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Ever since we experienced Tony Robbins in New Jersey I’ve been all about PRIMING.


Well, priming is essentially setting yourself up for success each day. I feel like everyone should be down with this?

Tony does this by working out, practicing gratitude, & even cryotherapy in the morning to get his lymphatic system going.

How do I know this?…Because DUH! Tim Ferriss’ podcast.

Which brings me to todays topic: PODCASTS.

No, not TSC Podcast…other podcasts. Because there are a lot, & there are A LOT of good ones you should be listening to.

First of all, if you’re not on the podcasting bandwagon, get on- podcasts are the shit. You’re very much missing out if you haven’t listened to a podcast. If you trust me, trust me on this.

There’s SO MUCH to learn from SO MANY experts in ALL fields. It’s actually amazing, really.

PLUS they’re efficient. You know I love this. I mean, doing your makeup? Turn on a podcast. Cleaning the house? Turn on a podcast. Driving to work? Turn on a podcast. Doing something mindless? Turn on a podcast. You get it.

Time is our most valuable commodity. That’s so 2017 for ya. AND listening to podcasts allows you to be productive when you normally aren’t- what’s better? Turn on a podcast- & you go from sitting in traffic thinking about what to eat for dinner to learning about how to run your business from industry experts. Podcasts get me fired up and stay inspired throughout the day.

You know what they say: you are the top 5 people you hang out with.

& I hang out with Gary Vee, Tim Ferriss, & Joe Rogan…A LOT!

ANYWAY, so many of you have asked me for podcast recommendations so here you go- here’s some I’m subscribed to. With that, these are the top motivational podcasts:


tim ferriss podcast | by the skinny confidential

TIM FERRISS | listen here

Listen To This First

Tony Robbins ( part 1 & 2 ): Michael & I just experienced Tony Robbins for ourselves at the Unleash The Power Within Seminar in NYC. Tony gets paid 1 MILLION dollars for 12 hours of training. That’s essentially $100,000 an hour. Tony’s time is incredibly valuable. Clearly. These two episodes are worth listening to more than once.

There are so SO many other good episodes too. You kind of can’t go wrong with Tim.

I loveddddd ( like loved, LOVED ) his podcast with Jamie Foxx. AND did you know it won podcast of the year?!

gary vee audio experience | by the skinny confidential

GARY VEE | listen here

Listen To This First

Eric Thomas on motivation, success & public speaking: In this episode Gary talks with motivational speaker Eric Thomas. They discuss where motivation ends and execution begins as well as finding ourselves vs. creating ourselves. If you’re looking for a swift kick in the ass this episode is it.

Gary is my favorite.

But we know this.

I feel like he just gets it & is an insane role model for everyone in the social media generation— aka EVERYONE. I take notes when I listen to Gary.

joe rogan | by the skinny confidential

JOE ROGAN | listen here

Listen To This First

Theo Von #925: If you’re looking for a laugh and some inspiration this is the podcast for you. Joe & Theo keep you laughing but also dive DEEP. In this episode they talk about how adversity is a positive & their experiences with family, death & time.

ALSOOOO Gary Vee is good on Joe & so is Jamie Foxx. Again, you can’t go wrong.

HE IS A VERYYYYY GOOD INTERVIEWER- I LITERALLY LISTEN TO EVERYTHING HE SAYS. Really, his interview skills are impeccable ( listen to the interview with Leah Remini ).

wrinkled, not dead| by the skinny confidential

WRINKLED, NOT DEAD | listen here

Listen To This First

Fear of Failure #64: What holds a lot of people back? Failure. In this episode Mike & Jen ( my godparents ) talk about the things that contribute to your fear of failure and the benefits of overcoming those fears. Excuses are a form of fear.

Michael & I were on Mike and Jen’s podcast twice. We had a BALL. Really, they’re amazing people & they have so many different podcast subjects to choose from. I loved their podcast on skin too. You know I’m a sucker when it comes to skin.


ted talks | by the skinny confidential

Ted Talks Daily | listen here

Listen To This First

Dan Pink: The Puzzle of Motivation: Dan Pink is a career analyst who studies motivation. This talk was particularly interesting because he examines how traditional rewards aren’t always as effective as we think.


When I’m feeling unmotivated or just want some extra fire, I turn these on.

After all of that if you’re looking for a laugh check out The Bitch Bible or The Ladygang– both of these girly, funny podcasts will lighten it all up. Maybe I’ll do an entertainment podcast round-up next? What are you thinking? Any requests?

Ok NOW, what podcasts do you love that I need to check out?

I’m off to eat more prosciutto; I can’t stop, it’s bad. Cheers from France!

x, lauryn

+ hear our experience with Tony Robbins & Gary Vee on TSC HIM & HER Show.


  1. I can’t thank you enough fore turning me onto podcasts last year! They really are a way to be constantly learning, whilst folding your laundry! I’m a stay at home, andI really don’t get a lot of time for myself. So podcasts are an easy thing for me to incorporate into my daily routine! You also introduced me to Gary Vee, Tim Ferris, and Sean Cannel (who are all AMAZING in their own way)! Now I’m addicted, lol! This is the first healthy addiction, other than working out, I think I’ve ever had. Haha!
    I’m LOVING the St. Tropez vibes, I’m really hoping to get there someday now that I’ve seen what I’m missing! Xoxo, Monique

  2. Ive been obsessed with Joe Rogan’s podcast for YEARS!! Love him! I feel like I’ve learned so much from his wide range of guests and topics. Definitely my fave and would recommend him to everyone!

  3. Thanks for this list! How have I missed 2 Jamie Foxx episodes?!? I was expecting the same old, same old, but I like your episode recommendations. My favorite eopisodes are similar – adversity, no excuses, fear of failure. I’ll listen to them all tomorrow!

  4. Yes!! I’m totally on the Tim Ferriss podcast bandwagon as well. Just finished listening to episode #254: When to Quit- Lessons from world class entrepreneurs and episode #253: Morning Routines and strategies ( mentions Jamie Fox) here as well. Other podcasts I’m interested are more on nutrition; I like Kimberly Snyder’s podcast.

  5. Hi, Im looking for the Tim Ferris & Tony Robbins podcast but can´t seem to find it. Do they have a certain name or title I can search for?

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