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Mini DeLites…& Other Stuff ( Like Threesomes )

mini delites 2 | by the skinny confidential

{ homemade banana cake for Michael’s birthday…THREESOME! }

mini delites 5 | by the skinny confidential

{ work flow | candle }

Why HELLO there!

Busy Monday for The Skinny Confidential!

I am really busting my ass to bring you guys the next episode of TSC HIM & HER podcast ( #18 in the world in business right now! Check it out! ). But I feel like you already know that if you follow along on Snapchat.

You know, that one platform that’s WAY cooler after Instagram’s predictable, YAWN.COM update today.

I won’t even mention it because I’ve honestly never seen so many posts about one subject.

Instagram is kind of a bore lately anyway. Anyone else agree?

On that note, I feel like we haven’t chatted lately! What’s new? What’s the latest post on your blog? What’d you do this weekend? Update me. I miss you guys.

mini delites 3 | by the skinny confidential
{ Vaseline vibes in the office today }

This weekend we went up to LA for work, a little play, some prosciutto & melon, & an Easter party.

Then today was Michael’s birthday. Lucky him, he got a THREESOME………….Barbie cake.


Basically I just whipped up a dairy-free banana cake, along with some delicious coconut frosting…& broke some legs off Skipper & Ken to showcase a full-on pool scene. Water ‘BUBBLES’ are champagne bubbles avail here.

Fun right.

In other news, switching gears— I’m still searching for the ideal deodorant. The second figure out this confusing subject, I will update the blog IMMEDIATELY.


Truthfully, I’ve tested every damn deodorant in the world & there are some pros……….but also some cons. So bear with me. I want to bring The Skinny Confidential Community the BEST deodorant ever.

mini delites 1 | by the skinny confidential

{ pizza wrapping, YES PLZ }

What else?

Oh, I tried black out room spin the other day with my girlfriend.

( is that what’s it called? ).

You know the spin where it’s PITCH BLACK. Like, you can’t see anyone.

Here’s the thing, I really enjoyed it. Really, there’s nothing more fun than being tired ( it was 7 AM ), spinning in a room that’s pitch black ( no one needs to see me at this hour ). Especially when you’re rocking ripped 2394872347 year old Target sweats with a throwback middle school tee.

HOWEVER, why do they have to play techno music?

Can’t they play something more relaxing mixed something upbeat? Perhaps a little Bossanova? Or even some smooth jazz would do?

…or maybe I should look into a spin class at the nearest retirement home?

Tell me it’s not just me that doesn’t enjoy HARDCORE, clubby techno jams at the crack of dawn?

mini delites 6 | by the skinny confidential
{ these coasters of my Instagram are DIE !! }

On that note, I’ve been working on A NEW PLAYLIST. YES. Another The Skinny Confidential Playlist for you guys.

And to be real, I really want to add my favorite Bossanova favorites but I’m sort of hesitant…would you guys like this?

Bossanova has always been my favorite jam but I feel like it’s similar to raw oysters…

You either LOVE or you’re grossed out.

SO…Bossanova on the playlist? Or NAH? Let me know.

Anyway, I’m off to clean the kitchen after Michael’s birthday. It should take me approximately 600 hours. I’ll start with thethreesome banana cake platter. Wish me luck!

x lauryn

mini delites 7 | by the skinny confidential

{ white on white, the cutest man EVER }

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    1. Thanks Hayley, Michael and his family definitely got a kick out of it! So easy too! Thanks for reading

  1. I love your Mini Delites posts, it’s nice to catch up! That cake is hilarious, love love love. I hope cleaning wasn’t toooooo bad.
    xx, Pia

    1. Thanks Pia, I love filling you guys in. I honestly feel like I’m talking to my best friends when I write to you guys. Thanks for reading and always commenting! You’re seriously so sweet! xx

  2. YES! Bossanova on the playlist please! Your “Vibez” playlist has been my favorite the last year and I need some new tracks to listen to while I’m working or cooking (or having a glass of wine in the garden.. ahem..)

    1. Hi Sylvia! Eeek okay I definitely need to put together a Bossanova playlist. Putting this on my todo list! Thanks for reading

  3. Hey Lauren,
    Have you tried the deodorant from Arbonne yet? The whole company is cruelty free, vegan and botanically based. I have used it for years and love it!
    I will say though for any of these “natural” deodorants, it will take time for your body to adjust to it. Especially when switching from a aluminium based one.

    PS that cake is so funny and cute.

