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My 3 Favorite Gifts To Give

holiday gifts easy candle blanket glasses by tscHi guys.

There’s been a lot of questions about gifts lately. I know the holidays are coming up & lots of gift guides will be coming out soon, but I just wanted to share a few classic gift ideas with you.

These things aren’t holiday-specific. These are 3 gifts that I like to give all year round. They’re great for a birthday, thank you, house-warming, holiday or ‘just because’ gift.

Each one of these items is something that I truly love.

With that, let’s get into it:

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

AKA…The Kardashian blanket. I’m OBSESSED with this blanket.

Here’s how I fell in love: we were in Aspen with our friends and after dinner went back to their place to watch Wes Anderson movies. Gillian was telling me about the blanket she was all curled up in. How it’s her favorite, it’s so soft, she wraps her son up in it & how all the Kardashians travel with it. She let me borrow it while we watched The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou & I knew I was never turning back. I HAD TO HAVE THIS BLANKET. I was instantly obsessed. Two weeks later the blanket was on my doorstep- Gillian had gifted us me one.

Michael went on to order 3 more because the dogs & I just can’t spare a measly corner for him.

This is one of the best gifts I’ve EVER received, therefore, it’s one of the best gifts to give. It’s just so comfortable & chic. It’s soft, big ( good for tall people ) & meant to be used. This isn’t some decorative throw- you guys need to USE this. Once you touch it, you’ll get it.

If leopard isn’t your thing ( or your gift recipient’s thing ) they have other colors. You could always go with dusty rose, cream or the snow leopard- it’s a little more subtle.

Basil Candle

When I went to Glossier in NYC, there was this smell throughout the entire building. I NEEDED to know what the smell was- it was sooooo good. I tracked down the girl at the front desk and she said it’s this special candle that everyone loves. Everyone asks what the smell is when they walk in. It was this Cire Trudon Basil candle, almost burnt down to its last little drop.

It’s described as a mint tea, gingery, peppery scent but seriously… it’s basil.

It’s a little expensive but makes a great gift. The scent is so beautiful- not too strong, not too sweet. It’s the most perfect smell and I swear everyone will like.

I highly recommend wrapping this up in a super cute way & giving it with a mini bottle of pink champagne. I think it’s such a chic gift.

The Daily Stoic

This book is one of my & Michael’s all-time favorites. Basically, this is a book that you can write in and journal in every single day. We are huge fans of stoicism. What is stoicism? the endurance of pain or hardship without a display of feelings and without complaint.

There is a teaching & exercise for every single day of the year that will help you become more mentally tough and resilient to the world around you.

This book has really helped me. It helps me come from a more logical place when I’m feeling really emotional. I think stoicism is a great way to practice that. This is a book you can write in every day. Michael and I like to read our daily passage together. It’s just really powerful.

i think any one will like this book because it’s not some intimidating, huge book to read. It’s a little something to read/do every morning or night that teaches you something & can really provide some value to your everyday life.

If you want to spruce up this gift you could always add a mini bottle of champagne, a Capri Blue candle- I love the volcano scent ( visit for 20% off ), a sage stick to cleanse any negative energy out of your house, or you could add little Chanel lotion.

Adding something really intimate is a great idea too. My friend George, who I’ve worked with for the last 7 years, had someone make me these The Skinny Confidential paper dolls. It was so sweet & thoughtful because it was so intimate. It was just so special.

I also recommend wrapping these in your color. I love to do hot pink with rose gold bows, little silver cards– anything that’s branded to you and what you’re doing is ideal. Taking the time to wrap a gift nicely goes a long way.

I’m always looking for cool gift ideas so let me know your favorite things to give below.

x, lauryn

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  1. I bought the dusty rose colored blanket as a gift … to myself. I love it! My boyfriend always tries to steal it from me. I will never go back!

  2. Hello! Love the candle idea, but the link is not working. Can you re-link it!? Thank you!

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