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Lauryn Evarts, fitness, fashion, health blogger with tips and tricks on how to lose weight.

Some of you have asked about my fitness/health story…Don’t worry, I won’t write a full-blown biography. I’ll make it quick ; ).

I grew up in San Diego, which in my opinion, is a pretty health conscious city. People are always moving; they’re surfing, outdoors, hiking, at the gym, &/or swimming on the reg. You are what you surround yourself with, so residing in SD has definitely been an advantage: most of my family & friends are constantly active & practice clean eating. Anyways, throughout my childhood I did the whole ballet/tennis/soccer thing [ weird, right? *sarcasm* ]. LOVE tennis [ << thx mom & dad ; ) ].

Shortly after high school, my god-mom, Jen, asked if I was interested in tagging along to a spin class. Since the elliptical was my go-to, mixing it up sounded appealing.

One of the best things about the class was the energy. It was full of fitness lovers, motivating music, & a no BS, balls to the walls, boot-camp type of instructor.

I’ve always been sort-of anxious, it’s not necessary diagnosed anxiety, but just an uneasy feeling. Working out quelled that feeling immediately.

So I joined the gym, participated in tons of different workouts, & then discovered Pure Barre. For about a year & half I taught the effective workout which is based on isometric movements. Now I teach proformer Pilates [ I’m obsessed ].

Somewhere in between attending SDSU [ for TV broadcasting/theatre ], modeling, & teaching, The Skinny Confidential was born. At such a large college there were practically no healthy options; everything I ate needed modification. The Freshmen 15 30 40 is no joke- so many girls go away to school, completely uninformed on healthy eating. TSConf is all about fitness, diet modifications/substitutions, fashion, creating, photography, blogging, beauty, & clean living. Pretty much I’m trying to help people make healthy decisions when it comes to food & exercise. More on my blogging journey here.

As of now, I am working towards because a certified fitness nutritionist with the International Sports & Science Association, writing for the Skinny Bitch ladies, & helping bring awareness to health as a FitFluential ambassador.

Let’s just say this…I’ve always been that annoying girl using Starbucks’ green tea to chase tequila shots…instead of sugary, concentrated cranberry juice… ; )



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  1. Lara

    Your hair looks amazing! How did you grow it so long, and how long did it take? Thanks for all your inspiration!

  2. maggie

    If I just submitted my email address today, will I not get the newsletter till next month?

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  4. Liza

    Please subscribe me! 🙂 Also, if you have any “The Skinny Confidential” workshop classes, etc. here in San Diego…let us know! My friends and I would LOVE to attend! Thanks

  5. Alexa Jackson

    I would love to gets the newsletter! Also, I love ballet and have always wanted to try a “barre fitness”class. Unfortunately they do not offer them where I live. Are there any DVDs you suggest? Thank you and absolutely love your blog!

  6. emilia

    Hye Lauryn! very interesting story. I myself went through the health and fitness plan. I want you to plz help me I am going through treatment by following this website. someone else wants to try plz visit

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  8. Olivia

    You should do a post on ways for girls to eat healthy in college! With the modifications that you mentioned in this post ……….

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  11. Gina

    Love, love the site. Would really love the newsletter–sign me up! I have my M.S. in Health and Wellness Promotion. And I’m MCHES certified…soooo, this is near and dear to my heart. 🙂

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  14. Marissa

    Love this, you’re such an inspiration. My blog has been up and running for just a couple months now, and yours is my ideal inspiration. Keep it up girl <3

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