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My Eyebrow Routine + Tinting Questions Answered

eyebrow tutorial | by the skinny confidential

eyebrow tutorial | by the skinny confidential

Let’s talk about my favorite subject, shall we?


Eyebrows seem like they’re simple but honestly they’re actually far from simple.

SURE, they’re not the most interesting thing in the world BUT if you really think about it they frame your entire face.

OK, so let’s talk specifics: TINT, SHAPE, BROW GEL, & EYEBROW POWDER.

eyebrow tutorial | by the skinny confidential

As some of you guys know I shared a little peek into my brow scene on Snapchat.

I explained that brow tinting is like dying your hair, but dying your brows ( you can also tint lashes but I don’t recommend this at home & I’ve never tried it…anyone know anything about this? ).

See here if you missed it:


Basically I explained the magic of tinting. I’ve shared tidbits here & there on The Skinny Confidential about brow tinting but I’ve never really dedicated a full post to the random subject.

If you’re on a budget & can’t afford to have a professional tint your brows, no worries.

When I was in college, I used to tint my brows all the time at home with an $11 dollar brow kit.

You don’t want to over do it & end up looking like Frida Kahlo ( WHICH actually isn’t a bad thing at all— I love how she rocked her brows ) but most people look better with a little less brow than Ms. Frida.

Of course you also don’t want tadpoles!…

Ok, let’s get started!

Here are my tips for at-home tinting:

1.) Make sure you use eyebrow tint, NOT hair tint. Also, if you have an event on Friday, do it Tuesday night. It’s strong the first two days ( which I love but some people hate ).

2.) Start with clean, makeup-free brows. You can apply a thin layer of coconut oil around your eyebrows to prevent staining your skin if you want. Sometimes the tint sort of stains the skin ( don’t worry it usually comes off the next day ).

3.) I prefer this kit ( it’s $13 dollars & LASTS a while ) in ‘medium brown.’ If you don’t like your brows bold, opt for ‘light brown.’ If you have super dark hair, go for ‘dark brown.’ Easy.

4.) Empty the color capsule in a small mixing bowl & add the same amount of developer cream. Simply use the tiny wooden stick ( it comes with the kit ), mix it into a paste.

5.) Start at the beginning of the brow ( because you want it darker at the beginning ) & slowly bring it all the way to the tip of the brow. Brace yourself because you look a little weird with the tint on your face. LOL.

6.) After you’ve covered all your eyebrow hairs, stop ( don’t go overboard on this ). I like to leave it on for one minute. Sometimes a minute & 20 seconds if I’m feeling bold.

7.) After the minute, use a cotton ball to remove it towards your ear, across your face.

8.) Then give it a harder removal with another cotton ball. Press harder for second removal.

9.) Do the same exact thing to the other brow.

10.) Your brows will be dark & bold. Wait an hour. Then wash your face. Trust me the next day or two you will loveeeeee it. The first day is always too bold for me. I prefer the second to third day.

** if it’s too dark for you wash it off strongly with a wash cloth & coconut oil || if they aren’t dark enough, just do the whole process again! I like to do this every 2 to 4 weeks.

Since I got some questions on Snapchat about my brows I figured I would film a full on tutorial on the subject, so here ya go:

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If you guys want to see me in action tinting my brows, I’m happy to share on YouTube. Just let me know!

If you’re too scared to tint your brows at home but want to know what all the fuss is about, do baby steps. Try out TINTED BROW GEL! I like that too if I’m in a pinch.

ALSO, brush your brows upward instead of laying them down ( it’s my new thing, & I’m obsessed! ). It opens the face.

What are your top secret brow tips? I feel like if we all went to Happy Hour together this would be one of my main questions. We’d do a champagne cheers & then jump right into everyone’s eyebrow experiences.


Read more about my eyebrow escapades here & here ( << my 2015 routine ).

Ok! I’m off to pack for Create + Cultivate. Who’s going?! See you soon, Dallas!

X lauryn

PRODUCTS USED: brow tint | clear gel | powder | brush | highlighter stick | dewy highlighter ( MY FAVORITE! ) | concealer

+ More makeup tips can be found in The Skinny Confidential Book.

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eyebrow tutorial | by the skinny confidential

eyebrow tutorial | by the skinny confidential

  1. Lauren! Not everyone has such amazing natural brow shape as you do! Any times for filling them in when you have to a little more work on the shape?

    1. Try using Latisse! It’s a brow grower. I also take Biotin : )). Eating clean foods will make your hair grow, grow, grow too!! xx

  2. I’m really loving how you’ve darkened up your roots! It looks so good! Is that your natural shade growing in or did you have it tinted?

