MWAH! Sexy, Spicy Vacay Lips!


The Skinny Confidential talks lipsticks.

The Skinny Confidential talks lipsticks.

The Skinny Confidential talks lipsticks.

OOOOhhhhh tell me one girl who doesn’t love a pop of color during vacay? If you think you’re one of those girls who doesn’t like a little color, then you’re not picking the right shade.

Here’s the deal: you gotta pick the shade that fits your hair color/skin tone/eye color. Once I found out what shade works for me, I became obsessed with lipsticks.

For instance, I should opt for blue tones because orange tones don’t work well with my skin ( AKA I look like Snooki ).

The best lipstick shade ever for me is ‘Relentlessly Red’— seriously there’s something about it that just works. It’s my staple. So I’ve been rocking a lot of ‘Relentlessly Red’ in Cabo.

The Skinny Confidential talks lipsticks.

The Skinny Confidential talks vacay lips!

I’m also a fan of a dark lip so ‘Heroine’ really looks rad for a night out. We went to the cute town of Cabo the other night & this color looked hot with a black LBD.

And for daytime, if I’m feeling spicy I wear MAC’s ‘Morange.’ I feel like this color is different & it’s super fun to wear with a straw hat & big sunglasses while in the pool ( just don’t get your face wet!! ).

Anyway I also shared my favorite, girly scent, a little concealer ( << Benefit’s ‘Fake Up’ is the bomb ), false eyelashes & some minty fresh lip balm.

What’s your favorite lip color? LMK!

xx’s from Cabo, le.

The Skinny Confidential talks lipsticks.

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  1. AvatarCourtney Bentley

    My bestie aka fab makeup artist told me to stop sheering my lips and wear some freakin lipstick and let me tell you the truth, I am still easing my way into it and only rocking lips when I go out but I LOVE it! I really like Nars lipsticks though over Mac not sure why maybe I just have yet to find “my shade”! Have fun in Cabo xo C
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  2. AvatarAmber

    Love this post, I’m flying to Europe in two weeks and I need a little make up inspiration. My favourite lipstick has to be MAC Russian Red, it’s my go to red. This post has made me seriously consider Heroine and Relentlessly Red though.