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The Morning Routine a Doctor Swears By

Today on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast an episode went live with Dr. Christian Gonzalez. If you’ve never heard of Dr. G, he’s an Integrative Oncologist, Naturopath & super passionate about mindset, healing the mind & body, & environmental medicine.

In his podcast episode we discuss healthy supplements, grounding, potential cancer prevention, nutrition & how to identify underlying causes of illness.

Dr. Gonzalez is a naturopathic doctor focused on integrative oncology and primarily breast cancer. He is also focused on educating patients on environmental medicine, mindset, and healing the body. He hosts the Heal Thyself Show and on this episode we are discussing healthy supplements, grounding, potential cancer prevention, nutrition, and how to identify underlying causes of illness.

One of the things he told me about was his morning routine. You know that I’m so big on morning routines & nighttime routines, so it’s no surprise that I literally took notes when Dr. G went over his.

Be sure to listen to him on the podcast, but in the meantime here’s a breakdown of his amazing, insane morning routine.

Dr. Christian Gonzalez’s Morning Routine:

7:30: Wake up & say “thank you.”

7:35: Oil pull with coconut oil or sesame oil ( helps remove plaque causing bacteria species ), tongue scrape & brush teeth.

7:45: Take breath of peppermint oil rubbed between the hands to wake up.

Then begin with morning routine of supplements on an empty stomach:

+ Quinton hypertonic & isotonic mineral vials.

+ Quicksilver Liposomal formulas ( B vitamins, brain/ adrenal formula, longevity formula, liver support formula, another longevity formula ). 

+ Quicksilver H2 ( hydrogen ) tablets in water to help with any inflammation in the morning.

+ Neo40 nitric oxide formula to open up my blood vessels & help move the medicines in my morning routine.

+ Then I prep for my daily mini morning hike.

7:50: Make & drink ceremonial matcha ( I focus on being very present & mindful when I am mixing & drinking the tea ). I usually go out front when I drink it, barefoot, no shirt with the sun hitting me.

8:00: Make a hydration elixir juice, inspired by my close friend. I make an elixir with 1 cup coconut water ( coconut meat optional ), 1/2 lemon with skin, 2 tbsp of aloe vera juice, 1 cup frozen mango, monk fruit to sweeten, & ice. 

8:20: My brain & body are buzzing. I do some stretching with bands & a pull-up bar.

8:30: Time for a mindful hike. In this time I completely shut my thinking brain off. Every time a thought comes in I observe it but don’t run with it & always focus on my senses. Using my senses I listen to nature, I see the sun & natural landscapes, I smell the flowers & scents, I touch the boulders & trees.

This practice sets up your nervous system for parasympathetic or restful balance throughout the day. Additionally it is this time where I am my most quiet that I get my most effective ideas & decisions. When we are not thinking is when we get the best answers.

9:15: Take shirt & socks off & get my feet back on the ground. I say a special thank you to nature & trees around me. I thank myself for everything I have created. Hug myself.

9:20: Gratitude & affirmations. I speak out loud 10 things I am grateful for. The very act of recognition of “what is” & attaching it to the feeling of gratitude is a powerful way to open more creation. Affirmations: I use “I am” statements to affirm to myself what I am creating. I speak as if it is already here & attach the feeling to that experience. This is the most powerful way to create that which you want in this world.

9:30: Construction of self/ journaling: I speak aloud the attributes that I want to create within myself & why. I speak aloud the attributes that do not serve me, a higher purpose of being more open-hearted & loving for myself or humanity. I shed to make room to redefine.

I journal after: I read & integrate the words from the day before as well as write whatever is in my heart in that day. Anything from what you notice within yourself to what you want to create in love, business, friendship, & physical health. Sometimes I don’t journal I’ll just draw. It’s whatever you are called to do.

9:50: Breathwork: 3 cycles of Wim Hof breathing.

10:00: 3-5 minute hot shower & then 1 minute as cold as it gets.

My morning rituals are now done. I turn on some music, do some dance moves & make a nutritious breakfast.

 As I said, I’m all about a routine & I just love Dr. G’s morning routine. Taking the time to set the tone of your day really is so important. What are some non-negotiables for your morning routine? Tell tell. 

Be sure to listen to the full podcast with Dr. Christian Gonzalez & follow him on Instagram @doctor.g_.

x, lauryn

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  1. This sounds like an amazing morning routine. I am definitely going to have to try out some of the vitamins he takes. They sound so lovely.


    1. Everyone DOES have 2 or more hours to have to themselves if u wake up at the right time for you! It’s a choice u make everyday. Stay in bed…. or get up and do your routine. ?

  2. Lots of information. It’s alot and I’m sure it serves him well. It seems overwhelming to me to try and fit all that in everyone morning and do all the other things I have to do.

  3. Lol that is like a whole day routine!! I am taking a couple of things like trying to get outside barefoot in the morning hopefully with my coffee “elixir” while my children are running around me, which is something to be thankful 🙂

  4. This is inspiring! I found out my dad had cancer the day I listened to this podcast. With his heath news, I’m reflecting on my own patterns and these were great tips. What were the probiotics mentioned in the episode?

    1. The probiotics were from Klaire, but you need a code from a physician to order them directly. Looks like you can order them from other companies like Blue Sky Vitamin

  5. Listened to the podcast & have been dying for the full routine! Started introducing matcha on some days instead of coffee already. One of my favorite podcasts yet 🙂

  6. This was one of my favorite episodes. Such mindful information. Although I may not have time to do this every morning, I am going to start incorporating some of these rituals and change up the morning routine I have now. Thank you Dr. G, seriously goals!

  7. Loved this podcast! One of my favorites to date. So many good tidbits of health information. My mom also had breast cancer, so it makes me so appreciative to know there’s doctors out there promoting a more healthful approach to cancer prevention and treatment. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I actually bought all the supplements from his morning routine and have incorporated them. While I don’t have time for the whole feet in the ground gratitute thing I’m interested to see if I feel any different after a few months with the added supplements. Very interesting episode.

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