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Munchkin Baby Products: Parent & Kid Favorites

Munchkin Baby Products: Parent & Kid Favorites

For years now, Lauryn has been a big fan of Munchkin products. From Zaza’s newborn months, and now with Townes, she still loves all things Munchkin.

Now that Townes is here it just makes sense to compile a post of her favorite Munchkin items.

Fun story: Just recently Lauryn found out that her friend Beau Dunn‘s dad is the CEO of Munchkin. Cool, right? A few weeks ago, they even sent Lauryn a big basket of all her faves.

You might remember Beau from her episode on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast where she talked about handling hardships, battling cancer, and how we can find strength in adversity.

She’s also an incredible artist, even gifting Lauryn the most fab Barbie piece we’ve ever seen. It looks like it was made for The Skinny Confidential office. You check it out on Lauryn’s IG here.

Anyway, let’s get into sharing Lauryn’s favorites from Munchkin.

Munchkin Baby Products: Parent & Kid Favorites:

change table organizer

This is so key for saving space on your change table. Whether you keep diapers & wipes on top of it or in a shelf or drawer below it, this little thing will save you space.

lunch box

Lauryn loves to pack this up for Zaza to have a snack after tutu class or to take to the park. The colors are so cute, has perfectly sized compartments & even a little handle so they look absolutely ADORABLE holding this themselves.

dishwasher basket

Have you ever opened your dishwasher after a cycle and noticed a horrendous smell & a tiny plastic container lid sitting at the bottom, MELTED? It’s an awful smell & an awful mess. This little basket is perfect to keep on your top rack for little bottle parts, tiny toys, soother straps, or just anything that’s small & needs a good wash.

Munchkin Baby Products

chic highchair

The best way to describe this highchair is NOT AN EYESORE. It’s super chic & neutral with wooden legs, and clear seat & white tray. It’s super easy to clean & goes with almost any home aesthetic.

snack catcher

Even if you don’t have kids, you’ve probably seen these. They have these flexible lids which let’s kids grab a few snacks, not fistfuls. Which is why parents love them. They’re also kind of spill proof so keep things relatively mess-free.

weighted-straw, leakproof drink bottle

Another parent fave because these bottles don’t leak, even when they’re laying sideways on your brand new gorgeous area rug. Thanks to the weighted straw, your little will be able to stay hydrated even when they’re upside down & you won’t be finding little water droplets all over your floors. These bottles easily come apart and all pieces are dishwasher safe – in fact, give them a whirl in your Munchkin dishwasher basket.

There you have it, all of Lauryn’s favorite items for Zaza & Townes. Be sure to check out the Amazon store for all of the Munchkin must-haves in one place. And while you’re there, stalk the rest of the new & improved TSC storefront.

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

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