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Mouth Taping Tips For Beginners

Mouth Taping Tips For Beginners

Mouth taping is all the rage, but it can seem like a weird habit at first.

Lauryn says when she first heard of it, she was like…”WHAT? It was the weirdest thing I’d ever heard, and you know that I’ve tried some weird shit in the name of beauty and wellness (colostrum creamvagina steaming, and a salmon semen facial comes to mind). After a few weeks of mouth taping my energy was through the roof. After 2 months I noticed the biggest difference in my face. My jaw is stronger and more defined, the whites of my eyes were whiter, I wasn’t thirsty in the morning. I felt and feel incredible because of it. Being a mom of two young kids and running a business and podcast can wipe you out, so as you can imagine, waking up with a noticeably higher energy level IS life changing.”

And if you haven’t tried it yet, it could feel a little daunting and like a weird, unnecessary habit. But after hearing how much our community loves The Skinny Confidential Mouth Tape, it’s tried and true that this little beauty hack is easy to stick with and offers instant benefits. Even an article on The Everygirl admitted they wanted to hate it, but they love it!

Since it’s launch, Lauryn and the community have weighed in with tips they’ve learned, as well as things you can do if you’ve never tried mouth taping before and are just getting started.

Mouth Taping Tips For Beginners

+ Try using it during the day to get used to nasal breathing. You can do this while you work at your desk, fold laundry, go for a walk or watch a show. 

+ Choose The Skinny Confidential Mouth Tape because we put a little slit in the center so you can take sips of water through the night and breathe through it if you feel uncomfortable. If you don’t need the slit (like Lauryn), just pull the tape together to hide it.

+ Pucker up before you apply your tape to wake up with bouncy, plump lips.

+ Before removing your tape, spray with a mist to loosen it up and make it easier to remove. Lauryn loves the ones by Yina or Primally Pure (use code SKINNY for 15% off).

+ Do your skincare 20 mins before applying mouth tape.

+ When your mouth tape is finished, use your cute tin to store things.

+ You’ll get used to it so quickly and become addicted.



Beauty benefits galore:

Taping your mouth at night strengthens your jawline making it more defined, and your chin profile stronger. On top of that Lauryn has noticed whiter eyes, better breath, way more energy in the mornings.

Improved sleep:

Breathing through your nose can help you establish a stable breathing pattern, which can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, have a deeper sleep, AND wake up feeling more refreshed.

Can reduce snoring:

Mouth breathing at night is one of the most common causes of nasal congestion & that annoying sound we call snoring. Not only can snoring disrupt your breathing pattern throughout the night, it can also really annoy your SO.

According to the Sleep Foundation, mouth taping for sleep changes the angle of your palate & tongue, and thus, mouth taping can help reduce snoring. No snoring = better sleep = better LIFE.

how to use mouth tape
mouth tape benefits

Hot tip: Shave your face with The Skinny Confidential razor to remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells AND remove your mouth tape easier.

If you want to know more about why nasal breathing is better than mouth breathing listen to this podcast episode with Dr. Mark Burhenne and this one with Andrew Huberman.

Let us know what you think about our Mouth Tape below. Are you addicted?

x, The Skinny Confidential team

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