginger Pique Tea

( use code SKINNY for 5% off + free shipping ) with Beekeeper’s Naturals honey ( use code SKINNY for 25% off your first order ).

♡ Walking every day.

I do this with a friend, Michael, Zaza, or by myself.

Cymbiotika B12 & liquid gold.

If you want to know more about this company be sure to listen to the founder on the podcast. You can create a custom bundle for 30% off & use code SKINNY for an extra 15% off. If you want to

Get Off Your Acid Minerals.

Here’s another episode where you can listen to the founder, Dr. Daryl Gioffre talk about reclaiming your health & wellness.

Summer Fridays, Osea and Skin & Senses skincare.

Ritual prenatal vitamins.

Use the code BOSSTICK10 for 10% off your first 3 months. For more on why I love Ritual check out this post.

♡ Weight-lifting.

Love seeing my trainer Brent in Austin. He is all about lowering cortisol & weight-lifting without screaming at you in a dark room. For more on why we love him check out this podcast episode & his interview on the blog.

Body brush from Pellequr with the body massage tool from Dela Heart.

Use THE ICE QUEEN FACE OIL while you’re doing it. My god, it’s a game-changer.

Gangster Chic inulin.

Long time fan of this. It’s a prebiotic & I like to have it in my coffee or sprinkle it on top of my fruit in the morning. My friend Ingrid is the founder & if you want to know more about inulin & how it works go stalk her Instagram @ingriddelamarekenny. She provides SO MUCH information, for FREE, & you can really learn so much about hormonal health & if her products are right for you.

Audible books & podcasts.

Get the white Bose noise-cancelling headphones & thank me later.

Canopy x The Skinny Confidential humidifier.

Cute, pink, won’t grow mold, just the prettiest humidifier you could ever ask for. Tons of skin benefits too. More here & use code SKINNY10 for 10% off your order.


Life-saver if you run puffy or are pregnant. It instantly depuffs & soothes the skin while increasing circulation. It holds the cold for so long too. It’s the Rolls-Royce of ice rollers.

Just Thrive probiotics.

Get 15% off with the code SKINNY.

♡ Yoga by Melissa Wood Health.

If you’re pregnant or post-partum, Melissa is your new go-to. She has tons of gentle workout videos for when you need to be careful with your body. These WORK. Don’t let the word gentle fool you. She offers a 7-day free trial too. If you like it use the code LAURYNXMWH for 25% off your annual membership.

♡ Facial massage & facial acupuncture.

I see Brooke at The Road in Austin for this.

♡ Sun Life Organics açaí bowl & @khalilrafati spicy bone broth

Arrae bloat herbs.

Use code SKINNY for 10% off a one-time purchase or 25% off your first month’s subscription. Listen to the podcast episode with the founders on how they built this niche business from the ground up.

The Preggers Pantry roller ball, Nosh body scrub & K’pure essential oils.

♡ Practicing stoicism.

Check out The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday to help with this.

Noy Skincare or The Golden Secrets gua sha tools.

♡ Freezing cold showers.

Just try it. It’s so invigorating & wakes you the fuck up. If you can’t do 3 minutes of this, start by a cold blast to finish off your shower.

Sakara Life chlorophyll.

Use code SKINNY for 20% off your first order.

♡ Workouts by @kimkellyfit, @parkerpilates, @bodiesbybrentatx.

♡ Phone on airplane mode for days & like throwing it in the fucking closet to live my life.

Can’t help but share all the obnoxious specifics that benefit my life so much. What are you favorite rituals that you swear by? What should I add.

x, lauryn

+ check out these 10 things I love about being pregnant.

++ stalk how I lost my pregnancy weight with Zaza.


  1. I read SO MUCH more after buying the kindle you recommended, but never thought to add a pop socket to one. It sounds like such a game changer!! Will def have to try!💕

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