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Mona Vand’s Life Changing Meditation Journey

Mona Vand’s Life Changing Meditation Journey

As you may know, Mona Vand was on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast recently and as always, it’s a must listen.

If you have yet to meet Mona, she is a pharmacist who believes in the power of food and natural healing as a first choice, and medicine as the last resort. She is also an influencer and content creator, activist & just a beautiful person, inside and out. 

In fact, her & Lauryn have worked together a few times in the past and you can stalk their morning routines, evening routines, skin tips, how she introduced Lauryn to kelp noodles AND her first podcast episode on the HIM & HER show.

Anyway, after a year hiatus from social media, Mona came back with a whole new vibe about her. In the episode she breaks down why & how she took a year off (she didn’t mean to!), why she removed the Dr. from her title, insights into her relationship with Gary Vaynerchuk (plus how they met), her current morning wellness routine AND…


Ok so if you’re skeptical about meditation or you don’t really think it works, this is a really perfect episode for you to listen to. Mona talks about how she comes from a very scientific place. She needs facts, studies, hard science – you get it. Like, she’s a doctor, guys.

She shares that a few years ago she would’ve never tried meditation, just didn’t really ‘get it.’ How many of us think that too? Even Lauryn did and now she talks all the time about how it’s a non-negotiable in her day.

But in the episode she talks all about how she went to this week long retreat, all the experiences that she had, how something literally was unblocked in her body and just how incredible the whole journey has been for her. All from meditation.

If you’re even a speck interested in how meditation can benefit your life, you have to listen to this.

Also, Michael gets into reasons why he DOESN’T meditate & Mona shares her latest wellness hacks & her non-negotiables in the morning & evenings. 

Be sure to follow the new @monavand on Instagram & be sure to listen to her latest episode. And if you want even more from Mona, check out her feature in GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE SUN.

Happy listening.

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

+ how to create a meditation space in your home.

++ stalk Lauryn’s latest wellness ride or dies.


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