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Mother Donni Rae on Fitness, Diet, & Health

Lauryn Evarts talks to Privilege Boutique owner Donni Rae about fitness, diet, and health.

Lauryn Evarts talks to Privilege Boutique owner Donni Rae about fitness, diet, and health.

In the spirit of Mother’s Day I’m featuring mommy Donni Rae! She’s a total babe, a balls to the walls entrepreneur, & a mother to the most beautiful baby boy. Oh! She also happens to be carrying a bun in the oven ( exciting!! ).

Anyway, Donni practices my two favorite tips: eating clean & SUNSCREEN. Like she says below: “I want to look like I’m in my twenties FOREVER.”

Yup, yup- slaughter up!

Happy Mother’s Day, lovas! If you’re anything like me you’re enjoying a fresh Suja ( green! ) mimosa- cheers!

+ Introduce yourself!

Donni Rae: I’m a “not quite 30” ( AKA 29 year old for life ), entrepreneur, fashion addict, & ( most importantly ) mother from Vancouver, Canada. I’m a passionate person, & I believe in doing what I love while living life to the fullest. I’m lucky enough to call my job my passion. I have two companies, Privilege Clothing Boutique which currently has two locations ( soon to be three ) & a jewelry line called Alden Rae with my best friend, Miriam Alden ( see below ).

I live by my values & truly appreciate the little things that bring meaning to life: most importantly friendships & family. I’m a mother to the cutest, & quite possibly WILDEST, little two year old boy…who never fails to keep life interesting.

I never truly underestimate the power of good people, & true, non-judgemental relationships. I live by the motto “be nice to people.”

+ Tell us about your cute clothing site.

DR: Privilege Clothing Boutique was founded in 2007. About one year later, we opened our second location. The online store evolved organically shortly after. We cater to a wide demographic, carrying both men & women designer brands & premium denim. Privilege is well known for carrying renowned brands such as Rebecca Minkoff, Free People, & Hugo Boss – alongside international and independent brands such as Wish ( Australian ), Peridot, & Zanerobe. We try to keep prices competitive & make sure we’re always offering a wide range of price points, from budget friendly to luxury items.

+ Quick skinny tips or tricks?

DR: Eat real food. Find balance in your life. Exercise in moderation. Go outside.

It’s all about balance to me, and staying physically active everyday. I try to focus on eating whole, organic foods, although I don’t deprive myself either. If I want a cupcake, I’ll have a damn cupcake.

Lauryn Evarts talks to Privilege Boutique owner Donni Rae about fitness, diet, and health.

+ Weekly workout schedule?

DR: When I don’t have morning sickness for two months on end…oops, did I mention I have another little one on the way? I definitely try to get to the gym five days/week. Sometimes I’ll substitute the track outdoors if it’s nice outside! I usually work out with my mom & my sister, so I get an equal balance of the social aspect ; ). I’m still not sure if I actually get more working out in or more chatting?

I do an equal mix of cardio, weight training, & chasing my two year old around the kitchen island. On the days I’m too busy to make the gym because of my hectic schedule, my fiancé & I often challenge each other to do “hundreds”. It’s a hundred push ups, a hundred sit ups, a hundred air squats…AS FAST AS YOU CAN. Don’t laugh until you try it.

+ Favorite go-to healthy food?

DR: I would have to say juicing is my favorite. At home, one of the ONLY things you can find in my fridge is fruits & vegetables for juicing. As much as I would like to consider myself a chef, we end going out to dinner more than we cook. We regularly juice foods like beets, lemons, apples, & carrots – for a quick energy boost. We also try to choose healthier options when eating out for dinner.

+ Cocktail of choice?

DR: I’d have to say wine, or champagne…which is noticeably absent from my life right now! Right now I will settle for a virgin Caesar…although you American’s may have to Google that, to find out the recipe!

+ Can’t-live-without beauty product: 

DRSunscreen ( << yuppp. Ladies- take note! Love this tip! ). Since I want to look like I’m in my twenties FOREVER, I have a daily sunscreen regimen that I live by. It’s so important!

Lauryn Evarts talks to Privilege Boutique owner Donni Rae about fitness, diet, and health.

+ What’s in your purse?

DR: Do you REALLY want to know? Interim drivers license, two laptops, princess diapers ( don’t ask ), my makeup bag, five Alden Rae wrap bracelets, & a roll of toilet paper…you asked… I have a cold. Nothing goes with a Louis Vuitton like a roll of toilet paper!

+ Quick, easy (healthy) recipe?

+ Kale Salad– there’s a local bistro that I have become addicted to for this salad recipe!

Raw kale, chopped

Baby bok choy, chopped

Tomatoes, diced

Red onions, diced

Sunflower seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Hemp hearts

+ Dressing:

Hemp oil

Udo’s oil

Balsamic vinegar


Directions: mix to taste ( a little goes a long way… ). For best results, marinade overnight.

+ Follow Privilege clothing on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram!

Lauryn Evarts talks to Privilege Boutique owner Donni Rae about fitness, diet, and health.

Lauryn Evarts talks to Privilege Boutique owner Donni Rae about fitness, diet, and health.

  1. What a beautiful article! So inspiring to me as I am working on becoming a Mother and am an entrepreneur so reading an interview about such a powerful woman gets me excited! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Love + Shine CourtStar

  2. I read your story. Your story is great full and I m inspire your story. I suggest my parents that his daughter of law to learn this article.

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