    1. Hi Lia, I haven’t tried it! My friend is a rep though I may snag some from her. Michael is going to kill me if I don’t find a good one soon. xx

  4. Love the birthday cake – and YESSSS to TSC playlist! I was obsessed with your playlists 3 years ago. My Michael and I bought a house and painted every single room right after we moved in. We’d play your playlists all day for like 8-10 hours while slaving over the walls. I can’t wait to see what you mix up! PS – the “more like this, yes plz” posts are all from 2012 – so fun going back in time and reminiscing!!
    xo Annie

  5. yes to a bossanova playlist! all about that for work, need it 🙂 loving the cake you did for michael – cracked me up on snapchat! i agree – insta is too boring lately and i wish it wasn’t. it used to be my fav but good ol snapchat is just way more fun. you two crack me up on there!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  6. I visited my two friends in Philadelphia who are pregnant about to pop. Last baby-free rager! Rager = chill time at home. It was the best. With so many life transitions, it was great to enjoy the moment knowing life won’t be the same again. BUT BETTER. Lots of family, food, babies, friends and pregnant women=the complete weekend. I saw my friends baby son who was born right after I moved to ATL…SO CUTE and juicy. I may have the maternal feels, but nahh
    Love the cake! Now you just need to make Susan SR. one for his bday..but bigger 😉

  7. Best deodorant= Arm and Hammer Essentials Deodorant. I’ve been using it for years because the thought of putting aluminum anywhere near my body makes me gag. Its also paraben free and doesn’t have any colorants or animal derived ingredients. Basically, it uses baking soda and essential oils instead of chemicals and toxins. Oh, and of course, most importantly it actually works and keeps me from smelling like someone who doesn’t wear “regular deodorant.” Believe me, I used to be one of the salt crystal deodorant people and then finally realized that wasn’t working and found this.
    Check it out here:

  8. Do you like those vaseline lip gloss/chapsticks? I have never seen those before in that particular packaging. However, I am OBSESSED with the mini vaseline with cocoa butter. It is my holy grail chapstick, I literally was just blogging about it last night. So I am curious about your thoughts on it??

  9. That cake is hilarious. Banana pieces whipped in or a banana flavor? I wrote an article last week about the importance of traveling in the wake of terrorism (see it on my blog!). Heavy subject for sure, but I feel like you could appreciate it because you and Michael are such avid travelers.

    P.S. Showed my BF your snapchat and now he has a major bro crush on Michael. Loves his style and his attitude!

  10. Such a cute idea for a cake! I love watching you guys on Snaps and I am so with you on IG..its been so boring lately, too perfect, not enough character while snapchat you can really see someone in action. I have actually stopped following many bloggers after seeing them on snapchat or fallen more in love with bloggers like yourself! hope you guys had fun last night xo C

  11. Have you considered making your own deodorant? I’ve been mixing up some baking soda, coconut oil and some essential oil (orange is the winner lately…it smells so good mixed with the scent of unrefined coconut oil!). You can put it in an empty deodorant case if you want an easier application, but mine is just in a little glass jar.

    (Same deal for toothpaste: a few ingredients and essential oil or flavoring of choice! You can toss in some activated charcoal powder so you can cut back on your Crest Strips, too!)

    Good luck in your search! <3

  12. Ha! That cake is incredible. I love it… and I kinda want the swimsuit Barbie is wearing!

    I am always down for more playlists! Bossanova would be bomb (and for the record LOVE oysters) – in fact, that’s what’s new on the blog on my end, focusing a bit more on music and practicing my DSLR photography to improve my images on the blog.. it’s a beast. This whole Instagram freakout is annoying & so sick of those notification posts… PS – I subscribed to no one. I do like Insta as a fun way to curate my feed – and edit some lighting a bit 😉 – but totally agree. Love Snapchat and the Podcast route (AND YOURS!!! SO GOOD & HAS BEEN SERIOUSLY INSANELY HELPFUL). It’s just more real… in content and time.

    Blackout Spin sounds crazy!!! I never heard of it but will def check it out. Happy birthday, Michael!!!!

  13. You are so creative! I LOVE the Barbie cake you made and the recipe looks so simple and delicious! That pizza wrapping paper too…I’m buying that ASAP for my boyfriend’s birthday coming up in a couple months it’s too perfect!

    1. Thanks Diana, it was definitely a fun recipe. Pretty easy too! Your man will love the wrapping paper. It’s such a non basic way to give a gift! LOL! xx

  14. Love the cake what a funny idea!! I’m looking forward to hearing the playlist!! I need some new music to work out or drive to! I have the new revisions to Instagram.. I rarely check it anymore because it seems like it is all ads these days, or celebrities posting their own ads! Snooze. Snapchat is way better.. and p.s. I love y’all’s Podcast! I listened to it on my drive home from work yesterday 🙂

  15. aaah that cake made me laugh so much! I just turned 23 on Easter day (which I spent in Paris.. yikes best present ever) and now I’m back in the full swing of work again! iTunes is downloading the podcast as we speak and I can’t wait!


