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The Mom Juice That’s Not Just For Moms

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This post may be random as shit, but a lot of posts I do are random as shit. So this shouldn’t surprise you.

Molly Sims came on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast & we talked about body image, relationships, diets & beauty hacks. She casually mentioned ‘mom juice’ & my ears immediately perked up.

What? Mom juice? What?

So I asked her for specifics & she said that’s it’s this juice they serve you at Cedars-Sinai & some other hospitals. Like you just push out this baby & now you get to sit back & relax with this giant cup of mom juice & crushed ice. Vodka optional.

Because I couldn’t stop raving about this mom juice, I had to get to the bottom of it & find out exactly what’s in it.

To be honest I thought the concoction was orange, cranberry, & pineapple but after doing some poking around with my doula, we found out it’s actually cranberry, apple, & a splash of orange juice. Plus, the hospital have the perfect ice chips. Like it makes the drink.

So to get detailed, I’d do half a cup of cranberry, half a cup of apple, then 3 splashes of orange. Pour into a cup jam-packed with crushed ice. I cannot say enough about the crushed ice guys- it makes the whole drink. Oh, & garnish with an orange slice if you’re feeling bougie.

The whole thing is so delicious, but it was infuriating that Michael was trying to drink it all. Likkkkeeeeeeee, I just pushed out a baby, why are you stealing my mom juice??? It was fucked up. But I can’t blame him, it’s just that good.

So if you’re about to deliver a baby & you aren’t sure if your hospital has mom juice, I would HIGHLY recommend bringing a cute, pink little cooler bag ( I know, specific ), cranberry juice, apple juice & orange juice, along with a fun tumbler. & make sure your husband/partner goes to the ice machine to get you those damn ice chips. They’re the best.

BIG BIG thank you to Molly Sims for sharing the mom juice secret. I was so excited to try it, the second Zaza came out I said “where’s my mom juice?” LOL.

Since we’re kinda on the topic of birth & I mentioned my doula Andrey Lemon, you should also know that while I was drinking my mom juice my doula was walking out of the hospital with my placenta in a cooler. Lol! There I was sipping away, & my placenta was walking out the door. & just a sidenote: I’m so happy I encapsulated my placenta. More on that here if you’re interested.

Go get yourself some mom juice. You don’t have to deliver a baby to drink it. It’s so nice after a long, hard day. Pour a glass, don’t forget the crushed ice, & cheers yourself!

AND MICHAEL!!! Get your hands off my mom juice. He was totally throwing theatrics when I was drinking mom juice in the hospital & he insisted on his own. The nurses wouldn’t give him any though. Sorry babe, just for moms.

x, lauryn

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  1. I’ve had 3 kids and I’ve never heard of ‘mom juice’!! Lol. I’m so excited to try it with my 4th now!!

  2. Omg! I had my baby in 2014 and I couldn’t have enough of the mum juice at Cidar Sinai! Been thinking of it ever since, and this random post has put me out of my misery of not knowing all these years. Yes I agree the ice chips made such a difference! Thanks for posting this!

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