The Mom Juice That’s Not Just For Moms


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This post may be random as shit, but a lot of posts I do are random as shit. So this shouldn’t surprise you.

Molly Sims came on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast & we talked about body image, relationships, diets & beauty hacks. She casually mentioned ‘mom juice’ & my ears immediately perked up.

What? Mom juice? What?

So I asked her for specifics & she said that’s it’s this juice they serve you at Cedars-Sinai & some other hospitals. Like you just push out this baby & now you get to sit back & relax with this giant cup of mom juice & crushed ice. Vodka optional.

Because I couldn’t stop raving about this mom juice, I had to get to the bottom of it & find out exactly what’s in it.

To be honest I thought the concoction was orange, cranberry, & pineapple but after doing some poking around with my doula, we found out it’s actually cranberry, apple, & a splash of orange juice. Plus, the hospital have the perfect ice chips. Like it makes the drink.

So to get detailed, I’d do half a cup of cranberry, half a cup of apple, then 3 splashes of orange. Pour into a cup jam-packed with crushed ice. I cannot say enough about the crushed ice guys- it makes the whole drink. Oh, & garnish with an orange slice if you’re feeling bougie.

The whole thing is so delicious, but it was infuriating that Michael was trying to drink it all. Likkkkeeeeeeee, I just pushed out a baby, why are you stealing my mom juice??? It was fucked up. But I can’t blame him, it’s just that good.

So if you’re about to deliver a baby & you aren’t sure if your hospital has mom juice, I would HIGHLY recommend bringing a cute, pink little cooler bag ( I know, specific ), cranberry juice, apple juice & orange juice, along with a fun tumbler. & make sure your husband/partner goes to the ice machine to get you those damn ice chips. They’re the best.

BIG BIG thank you to Molly Sims for sharing the mom juice secret. I was so excited to try it, the second Zaza came out I said “where’s my mom juice?” LOL.

Since we’re kinda on the topic of birth & I mentioned my doula Andrey Lemon, you should also know that while I was drinking my mom juice my doula was walking out of the hospital with my placenta in a cooler. Lol! There I was sipping away, & my placenta was walking out the door. & just a sidenote: I’m so happy I encapsulated my placenta. More on that here if you’re interested.

Go get yourself some mom juice. You don’t have to deliver a baby to drink it. It’s so nice after a long, hard day. Pour a glass, don’t forget the crushed ice, & cheers yourself!

AND MICHAEL!!! Get your hands off my mom juice. He was totally throwing theatrics when I was drinking mom juice in the hospital & he insisted on his own. The nurses wouldn’t give him any though. Sorry babe, just for moms.

x, lauryn

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  1. AvatarStephanie

    I’ve had 3 kids and I’ve never heard of ‘mom juice’!! Lol. I’m so excited to try it with my 4th now!!