  16. you always make me laugh out loud…seriously love your blog! Banana cake looks amazing. And the three some barbie pool is brilliant. Obsessed. Can’t wait to listen to the new podcast! XO


  17. Very much feeling the thoughts on instagram lately! totally agree.

    I love spin like that, but only in the evenings. Like when i go in the morning, I feel assaulted. Because it’s truly just too fuckin much for the morning. Ya know?

    I’ve been listening to the pod lately and I LOVE.

    Been working hard on my blog, and just getting life in order, too, btw! March was amazing, no?

    Love the update! xoxo

  18. Funny birthday cake! My birthday is this weekend! We’re going to spend some time up in Napa & St. Helena. I need some relaxing time.

  19. Mmmmm will you post recipe for banana cake?! That sounds amazing.
    And yes to bossanova ?? no to am techno lol. Definitely with you on that one.

  20. I have recently found the best natural deodorant EVER! It’s called Routine and is coconut oil, baking soda, and clay based. Paired with a charcoal soap for cleansing I find it 100% effective and this is the only natural deodorant that I can say that for and I like you have tried them all without satisfaction.
    Find it at
    Everyone must try this out, you will not regret xoxo

  21. I’m currently using Consonant Dealkalising Deodorant in Scent 001. It smells like lemons and I haven’t gotten so much as a whiff of anything nasty since I started – and I’ve been hiking and gymming and wearing polyester.

    And I need the techno rave in spin/RPM – it stops me being able to think. It’s kinda freeing.

    OMG that pic of Boone *emoji of hearts in the eyes*

  22. ahhh I’m with you in that I’ve tried EVERY deodorant on the market and have yet to find a (natural/safe) one that works. I’m glad to hear you’re on it, I’ll be on the lookout for that post!:)

    p.s your threesome barbie cake= genius.

    xx, jen

  23. First, I’m a relatively new reader and just LOVE the information I can find on your blog – you’re like having a super knowledgeable friend who does all of the research on things I want to know and then just tells me the results.
    Second, I’m loving the podcast – I have to admit, the first couple of episodes, I was cracking up at the high-speed energy of you and Michael together, but, of course, by the third episode, you guys improved so much! You deliver really great advice on serious subjects in such a fun way.
    Third, the damn deodorant dilemma! So far, the best one I’ve tried came from…Trader Joes! And now I can’t find it anymore. I heard about L’Occitane having a good one – not sure if you tried that — I’ll have to go back and read your post. But that’s next on my list to try out.
    Thank you for working so hard to bring us such consistently good, entertaining, informative content. You went right to the top of my list for favorite blog site!

    1. This comment made my day Kim! Thank you so much for the support. Will look into your deodorant recommendations. x

  24. Oh my goodness if I see ONE more insta post this week telling me to turn on my notifications I may literally not a fan ….hahah gosh I agree with you on that one. OVER it.

    BTW love that cake and the fact you guys had a taco bar + brussel sprouts for Michael’s birthday dinner.


    1. AGREED. So bored with the notification thing. The taco bar was super fun & super casual. Thanks for reading Ashlin

  25. i love bossanova and feel like everyone else hates it! they all call it elevator music. but i really enjoy the upbeat music where i dont get bogged down with words.

  26. Hi Lauryn! I have been reading and enjoying your blog for a while now but have never commented. The deodorant talk is bringing me out of hiding! I highly recommend Jungleman. It has 4 ingredients – corn starch, sustainable palm oil, baking soda and then a specific scent–lime, orange or tea tree. This product has been the ONLY natural deodorant that has ever worked for me. I love that it has minimal ingredients and is also cruelty free and unisex! I sound like a paid spokesperson but I’m not!! I just seriously love this stuff. Hope you do too!

  27. Lauryn I feel like the way you write some of these posts is the same exact way I speak.. i.e. “off to clean the kitchen, should take me approximately 600 hours” haha i totally say these types of things.. that’s why I love your blog, I feel like I’m reading/talking to a friend. And love interacting with you and Michael on snapchat. Gotta check out your playlists!! Xx

  28. Considering getting into spinning. Would love to see a post on what to expect/your thoughts!

  29. Bodhi Basics makes the ONLY deodorant that works for me! It’s all organic & handcrafted by one amazing woman in St. Pete, FL. You HAVE to try it!!! Her body products are the only ones I use. Plus 1 Hotel South Beach started stocking their restrooms with her lip lube last year! This is her shop:

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