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Really riveting. I have hot water in the morning. I know right? Me & every one else. I’m consistently showing my hot water on Instagram Stories in the morning & I’ve had tons of questions on what I do because I do add lots of good stuff to it.

Furthermore, I wanna talk about the glasses & kettle I use because surprise, surprise, it’s specific.

I’ve talked about my morning routine so many times so you know I wake up with light, movement, & hydration. Right away I open the shades, make the bed & go right upstairs to have a hot water. I like to do this for two reasons >>> 1.) It gets things moving right away. When I don’t have water in the morning things aren’t on the way out as quickly ( wink wink ). Of course I have my Hydro Flask next to my bed, but there’s something about hot water that just goes through your body. 2.) Cameron Diaz ( whose book is amazing btw ) says, “Once I drink the water, I feel it immediately, I go from being a wilted plant to one that has been rejuvenated by the rain.” & that’s just how it feels.

Hydrating in the morning is just so necessary… Some benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach are:

♡ helps clean the colon

♡ flushes toxins from your body

♡ good for elimination & gut health

♡ increases body’s efficiency in fighting infections

♡ rids your body of sodium from salty foods the night before

First things first, I turn on my white Smeg kettle with a measly flick of the wrist- we love things for the lazy girl. Then I pull out my Bodum glass, recommended to me by my friend Ingrid. They’re so chic & what all the French girls use for their coffees. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a white mug after using this.

( Sidenote: if you follow my account for product recommendations then you know I’ve talked about theses glasses, but let me refresh your memory: are you over white ceramic mugs for tea & coffee OR WHAT? i am. they’re boring kind of you know? like the whole coffee making thing is like a real ritual- cacao, inulin, cinnamon, cardamom (…if i am being an extra bitch- which we always are). anyway we discussed the white frother everyone needs (what up, 2 posts down) but we have YET to discuss SPECIFIC cups. SO!! these are THE cups. clear cups that are TRÈS MOTHERFUCKING CHIC- they came highly recommended by my girl, @ingriddelamarekenny. she’s like us: she takes her coffee v seriously like us & knows the importance of the proper glass. no really though- there is something nice about these glasses: they’re lightweight, mouth-blown, BPA-free, easy to wash, & look very cute on IG STORIES filled with a frothy, delicious coffee. also SO FRENCH ! oh la la. i bought two 12 ounce ones & two 15 ounce ones- the smaller ones are fun for an espresso while the larger one is a real star for a big-ass, wake me the hell up cinnamon cappuccino/or perhaps some pu’erh tea. TRUST ME: YOU WILL WANT TO LISTEN TO BOSSA NOVA JAZZ & SIP OUTTA THESE WITH AN ERECT PINKY, ALL WHILE FEELING SO BOUGIE. sry, never going back to ceramic mugs. )

Very much into this kettle too. It’s chic & looks so pretty on a kitchen counter. I highly recommend. Some features are:

♡ 1.7 Lt / 7 Cups capacity.

♡ 3D SMEG logo. Temperature display LED.

♡ Soft-opening lid. Anti-slip feet 360° swivel base. Chrome handle. Stainless steel spout

♡ Double water indication Lt/Cup. Removable stainless steel lime scale filter. Acoustic alarm Switch-on, switch-off, start of cycle and end of cycle.

♡ Auto shut-off at selected temperature and when no water is detected.

This is very efficient because my dogs like a little bit of hot water in their kibble, along with pumpkin & glucosamine.

Back to the morning spa water…. I’ll pull out Meyer lemons, fresh mint, cloves & ginger- love a dash of cayenne too. All of this is from the Farmer’s market. I kid you not, I spend $100 every Sunday at the Farmer’s market & it lasts me the entire week & they’re all organic & fresh.

Fresh mint leaves ( I don’t know how much, I just throw a bunch in there ) go into my Bodum glass along with half a squeezed Meyer lemon- sometimes I cut some of the rind off & toss it in there too- then I cut ginger to put in with some cloves too.

It’s just nice to sit down for 5 minutes with my hot water & a page of wisdom to start off the day.

NOW, if you’re in a hurry, like you GTG, then put it all in a Hydro Flask & take in on the go.


♡ keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours

♡ keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours

♡ made of BPA free stainless steel

♡ vacuum insulation stops condensation

If you’re more into a cold water situation in the morning, check out this post on my pomegranate water.

The point is you should always be sexing up your water. There are lots of things to do to make sure you get your water in. I feel so much more alert, tight, thin & energetic when I drink water.

Water can be a real basic bitch sometimes so the more you can mix it up the better. Would love to know how you guys add some spicy flare to your water…it keeps me on my toes to mix it up.

love, lauryn

+ Find out how to get more water into your day here & here.


  1. I love a lemon water in the morning as well! Never have thought of adding ginger though, I’ll try that immediately ? How do you keep your lemons going the whole week? I have trouble with organic lemons, they go bad in 3 or 4 days. Should I store them in cold rather than room temperature?

    1. I have found that my lemons stay fresher longer if I store them in the fridge! xx

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