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My Exact Korean Skincare Routine and Why I Love It

My Exact Korean Skincare Routine

Recently I went to the most amazing facialist in Austin named Jamie. She owns Imaje Skin Ritual and she gave me an incredible buccal massage, lymphatic drainage and dropped some major tricks of the trade when it comes to Korean skincare. To say I’m obsessed with the routine and products she gave me is an understatement. I’m noticing such a change in my skin. But first, let’s dive deeper.

What is Korean Skincare:

The whole concept of Korean skincare lies in respecting your skin, taking extreme care of it, and using products and practices for the long haul. It focuses on prevention and protection, which we’re all about. It’s true that Korean skincare can involve many steps (even 12) but it doesn’t have to. The main steps are: cleanse, hydrate, nourish, protect. {via}

The ‘glass skin’ look is all the rage right now and after seeing Jamie and following the regimen she gave me, I’m here to tell you my skin is clearer, more vibrant and definitely looking glassy.

In this post I want to break down Jamie’s exact instructions and share all the Korean skincare products I’ve been using.

My Korean Skincare Routine:

♡ Double Cleanse:

Bare Beauty Cleansing Oil (PM only)

(30 sec – 1min) Apply oil cleanser to dry face. Work oil all over face. Use gentle circular motions and focus on any areas of congestion or heavy makeup. 

(30 sec) Slowly add water to emulsify the oil, it will turn into a white milky consistency. Make sure to fully emulsify and finally rinse clean

If you’re new to double cleansing we have all the detailed instructions in this post for you. Remember to use your baby wash cloths to keep your skin free from any gross reside or bacteria from your normal body towels.

Other cleansing oils/balms I like: Elemis & Living Libations.

♡ Cleanse:

HYDRA Exosome Cleanser (PM)

(30 sec – 1 min) Apply second cleanser to dried face, about a dime size. Spread thoroughly all over face and neck. Add water to lather. Thoroughly cleanse and rinse clean. 

You can do this in the AM too, which I recently got in trouble for ‘not’ doing by Staci Christie. More on that here.

For AM cleansing, rinse face with warm water or use a clean soft face towel with warm water. Jamie uses clean skin club towels for this.

♡ Exfoliate:

Le Mieux Perfect Renewal Pads. (PM only) – Dump entire bottle into pad container. Let pads soak up exfoliant completely.

2-3 times a week after cleansing, swipe exfoliation pad throughout face. These pads are very thin so be sure you’re only using 1 at a time. I also love Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads.

♡ Prep:

Melavita-C Toner (AM + PM)

Apply a generous handful and press into face. Use as much as your skin wants to absorb. Allow face to absorb until almost completely dry, when skin is still tacky, apply serums.

♡ Treat:

Melavita -C (AM)  / Power PEP (PM)

Use 1 dropper full and apply to face and neck and décolletage. Allow face to absorb until almost completely dry, when skin is tacky apply next step.

♡ Protect: 

Melavita-C Lotion (3-5 pumps) 

Apply moisturizer to lock everything in. Follow with SPF for daytime. 

SPF: Beauty of Joseon

Apply 2-3 fingers worth for face/neck/decolletage. Reapply every 2-4 hours depending on sun exposure. 

SPF: Klavuu

While this does have some SPF it is not enough as a standalone SPF option. This is a skin finisher or makeup primer. Use only 1-1.5 pumps. Dab onto skin and buff gently into skin. It doesn’t fully cancel redness but it creates a more rosy, even tone with it.

I like to massage my face with Pink Balls before I apply SPF or makeup, but you do you.

There you have it, my latest Korean skincare routine. If you’re in Austin and in need of one of the best facials you’ve ever had, check out Imaje and book with Jamie. All the products she recommend for me are 10/10 (for me- do your own research). And if you ‘re in need of some other options, be sure sure to check out my latest skincare routine which I still do all the time too.

x, lauryn

+ learn more about fermented skincare here.

++ stalk the benefits of ice on your face here.


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