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Easy weight loss tips

My workout group is hilarious. Our trainer, Chris, listens to us talk about nonsense for an hour while he commands us into sixteen different fitness positions. It’s therapy & a workout in one. Grabbing a couple friends to meet at the beach twice a week to sweat is so easy and it makes the hour go by too quickly. Elena, Bri, Chris & I also look forward to walking over to Juicer’s afterwards and grabbing some fresh- squeezed OJ & steel cut oatmeal [ a must try! ] for a well-deserved meal.

Workout tips and tricks for weight loss

Easy workouts for weight loss

At home fitness workouts

Weight loss tips and tricks





Quick, Easy Workouts [ Beach Optional ]

1.) Jump Lunges: Come in to a squat position with one leg in front and one leg in back of you, then alternate jumping lunges. Make sure you’re landing on your heel, rather than your toe. Switch legs each time you jump. Do 40 reps, 3 sets [ 120 total ].

2.) Resistance Band Twists: Use a pole and wrap the resistance band around it. Feet are hip width parallel and shoulders are relaxed. Bend into your knees. Rotate half way and twist through your obliques. Make sure to turn around and do the other side. Do 20 reps, 3 sets [ 60 total on each side].

3.) Biceps Curls with a Resistance Band: This is a great resistance band exercise. Place the resistant band under one of your feet and grip the resistance band while curling up. Isolate the bicep muscle & keep your elbows pulled in to your ribs. Do 20 reps, 3 sets [ 60 total ].

4.) Alternating Lunges: Do these up and down a steep hill. This alternating lunge exercise is great for aerobic exercise and strengthening your muscles. Hands are on your hips with proper posture. Rotate your legs as you squat down and come up. Make sure your legs create an “L” each time you come down. Do 30 reps, 3 sets [ 90 total ].


* Pictures taken by our fab trainer, Chris Law

  1. Any room for one more in that class, looks awesome and I think it will be good for my tennis and other workout routine.

  2. I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of The Skinny Confidential Minz! I Love it. This group is amazing thanks to you, Bri & Chris. And yes, our trainer deserves an award for listening to our nonsense, we are crazy. Most importantly, the 3 of us are on the best fitness plan there is and now your followers have access to our routine!! It’s so great Minzy thanks xx

    1. Elena: I read about you in Patch. I’m a health writer, having authored over 100 published articles for; some of these articles have been picked up by I also just released my first ebook: LIVING HEALTHY: 10 steps to looking younger, losing weight and feeling great! I live in Encinitas. Would love to talk to you about your online magazine. You can email me at coachjudd (at) gmail
      P.S. I also write for Encinitas Patch

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