  3. I’ve been dying my lashes for years it is absolutely amazing; I definitely recommend to anyone. I almost never use mascara, which is a game changer getting ready everyday. Dying really lengthens and thickens. It lasts me a month in the summer and two months in the winter bc of the sun intensity, but I take really good care of them eg sunglasses, hats to protect from sun, don’t wash them often, don’t pull down on them, all recommendations from my stylist. Definitely try if you have a well known salon that does it!

  4. LOVE the 90s brow!! If I have dark eyebrows already, do you think tinting them would make a difference? Also, random question…how in the world do you get more than one line of writing on Snapchat? I’ve been dying to figure it out and can’t for the life of me!! Thanks!

    xo Annie

  5. You have the most amazing brows! A product I’m OBSESSED with is Gimme Brow by Benefit. It’s a super lazy way to shape and tint your brows.

  6. Living in the middle east I am surrounded by women whose brows are allllwaays on point, I have serious brow envy. I go for henna tints all the time, and I love how it’s natural, plus they can work magic on my little bobby pin eyebrows.


  7. I got a great tip from reading an article that Kristin Ess published where she recommends using a semi-permanent hair dye like Clairol Naturals. It’s A-MAZING. One box of dye at $6-7 lasts a whole year because you only need a little bit for each tint session. Just unscrew the caps instead of breaking the seal on top to save the rest of the unused dye for next time. I like to use disposable gloves during the process to ensure that the dye doesn’t get all over my hands, especially if I have a fresh manicure. I’m a platinum blonde but like a bolder brow, so I go for the medium cool brown shade if they have it. Cool shades always look better for brow tints, IMO. I also keep a bunch of Q Tips nearby to swipe off extra dye that always creeps off the hairs onto the skin around the brows. This ensures that the dye only gets on the skin where you want it (i.e. where you have bald patches, which I definitely do). The hair dye thickens the brows, too, so overall, it just makes your brows look amazing.

  8. Love your brows, they look great! Great tutorial too. I love Anastasia Dipbrow pomade for mine but your tutorial is making me miss MAC shadows for brows!

  9. I am sooooooo glad you did this post! I swear by tinting {like you, I get mine tinted when I am getting a wax} but I can get so behind on appointments, and I noticed the tint fades fast. I never, ever, ever considered about doing it at home so I am def purchasing the one you linked. It sounds perfect for “in-between” sessions. I also loved your tip on how to do the brow gel and brushing the hairs up. Your brows are seriously incredible so I LOVED seeing your process!

    I am BIG about brows. I spend about 15 minutes, at least, a day on them. I find they are the anchor to your face and I can easily not wear any other makeup other than mascara and lip gloss and be totally good! A tip I have with brows is Billion Dollar Brows Brow Boost. It is a primer and a conditioner so I find it helps makeup to glide right over it. I also put it on nightly and I find it helps with making them grow? Who knows. PS – that sounds like the best happy hour ever, btw #bubblesandbrows

    Enjoy Dallas! xx

  10. YES eyebrow tinting!! I only started doing it about 3 months ago but I LOVE the results. I have these blonde, wispy eyebrows that just disappear, so tinting for me has really made a difference in making my daily look just a little bolder.

    I go to Benefit’s Brow Bar for a wax and a tint every 3 weeks or so, and they do an amazing job, highly recommend it for anyone looking for some brow help (I also use their brow filler and pencil). They also do lash tinting which I’m still kind of scared about, but have been thinking of giving it a try!

  11. I had far too many years in middle school of too heavy brows so I’m a little wary of this, but I’m going to take a baby step with that tinted brow gel!

  12. Loved your post! Would you mind sharing where you got the lipstick stand … Brand please?

  13. Hi Lauryn! Loving your website/Snaps/great brows! I have the opposite problem with mine however; I’m naturally a brunette but due my hair a light blonde. I recently went even lighter and now feel like my natural dark brown brows are way too harsh for my face. Do you have any tips on lightening them? I’m worried regrowth the will look weird! Thanks!

  14. I threw out my anatashia brow gel as soon as I tried….wait for it….Mary Kay brow gel. It is THE BEST and your brows will not budge all day. I really think you would love it and you can get it on amazon for $15.

  15. Love this post, but just a slight quibble: “90s style” is actually small, super thin eyebrows (like Drew Barrymore or Gwen Stefani had). Maybe you meant 80s style? Anyway, keep up the fabulous posts!

  16. If you have fluffy brows it’s a great option to get blanket coverage and likewise if your hairs are coarse waxing can be a less painful choice than having each individual hair threaded.

  17. your natural shade look so beautiful.
    so perfect. I did powder brows 2 months ago and it looks the same

    thank you for sharing


  18. Brows trends in the 90s were NOT bushy and thick. Most everyone wanted a high arched eyebrow that was plucked thin and defined. Eye brow pencil was not available in stores and eyebrow gel was only clear!

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